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Circumstances change, but family and friends always come first. Show appreciation for the important people in your life by making the most of Renderforest’s memorable slide shows. Whether you choose to focus on a specific occasion, or just wish to combine the best family holiday shots, our slideshow option has a theme to suit any set of photographs.

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Renderforest provides an array of templates to choose from, depending on the occasion, location of event and overall mood. For recording those precious, day-to-day moments, you may choose a simple flip-book styled photo album. Likewise, our more exotic, tropical-themed templates provide the perfect finishing touch to any family vacation. And if the photographs are dedicated to a special someone, you may want to consider a romantic valentine-themed slideshow to help confess your feelings. Family and Travel slideshows provide a great alternative to the old-fashioned hardcover family photo album, and serve as an excellent replacement to the “find photos attached” email.

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Summer Slideshow

Flexible duration(up to 3 min.)

Enjoy simple, clean style and attractive typography with this modern Summer Slideshow template. Display your best photos from vacations and create a dynamic slideshow today! Featuring your text, your photos and videos, this template brings your vision to friends and family alike. Try it out today - it's free.


Shattered Slideshow

Flexible duration(up to 3 min.)

The Shattered Slideshow template is created for your photos, and features stylish slow-motion transitions and cool animation. Display special moments from your vacations, photos albums, anniversary or any other life events Simply upload your images, adjust your text and leave with a professional slideshow in minutes. Try it today - it’s free!


Inspiring Photo Slideshow

2 versions available

Create an inspirational message with this quick video project. You can feature 26 of your photos individually during the montage scenes. Simply drop your media, audio and hit render. Fast rendering project.


Realistic Photo Gallery

60 second version

An elegant gallery of your images slowly revealed in a warm, sun-drenched room. This project is suitable for vacations, weddings, birthdays, family celebrations, graduations, anniversaries, and more.11 placeholders are available for your images.Enjoy it today!


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