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Making successful branding affordable and available in one place

Renderforest is an all-in-one branding platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything without design skills.

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How we design at Renderforest

Team of like-minded creators bringing ideas to life to transform the lives of millions of people.

About Renderforest

How it all started

Stunning visual content with no design skills and minimal effort!

The idea behind Renderforest came to life after our CEO & Founder, Narek Safaryan, realized that the opportunities for people wanting to create visual content were limited and expensive. This is when the lightning struck. What if there was a platform which would allow people with no editing skills to create their own videos easily and efficiently? This is how our first product, the Renderforest Video Maker was born.

Excited about the idea to make quality branding accessible for everyone, Narek Safaryan and his friends gathered in Yerevan Armenia and started building the foundation of Renderforest.

Years passed, the business expanded, and today, Renderforest has become the all-in-one branding platform that helps freelancers, startups, and small businesses to create their own eye-catching branding materials for commercial, promotional, and marketing purposes without wasting their time and resources.

Milestones achieved


The idea of Renderforest is born and the team of 3 starts working tirelessly.


We receive the Matching Grants Competition funding with the support of the World Bank, European Investment Fund, and the Government of Armenia.

We launch our Video Platform and get our first registered users.


3 years of hard work pay off when we have over 800.000 users with 1.5Mln created videos and 130+ animated templates in our collection.


We enter our stable growth and rapid development stage with around 6.500 new users per day and more than 40.000 daily active users. Our number of animated templates reaches 450+.


Our Logo Maker is launched to help users design attractive and quality logos for their brands. Our library of animated video templates reaches 600+, with 8Mln created videos in total.


Our Website Maker is launched to let users create professional-looking websites for their products and services without having any experience in coding. The total amount of created projects reaches 20Mln, with 10Mln users!

Our Mockup Maker is launched with the aim to help printing companies and designers to display their works in realistic settings.


We launch our Graphic Maker with the mission to make it easier for everyone to create impressive designs for their marketing goals.

We launch our mobile application for iOS and reach 650.000 downloads in two years.


We launch our mobile application for Android and reach 1,000,000 downloads in a year.


We are a team of 100+ professionals! Our products receive 5000+ positive reviews on different platforms. More than 100Mln projects created so far.


Make successful branding affordable and available for everyone.


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We firmly believe that success is the result of strong teamwork where every single professional strives to create solid bonds with their team members for the greater purpose.

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Sense of ownership

Each member of our company owns the product they work on, genuinely engaging and contributing to the development and success of Renderforest.

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We strive to work together to create quality projects for clients all over the world: this is our key to success.

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The passion for work and life is in the veins of each Renderforester. We are passionate about what we do and feel the powerful energy that comes from what excites us.

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We stand by each other and for each other.

Things we help you with every day

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    You can clearly explain your ideas with visuals

    We created various types of explainer animation templates for startups and small businesses to explain almost anything about their business and save money on video production.

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    Our Intro templates will help many YouTubers

    We made it possible to get intros in less than 2 minutes. YouTubers who want to grow their awareness and save time and effort on video creation can create professional intros more easily.

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    You can make better slideshows

    We have created slideshow templates for all styles and tastes to make sure your personal, wedding, travel, and family photos will get a professional touch and your slideshow creation will be nothing but easy and enjoyable.

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    Music lovers will appreciate our visualizers

    We did our best to make your music projects visually appealing, be it a cover, a remix, or an original piece. Now you can create visualizations that will provide your listeners with the ultimate listening and visual experience.

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    You can create more engaging presentations

    We believe that you can take your corporate presentations and educational videos to the next level with the help of our templates, which are specially designed to give your informative video messages a final touch.

If this sounds like a company you would like to work for, join our Team and design it with us.

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