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5 Ways to Promote Your Website

5 Ways to Promote Your Website

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26 Jun 2018


The internet has become a personal assistant to almost everyone in the world. Anything you need (information, product, service, etc.) you can find on the internet in minutes. To be able to make your website more reachable, you need to promote it so that it can reach your target audience and increase your brand awareness.

Besides SEO, there are also some other bulletproof ways to promote your website. Like Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right.” Learn how to promote your website and start doing it right away.

In this article, you can find 5 effective ways of website promotion which will help you make your website more popular without spending money on paid ads.


  1. Have Your Brand Signature

Website branding is one of the most important factors when promoting your business. But, this actually doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on a branding agency. It all comes to recognition, especially if we are only speaking about branding your online content and website.

It is essential to make people recognize your brand amongst thousands of others. If they are familiar with your brand, they will remember it. If they remember and recognize your brand, it will be easier for them to trust it. And, the trust will most probably lead to increased sales.


Now, the question is: “How to build your brand online?” There are 2 essential steps for doing it:

  • Create your brand signature. This can be an icon, a logo, a word, or a phrase. Anything that you put on every piece of content you produce can become your signature. It is something that people will remember and will associate with your brand.
  • Consistency is everything. When we speak about using your brand signature to increase your recognition, consistency is at the top by its importance. It is like teaching something to 5-year-old kids. You should repeat it until they get it. In this case, if you want to continuously increase the number of people who recognize your brand, you need to put your brand signature out there consistently and regularly. Have it on your website, videos, emails, social media posts, and everywhere you mention your brand.

Simply put, make your unique and original brand signature and share it whenever and wherever possible to make it memorable. Don’t overuse it though.


  1. Promote Your Website on Social Media

This is one of the most effective ways to promote your website. When it comes to social media, some people think that it is a smart strategy to promote their brand in as many social networks as possible. Others only use the networks they are comfortable with.

There is no single perfect formula for all brands when it comes to choosing the social channel for website promotion. You need to find out which ones are used the most by your audience and promote your brand there. However, there are a few things you should consider.

Facebook - has over 2 billion monthly active users and this number is still growing steadily.

Instagram - the number of its active users rapidly increases, and even faster than on Facebook.

Youtube - YouTube is considered to be a social network where everyone can share their videos. But currently, it is so big that people use it as a separate search engine. The most interesting thing here is that Google loves videos and if there are options of content to choose from: text, photos or videos, it will go ahead and give the preference to the videos and rank them higher. So, make sure you have video content posted on YouTube and embedded in your website.

There are many types of videos you can make to enrich your content. Sooner or later you’ll also need some videos for your social media pages and the best way to do it would be to upload those videos into YouTube and post the links in other social networks referring to your YouTube video. But in some cases, you must upload your videos natively to the platform, as they give more reach to natively uploaded videos, rather than videos from YouTube.

In other words, find the social channels where your target audience is active and engage with them through your posts. Use video content on your social pages, because it’s one of the most effective content types nowadays. Besides, with video maker tools like Renderforest, you can create awesome videos in minutes.


  1. Collaborate With Other Websites and Blogs

You know what “word of mouth” means, right? I mean, people telling each other about something you or your business has done or generally about something that has happened. Well, link sharing, which is also known as reciprocal linking, is very similar to that.

But, there are some warnings you need to be aware of. Someone mentions you on their website, tells about what you do and shares a link to your website, or you can contribute great content to their blog and get a backlink by mentioning your website in the author’s bio. There are many legal options to choose from. Try not to be manipulative because Google may notice that and ban your website.

And here are some non-manipulative ways you can create links.  

  • You can be mentioned in different articles. (not in comments)
  • Someone may actually decide to write a whole article about you.
  • Another may find it interesting to mention you in one of their vlog posts and share the link in the description.
  • A representative of your company may give an interview on a podcast or a news program and get one of your website’s links shared there.
  • You can also let different bloggers, critics, and vloggers review your website


Every time you get shared by someone, you get access to their audience. Thus, more people learn about your website. If you get many shares, it means people trust so much they are willing to recommend your services or products to others and that is why they share your links. And finally, the more you get people’s trust the more you’ll get Google’s trust and it will rank you higher in search results.

There are many ways to get your links shared and increase your online popularity. Just make sure you put enough time and efforts into it and you will have favorable results.


  1. Blogging and SEO

Blogging is something that every business should practice. As Jason McDonald from Stanford university continuing studies states: “Blogging is one of the most powerful, highest return-on-investment activities you can engage in.”

It is interesting how friendships die only because we don’t get in touch with friends and one beautiful day we can forget about each other at all. The same thing happens with your website. You constantly need to remind the search engines and your audience that your website is alive. It is unreasonable to think that you may be able to update your product or service every few days and announce it.

Blogging, on the other hand, gives you the perfect opportunity to add something fresh to your website very frequently and remind everyone about your existence.

Along with uploading content to your website focus on keywords which may become the key to the search engines’ hearts. Keywords are the search terms people use to find what they need on Google or any other search engine. Do a keyword research and incorporate those words into your blog posts. Avoid keyword stuffing and keep your content as human and engaging as possible.


  1. Analyze Your Website Traffic

Why exactly do you need to analyze your traffic? Simply because analytics give you a valuable information about your website’s performance. Therefore, you can use that information for your benefits. If you follow and measure the traffic to your website, the sources of your site visits, your users’ activities on your web pages, you will be able to improve your site performance and user experience. Besides, it will be easier for you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to do it? Use Google Analytics. It’s free to use and quite functional. For organic traffic, use Google Search Console which will help you to monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results.


The truth is, as we have already mentioned, there is no single suitable formula for every website to be promoted. One can use all the things mentioned in this article and achieve nothing while someone else may use only a part of it and get all the necessary results. You must try all the possible tactics to find what works for you the best and focus on those.

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