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In a world dominated by visual media like movies, games and the internet, marketing literature and magazines can be pretty hard. But by using visual media to market your latest book or magazine, you can get these aspects to work for you, and that’s where Renderforest can help.

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Renderforest features a massive catalog of templates designed specifically for marketing your latest product, and each one is completely customizable. Just find the presentation template that fits your vision, and start creating. Experimenting with multiple templates is completely free, so you can keep looking until you find the video for you. Marketing video is effective, and Renderforest is here to spread your message.

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Magazine Promotion

Flexible duration(up to 2 min.)

The Magazine Promotion cinematic slideshow is designed to look like a real magazine and showcase feature articles in that magazine. It's the perfect way to bring the style of a high quality print publication to the flexibility of the digital medium. You can use it for a wide variety of applications, such as marketing campaigns, fashion slideshows, and more. Use this video maker to promote your products, create a wedding magazine, company statistics and more. Just upload your photos, add your text and get a professional video in minutes, for free.


Multi Purpose Character Promotion

Flexible duration(up to 1 min.)

Multi Purpose Character Promotion is a great template for you to explain and promote your business, product, service,store or company. Just upload your logo, change the text to suit your own story and marketing, customize colors to suit your branding, and enjoy your brand new unique promo video! Try it out today, for a staff intro or for a company explainer.


Store Promo

Flexible duration(up to 2 min.)

The Store Promo template is ideal for showcasing an upcoming sale or even to announce the opening of your business. Featuring dynamic text boxes, customizable images, and a full library of music and color palettes, this template is easy to create, customize, and share. Try it out to promote a sale, a special, or just a new product.


Digital Corporate Slideshow

Flexible duration(up to 2 min.)

The Digital Corporate Slideshow template is a modern and powerful way to present your company. Use it to showcase a new business idea, a proposal, or simply introduce your team. Upload your images, select your music, and leave with a professional slideshow in minutes. Try it out today - it’s free.


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