Everything About Social Media Videos: Tips + Templates to Get Started

Everything About Social Media Videos: Tips + Templates to Get Started

Social media videos are constantly evolving, becoming more engaging, and earning wider recognition as time goes by. When people encounter a problem, their go-to solution (after Google) is often social media. Here, you’ll find an ever-expanding variety of video content that caters to all sorts of interests and needs.

Well-crafted social media videos—such as Instagram stories—can quickly capture attention and boost visibility for individuals and brands, especially when they go viral. Even casual scrollers often find themselves watching these videos without intending to, illustrating their magnetic appeal. 

This is why video marketing on social media has become a key component of marketing strategies for various individuals and companies over the years. Whether you’re a brand owner or a vlogger, leveraging social media marketing videos can be a powerful way to achieve your goals and make an impact on your audience.


5+ Types Of Social Media Videos

Some videos on social platforms have way more views than the rest. Those videos with millions of views mostly belong to one of the following categories. 

So, let’s see what types of social media videos people enjoy on social media most.  


Tutorial and How-to Videos

What do you do when you need to learn something new or figure out how something works? 

If you’re like most people, you probably head to YouTube and type “How to…” into the search bar. According to a survey, 51% of adults turn to YouTube to find answers to something they want to learn or do. 


From cooking to setting up tents to hair care to concentration tips, YouTube videos have all the answers. The main purpose of shooting how-to guides or educational videos is to help viewers successfully do something they’ve been trying to do for a while. This is why tutorials, tips, and how-to videos are always among the top kinds of videos that people enjoy watching without getting tired.  


Q&A Interviews

People love knowing things, especially about brands and celebrities they’re interested in. This makes interviews and Q&A videos fun, even when they are almost an hour long. These videos are a perfect way to engage the audience by asking them to send you their own questions beforehand.


Most people doing Q&As come up with creative ideas to make the video more dynamic and less boring. They add sounds and stickers to certain parts of the video and shoot these videos with their partners, parents, or friends while answering the most burning and intriguing questions. 


BTS (Behind the Scenes) Videos

Going behind closed doors is exciting and intriguing; it’s no wonder we love it. 


Whether it’s a movie set, the backstage of a concert, a music video, a product launch party, or a factory, everything is so different behind the scenes. Shooting behind-the-scenes event videos and sharing them with your audience is like giving them a sneak peek.

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User-Generated Videos 

Use the help of your fans and social media followers to upload videos with their content. Things like a video reviewing your product or a clip with your special filter or hashtag can be the leading voice for your video and help increase your credibility. You can tell them about making videos with their content in advance and challenge them to do posts related to your brand to appear in your video.  

In the example below, you’ll find a great user-generated video example by a Swedish tourism company to encourage people to visit Sweden.  


Daily Life Vlogs and Relatable Stories 

People can’t click faster on daily life vlogs and relatable stories posted by accounts they follow. We all are only human, living the same and yet different lives, so it’s always fascinating to watch others live their own. This makes us take a break from our everyday lives and tune in to others’. So, seeing daily life vlog videos with millions of views doesn’t come as a surprise. If you’re a startup, for example, you can also create Instagram video posts about company culture. Or if you’re a celebrity like Kylie Jenner, you can make something like this:


Live Streaming

Live videos are one of the most powerful types of social media marketing videos. People can’t help but watch it. How often do you pass by a “Live” video without stopping and watching it for at least a moment? Every time our favorite brand or celebrity goes online, we are already wondering what the reason for the live video is. This makes sharing live streams a great way to increase engagement on social media channels, such as Facebook Live.


Contests and Giveaways

Who can resist giveaways and contests, even when there’s just a slight chance of winning? Everyone loves winning free stuff, especially when the rules are simple and well explained, and the prize is something they’d like to have.


Following some basic giveaway video rules of thumb will help your video receive comments and interactions, which will naturally boost your engagement and help YouTube or any other video platform see that your page is real, active, and worth suggesting.


Announcements and Reveals

Letting someone in on a secret or an important announcement is a great tactic to earn their trust. And since we all love knowing secrets and new information, it’s hard not to watch announcements or reveal videos once they appear on our social media feeds. 

Many brands and famous people post promotional videos of themselves, sharing exciting news and announcements with their followers. For example, check out this announcement video where Hillary Clinton officially revealed she’d be running for president in the 2016 elections.


