How to Create Event Promo Videos with Renderforest?

How to Create Event Promo Videos with Renderforest?

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15 Jun 2018

If you have ever wondered how to promote an event, you probably stumbled on the idea that a video can work great for that purpose. Whether it is a local event or an annual international music fest, an amazing event promo video will make it more attractive for the potential participants.

You probably think that it will take a long time and some skills to create a professional event promo video. Maybe that's why you still can’t make up your mind. But, the good news is that you don't need to worry about your time and skills anymore.

Renderforest took care of everything. All you need to do is to use a little bit of your creativity to create something unique and fun.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make an event promotional video in a few minutes. There are lots of templates that you can use to promote your special event and we are going to use the Conference Event Opener to show you how.

You need to sign up or sign in to the platform to start the video creation process. Then, go to the “Video Templates” section from the navigation menu. In the “Promotional” template category, choose “Special Event Video”.

Special Event Video Templates

Choose the Conference Event Opener and click on “Create Now” to start editing your project.

Event Promo template

This template is a great way to share the details of your event in a minimalistic and modern style.

Event Promo Editor

Here you need to choose between the ready-made stories or creating your own storyline. Click on “Add scene” if you want to create your project from scratch or click on “Load a Preset” to choose from already-made presets. Here they are:

Event Promo Presets

You can find ready-made, customizable scenes for Chess Event, Music Fest, Book Launch Party, Film Fest, and many others. So, you can choose one of them and simply change the texts. Or, close the presets and click on “Add scene”. Here you are free to choose the scenes for your project.

Event Promo Scenes

After they appear on your dashboard in your selected order, you can start adding your media files and texts. Reorder the scenes, delete the ones you don't need, or add new scenes.

Event Promo Media

One of the amazing things here is that you can use stock footages to make your project more impressive and professional. Click on one of the video holders to open this tab:

Event Promo Video

Now, click on “Media Library” to add a video or on “Stock Footage” to search for your topic. Let's find out what videos there are for "event".

Event Promo Stock videos

Browse the videos to choose the most suitable one and click “Insert” to trim.

Event Promo Stock

After adding everything you need for your project, click on “Music” right next to the “Edit” section and choose your music from our library or upload your own track.

Event Promo Music

You can also upload your voiceover by clicking on “Voiceover”. You can either record your voiceover or upload it.

Event Promo voiceover

Our project seems to be ready, right? Let's click on “Preview” and choose the “Free Preview” option.

Event Promo preview

It's always safe to check the result before processing to the paid export. In this case, you can always edit the project until you are happy with the video.

Event Promo Video Render

So, your event promo video is ready! There are several options for exporting your creation. The first one is the free export. You can download or publish SD360 quality videos with a watermark. But, if you want your video to have a higher quality you should choose the paid options.

Renderforest offers 2 types of payment: pay per export and a paid subscription. If you need to create and export many videos, it would be more beneficial for you to subscribe to one of our subscription plans. If you only need one or two videos then the pay per export option would be ideal for you. Here, you are charged for each produced video. The higher your video quality is, the more expensive your videos are. Read more information about our pricing here.

Here are few event promo videos created with this template:


Chess Fest


Book Launch Event


Food Fest


Wine Fest


Film Fest


Photo Fest


Rock Fest

Besides, you can check other templates for your event promotional videos:


Hot Music Event

Create Promo


Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit

Create Promo

Good luck!


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