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Why every business needs an explainer video?

Why every business needs an explainer video?

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20 Oct 2018


Watching videos instead of reading a boring text nowadays is more preferable than ever. Online videos are used everywhere and for various purposes, whether we want to shop, know the latest news, or watch a movie. We use videos in education as well, to teach and entertain at the same time.

Online videos became a great marketing tool to push your business forward. And that's why:

  • Global video consumption has risen by 800% over the last 5 years.
  • 18 to 34-year-olds watch 90% of all web videos.
  • Facebook is beginning to push video, preferring this genre over other types of media. 

So why are videos so powerful? A short explainer video that tells your company/product/service story in an engaging way dramatically increases trust. It is able to capture the viewers' attention and boost conversion.

People love videos more than reading because it is more about visual experience. Video isn't a preference of people, who hate reading, but also of people who are too busy to read pages of info and want to consume information in minutes. Thus, videos are a good way to present your product. It can help you to increase your company/product recognition.

So what is an explainer video and why every business needs it?

An explainer video explains your potential clients your company/product in a short and easy way. It takes a short period of time: explainer videos length varies typically between one and three minutes.

Reasons, why your company needs an explainer video, are many. We present the key points on why you shouldn't ignore explainer videos.


Video is Shareable


The first reason to pay attention to explainer videos is that they can be shared in social media. It can make them go viral. FB or other social networks user will more likely watch and share your video than read a long description of your product. It's about a click. With the help of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. you can reach millions of users.

When made properly, people share it with your potential customers. The only thing you have to remember is that people don’t share every video. They only share the best stuff, the videos that are worth sharing. People share only those videos, that touch them emotionally, because they are funny, interesting, moving.


Video Marketing is the Future 


Research says potential clients are responding more to the videos than to the text format. If there's a lot of data in your business, convert it to video format, presenting it in a 2-minute short video.  90% of online shoppers say it is highly useful for shopping when they find a video attached to the site. 


Details Matter


Today's world is detail oriented. Video comforts the end user. It gives an opportunity to analyze the product visually. According to Forbes, 65% of the businessmen visit the online shops,  after watching their explainer videos on Youtube.

Increase Website Ranking on Google Search


Search algorithm of Google loves videos better than any other content. In fact, an average user spends 2 minutes more in a site, when there is a video embed.  It positions your site in higher places on Google Search results. So, if you want a higher position for your website in Google search results, post a video on your site - an engaging and interesting one. 


Open Source Video Platforms Available


Post your videos on open source platforms. They are extremely popular. You can post your videos on platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Daily motion, Facebook, Twitter, where videos can be easily shared and spread.

Maximize brand awareness


Making an explainer video is a creative work - there are no boundaries out there. It's a proven theory that when a potential customer understands your product/service they are more likely to become a customer.
ComScore says  80% of internet users like watching a video ad and 64%  of them buy a product after watching this video ad.


To Sum Up 


12.57% of consumers state that video increases their confidence and make them purchase the product. Our advanced platform with video building tools and cloud storage makes it easy to produce quality videos in minutes. Now, it’s so easy to amaze your audience and create a fascinating video with the help of our super-functional Explainer Video Toolkit. More than 400 interactive scenes, including characters, various items, kinetic typography, video and photo holders and more. It's the largest directory of astonishing animations from various fields, breathtaking music library and up to 30 minutes successful project initiative.


Create My Video


 Sources: Tech Crunch, Video Brewery, Dream Grow


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