Why Intros are Necessary for Your Video

Why Intros are Necessary for Your Video

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14 Aug 2018

Intro is the opening part of a video. Typically, it introduces the brand and prepares the audience for the video itself. You have surely seen a lot of video intros that feature the logo of a brand. They are called logo animations.

If you are creating videos or are planning to do so, you probably wonder if you should use intros as well. What function do they serve anyway? In this article, we’ll answer this question. Then, we will introduce you to templates you can use to make your professional intros.


  1. Intros Reinforce Your Brand

Whenever people interact with a certain brand, they involuntarily memorize some of its elements. These are usually the repetitive ones: the logo, the brand’s visual style, its unique voice, its main color scheme, and so on. When it comes to videos, this recognizable element is the intro. 

This is why many brands use logo animations as intros. Logo is a significant brand element in and of itself. When consistently used in video intros, it becomes even more effective in reinforcing your brand identity.


  1. They Build Trust at First Sight

When people come across your brand for the first time, their perception of it is a clean slate. But it will not remain so for long. In fact, research shows that people make their first impressions in less than a second. If in those few moments they perceive you as trustworthy, they will keep watching your video. If not, you’ve lost your audience.

Even established brands use logo animations in their videos. TED-Ed, for example, is a well-known extension of TED that aims to spread ideas and knowledge via short animated videos. The educational videos on their channel always start with a few-seconds-long animation of their logo. Short and simple.

Small details, like intros, can make or break that initial trust in your brand. High-quality intros give a sense of professionalism. They communicate to your audience that you take your work seriously —  right to the very details. Make those first few seconds of interaction spectacular, and you’ve increased your chances of retaining the audience.


  1. Intros Act as a Warmup

What do you usually do when you meet a friend or an acquaintance? You probably greet them before anything else. Most certainly, you don’t jump straight into a heated conversation. All of this typically happens after the greeting.

In a similar vein, you should start your video with a warmup, and then gradually (or even quickly) move to the main point. Doing so will help your audience better concentrate on the video. How? By giving people space to change the subject of their thoughts and focus on your message.


How to Use Intros?

Here are a few examples of how some YouTubers use intros to promote their channel and look professional: 

Epic Rap Battles of History is one of the most successful YouTube series of all time. They pick two figures from literary everywhere let it be history, politics, a movie, a cartoon, etc.  and make a battle between them. Just imagine Barack Obama battling against Mitt Romney telling each other whatever they would not tell in real life.

CrashCourse is a channel on YouTube that covers a diversity of topics from Astronomy to US history, from Anatomy to Psychology. Various witty hosts present different topics in such an engaging way that it makes watching the videos fun. Now, they have more than 700 mln views. By the way, one of its co-creators is John Green, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Fault in Our Stars”. 

Yuya is a Mexican beauty vlogger and YouTuber. In 2017, she was the 27th most popular YouTuber in the world with over 19 million subscribers. In 2015, Yuya earned an estimated $41,000 per month. She became so popular with her vlogs that she published two books and released a perfume and makeup collection. With this popularity, she still uses intros at the beginning of her videos. Have a look.

All of us have watched at least one TED talk in our life. They are influential videos where many experts share their ideas on different topics. TED began in 1984 and today covers almost all topics from Science to Business and Global issues in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, TEDx events, which are held independently, help share ideas in communities around the world. And, all their videos have intros, which are quite impressive, by the way.

You’ve probably watched at least one of the series of The Annoying Orange. It’s created by Dane Boe, who began making videos with his 8mm camcorder as a teenager and later founded the company Gagfilms in 2005, also uses intros for his world-famous comedy web series.

Now, it's your turn to make professional videos with catchy intros.

Check out our latest intro templates below:


  1. Enigmatic Smoke Logo Reveal

Let these dynamic smoke swirls intrigue your audience. Create an air of mystery around your brand with the Enigmatic Smoke Logo Reveal.

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  1. Metallic Cube Logo Reveal

Make your brand look gritty with the Metallic Cube Logo Reveal. Add your logo, and this impressive intro is yours in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Rubik's Cube Logo Reveal

Is your brand a puzzle worth solving? Let the Rubik’s Cube Logo Reveal answer this question for your audience.

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  1. Color Splash Logo Reveal

Expose the joyful spirit of your brand. Catch the attention of your audience right off the bat with the Color Splash Logo Reveal.

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  1. Glitch Colorized Logo Reveal

Present your company in the best light with the Glitch Colorized Logo Reveal. Upload your logo and get an impressive animation within minutes.

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Feel free to improvise and present your brand in a unique way. You can keep it short and add a custom music or a sound. And, in case you need some inspiration, you can check our library of intro templates with ready-made intros and use them to create yours.

If you can’t figure out how to edit the templates, here’s our tutorial.

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