Product Review 

Know it before you buy it. Most of us like to know everything about certain products before purchasing them because how can we trust something we’ve never seen or used before? Product review videos are helpful when sharing one’s experience with an item and its details. Brands and companies can even share the reviews done by their consumers or do reviews of their own products themselves. 

Here’s an indirect product review video by Selena Gomez for her Rare Beauty brand to give you some ideas. 


Explainer and Instructional Animation Videos 

It’s interesting what changes the world has undergone. Not that long ago, to explain to someone how a product works, you’d have to show it to them personally. But today, we can simply make instructional and explainer videos instead.  

You can create videos of any kind, but animated instructional or explainer videos are super popular. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that animations are more flexible than traditional videos. 


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Pro Tips on How to Create Videos for Social Media

Now that you have some ideas for your brand’s social media strategy, it’s time to figure out what exactly every video needs to be professional and successful. Check out our tips for creating videos for social media apps that will make people stop and stare.


Keep it Short

From the very first second of your social media videos, people are paying attention to low long a video is. They shouldn’t be longer than necessary, so always aim to keep it short. Remember that the first few seconds are what help people decide whether to keep watching it or not. Use the first 10 seconds wisely to attract their attention and keep them watching.


In this video by Dior, model Cara Delevingne showcases the brand’s new lucky charms in 30 seconds.


Pay Attention to the Content

Posting social media marketing videos with a promo message is okay, but it shouldn’t be your only intent. Inspirational, educational, and fun videos will always get more attention, so try to combine one of them with your promo message. 

Look at your top blog posts to figure out what exactly your target audience loves according to your numbers. Try to tell a compelling story and create a bond with your followers and fans—and lean into the visuals aspect.


Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign comes to mind here. The company has always focused on making bold statements—just think about their early days with Michael Jordan. The video aims to associate the brand with incredible achievements. It’s like they’re saying, “With us, you can do amazing things.”

By the end, you really believe in their slogan, “Just do it.” It motivates you to hit the ground running and chase your dreams.


Thumbnails are a Game Changer

If your video’s thumbnail hints at the video’s content or is simply intriguing and creative, you’re likely to attract more viewers. Whether it’s a captivating scene from the video or a specially designed cover, the key is to grab your audience’s attention and spark their curiosity about what’s inside.

Adidas social media video thumbnail


You Need Captions

Always write captions for your social media videos. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon videos lacking captions, and it can come across as unprofessional. Remember, many viewers encounter your videos in public places or settings where they can’t immediately play them with sound. They rely on captions to get a quick understanding of what the video is about before deciding to watch it. So, it’s important to provide a brief, clear, and engaging summary that gives viewers a glimpse of what to expect.   

Heinz Instagram video caption.


Include a Call-to-Action

When you’re creating videos for social media audiences, what do you want your audience to do after watching? You can direct them toward that intent with a creative (and hopefully subtle) CTA.

Luckily, a social media platform can have many friendly call-to-action buttons to help business owners decide what they want their customers to do. Should they swipe up to learn more, visit a website to buy a product, or leave a message for details?


The Bottom-Line

You can create and share a great video if you outline the most important points of your social media content and its purpose—be it a BTS, a product review, or maybe a how-to video. Remember to pay attention to its length, caption, cover, and, of course, content. Doing so will make your video professional and appealing. And keep in mind that Renderforest has got you covered. From templates for video editing to song visualizer designs to our happy birthday video maker, you’re sure to find a solution for your needs.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative. Your imagination is what will make your short-form videos unique.

Ready to bring your vision to life and create your own videos for social media channels? Unleash your creativity with Renderforest’s video maker and start your journey toward making your next captivating social media video. 


Social Media Videos FAQ


What are the most popular types of social media videos, and why do they get so many views?

The most popular types of social media videos include tutorials, Q&A interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, user-generated content, and daily life vlogs. These social media marketing videos attract significant viewership by offering valuable information, entertainment, or engagement opportunities tailored to the interests and preferences of social media users.


How can businesses benefit from user-generated content?

By involving their audience in content creation, businesses promote a sense of community and authenticity while benefiting from the diverse perspectives and experiences shared by their customers. This user-generated content serves as a powerful endorsement and social proof, boosting brand credibility and trust.


Why are captions and thumbnails important in social media videos?

Captions and thumbnails are essential parts of social media videos because they help to boost viewer engagement and accessibility. Captions provide context and allow viewers to understand the content even when viewing without sound, accommodating a wider audience and improving user experience. Thumbnails serve as visual cues that attract attention and encourage clicks, making them vital for increasing views and overall engagement on social media platforms.

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