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Renderforest is online animation maker in the cloud which has built in tools for creating 3D animations, animated videos, cartoons, explainer animations with characters, commercials and advertisements. Our online software helps to generate videos in minutes, so you can download or publish in 1 click.

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The video creation process is simple. Browse through our large catalog of video templates, choose your preferred one and start editing online. Some of our templates have hundreds of scenes, which are available for online editing. You can choose your colors, upload images or videos, modify texts and export professional, broadcast quality videos in minutes. You can download your videos or publish to facebook or youtube in 1 click.

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Explainer Video Toolkit

Explainer video toolkit has over 400 scenes to build any kind of explainer animation videos. It features character animations, environment scenes, infographics, various icons, kinetic typography and more. Template also includes already-made presets to make your video production process even faster. This template is the best option for startups and small businesses to promote their brand and gain exposure.

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Business Character Promotion

Boost your conversions and drive leads to your business with an engaging professional video using this toolkit. Business Character Toolkit has over 100 corporate scenes in various categories which help you create videos for business, education, startups, infographic, corporate presentations and more. Template supports your own videos and images. Try the best business promotional video today!

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Whiteboard Animation Pack

Whiteboard Animation Pack has over 400 animated scenes. It is an ideal solution for any presentations and animated whiteboard videos. It has character animations, dozens of icons, photo and video holders, kinetic typography and more. It also features already-made presets for making your video production process even faster. If you are looking for a clean, minimalistic look, this template is the best fit.

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Character Adventures Toolkit

Bring your ideas to life with the help of Worldwide Travel Toolkit. 150+ short animations, backgrounds, icons, and travel destinations are at your disposal to create your lovely projects. Perfect for presentations, holiday services, broadcast travel show opener, hotel promo, air-tickets booking company, travel, touristic agencies and projects alike! Simply upload your images, add music, alter the text and come away with your greatest projects with Renderforest. It's free!

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Sci-Fi Space Trailer

Sci Fi Space has an awesome and cosmic feel and helps to create cinematic 3D videos using pre-made 25+ scenes. Featuring futuristic technologies, floating through the space and different sound effects, this flexible template can be used for cinematic trailers, promotional videos, intros and a lot more. Template includes text holders, photo and video holders and logo animations which turn any project into professional realistic video.

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Photorealistic Nature Pack

Experience the vibrancy of nature through the Photorealistic Nature Pack. More than 30 various scenes of natural landscapes, beautiful backgrounds of exotic tropical flora, panoramic views of mountains, picturesque and ancient desert scenes, fantastic and magical jungles along with logo introductions, image and video holders are included. Featuring an awesome atmosphere of nature in 3D and alluring sound effects, this template is an ideal solution for cinematic openers, intro and outro for realistic presentations on ecology, nature or biology and more. Try it out today for free! Stay closer to the nature.

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The Cinematic Action Trailer

The best way to grow a good deal of curiosity is here. With the help of Cinematic Action Trailer you can showcase your dramatic and cinematic titles while giving your video an impressive look. Perfect for action movies, intros, trailers, cinematic and epic projects, dramas and many more. Make your projects newish and attractive. Simply upload your images, alter the text, add music and hit preview. Give it a try with Renderforest. It’s free!

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Digital Media Agency Pack

Digital Media Agency Pack is just made for those who have a website and want to increase visits. You can easily take your business to the next level. More than 40 interactive scenes of graphic design, mobile and web development, social media, online payments and email marketing, video, image holders and many more are included. Promote your app, service, product, website or even the whole company mission. Make it true by just uploading your image, altering text and music and you are done! So what are you waiting for? Try it out today with Renderforest.

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Industrial Development Pack

Industrial Development Pack helps you to create a deep atmosphere of high technology, and immerse you in the world of the future. Don’t lose your chance to become a part of high technology and the world’s economics. Including more than 25 scenes, this template is suitable for trading forums, engineering, agricultural and industrial project. It is a perfect way to highlight your construction statistics or economic growth. Want to promote your industry right now? It’s easy! Simply upload your images, alter the text, add music and enjoy the benefits of your successful project. Free to try with Renderforest!

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Minecraft Titles Pack

Have you ever dreamed to make your video like playing a game? Get ispired with the main and viral game in the world! The Minecraft Titles Pack is a unique template where every text is made of blocks. More than 10 various scenes included. This template is ideal for gaming video promotions , game themed Youtube channel, creative trailer commercials and more. Simply alter your texts and get a unique and professional gaming video in minutes. Try it out today!

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Contemporary Art Promotion

Contemporary Art Promotion is a modern and multi-functional template that helps to create cinematic 3D videos using pre-made 30 scenes. Featuring 3D elements in clean futuristic atmosphere and abstract title animation, this flexible template can be used for cinematic trailers, openers, promotional videos, intros and a lot more. Template includes text holders, photo and video holders and logo animations which turn any project into professional video.

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Ready Made Presets To Build Your Stories.

Some templates have dozens of ready made presets to build different stories. You can use them to create videos for various industries

company promotionsCompany promotions
crowdfunding videosCrowdfunding videos
service promotionsService promotions
product promotionsProduct promotions
research summariesResearch summaries
real estate promotionsReal estate promotions
design agency promotionsDesign agency promotions
training course promotionsTraining course promotions
infographic videosInfographic videos
healthcare videosHealthcare videos
Photo agency promotionsPhoto agency promotions
Tips and Tutorial VideosTips and tutorial videos
Gaming App promotionsGaming app promotions
shopping store promotionsShopping store promotions
cafe promotionsCafe promotions
website promotionsWebsite promotions

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Check our blog for great tips and tutorials on how to get the best designs by using our animation templates. We'll help you make your own intro for free.

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