Website Builder: New Features and Updates

Website Builder: New Features and Updates

Looking through templates for your website is now much easier, thanks to our latest updates. We’re happy to introduce a new way to find the template you need website template categories

To assist you in finding the perfect template, we have added 6 different categories. Each category is additionally divided into subcategories to make things a lot easier. Browse the templates and preview them, or use the search bar to find your desired template if you have something specific in mind.

For each category, you also have an option to view the trending and newest templates.



Now, let’s take a look at each of the website template categories:

Business: Choose the right category for your business and you’ll have a large variety of templates available, from single landing pages to multi-page websites.

category - business websites


Lifestyle: Here you can find trendy lifestyle templates for health, wellness, sports, fashion, and beauty websites.

category - lifestyle websites


Personal: Build your online presence with these personal website templates. Create your CV, portfolio, or personal brand website.

category - personal websites


Event: Organize and share different kinds of events easily with these templates. Perfect for both personal, public, and official events.

category - event websites


Non-Profit: Create a professional website for your non-profit organization or charitable foundation.

category - non-profit websites


Art: Display your artistic works online through these beautiful templates for design, music, and photography websites.

category - art websites


New Widgets for Your Website

Once you have chosen and applied a template, you will see a new “Widgets” icon on the left sidebar.

widgets icon

Here, you’ll find our new feature a live chat! It’s an amazing way to increase engagement on your website and establish faster communication with your visitors.

live chats

You have a list of live chat service providers to choose from. Under each one, you’ll find a link directing you to the provider’s official website. Just follow the link for more detailed information on how to set it up for your website.

live chat set up

We’ll have new widgets coming your way in the near future, so stay tuned!

Our website builder will continue evolving. New templates and components are added on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for cool new features and updates.

Click the button below, pick a template and start building your new website:

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