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Supercharge your brand and captivate your audience with a mesmerizing logo animation that demands attention! Unleash your creativity and tailor logo animations to align with your brand’s unique vibe perfectly. Dive into our treasure trove of captivating templates, each a masterpiece waiting for your personal touch.

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Why Animate Your Logo with Renderforest?

Want sleek and modern? We've got you covered. Craving something bold and energetic? Our vibrant selection will blow you away.

At Renderforest, we believe in the power of your imagination. Our animated logo maker provides a user-friendly interface with advanced customization options, empowering you to bring your wildest creative visions to life.

Editable Logo Animations on Renderforest

Solid Logo Reveal


Quick Logo Animation


Shiny Chrome Logo Reveal


Illuminated Circles Intro


Metallic Shapes Logo


Sparkling Glitter Logo


Abstract 3D Logo Reveal


Glowing Shapes Intro


Flaming Fire Opener

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How to Animate a Logo Online?

Pick a Logo Animation Template

Explore a dazzling array of logo animation templates! Renderforest templates come in all shapes and sizes. Discover a diverse range of styles, from elegant and sleek to energetic and dynamic. Find the one that resonates with your brand's essence and captures the attention of your target audience, and you are ready to go!

Customize Your Animation to Perfection

Play with every aspect of your logo animation, from colors and fonts to motion and effects. With Renderforest's intuitive editing tools, effortlessly add your brand's unique touch and ensure that your animation reflects your personality and vision.

Infuse Your Animation with Audio Magic

Elevate the impact of your logo animation by adding a captivating soundtrack. Choose from a vast selection of royalty-free music tracks that harmonize with your brand's identity and amplify the emotional connection with your audience. With the right audio accompaniment, your logo animation will leave a lasting impression that resonates with viewers.

Integrate Eye-Catching Visual Elements

Take your logo animation to the next level by incorporating eye-catching visual elements. Explore Renderforest's diverse range of overlays, transitions, and special effects to add that extra spark of creativity. Enhance the visual storytelling of your animation and captivate your audience with stunning visual compositions that truly set your brand apart.

Export Your Masterpiece

Voilà! Your logo animation is ready! Go to the “Preview” section to view it, and if you like how it looks, export the video in your preferred quality. Once your logo animation is polished and perfected, it's time to export and share it with the world. Renderforest offers various export options, allowing you to download your animation in high-definition video formats. Showcase your logo animation across multiple platforms, including your website, social media channels, presentations, and more. Watch as your brand's visual identity comes alive and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

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Why Is Logo Animation a Powerful Tool for Brand Storytelling?

Make a Memorable First Impression

A professionally-made logo animation will help ignite your brand’s potential and leave an indelible mark on your audience. Harness the power of animation to captivate viewers from the very first second and compel them to delve deeper into your brand's story. With our cutting-edge animated logo maker, effortlessly infuse your logo with a mesmerizing motion that leaves a lasting impression etched in the minds of your audience.

Raise Brand Awareness

In a world bombarded with static images, it's crucial to stand out and seize attention in an instant. Our state-of-the-art animated logo maker has the power to craft dynamic logo animations that become the unmistakable trademark of your business.

Give Your Brand a Professional and Modern Look

Adding an animated logo to your channel, presentation, or website is a sure-fire way to give it a professional look. From sleek and minimalist animations that exude elegance to bold and vibrant designs that command attention, the possibilities are limitless. Use our cutting-edge animation maker to take the extra step to stand out and make a lasting impression!

What Our Users Say About Us

Elena Ayari

Digital Marketing Executive at Dripshot

An excellent tool to get professional videos in a few minutes even if you are not a professional video producer :) You do not need to be an expert to use this tool. It is very user-friendly, it guides you all the time. You may upload pictures and videos, write text, add music from the Renderforest library (wide choice). I think that the best part is that you can have a promotional business video within a few minutes. You can upload the video on FB, LinkedIn, YouTube in high-quality HD format. Great experience. Thanks!

Nate Cloud

Co-founder and CMO at Brain Candy Management

Renderforest is an essential creative tool, in my graphic design toolbox. It allows me to bring my ideas to life in a quick and convenient format. There are endless high-quality video templates to choose from in various categories, each with a unique look and feel. My preferred use for Renderforest is to create explainer videos to highlight specific programs or events at Ambrose University. The results are always incredible. Renderforest is the only web video creator you will ever need.

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In which format and resolutions can I download my animated logo?

Once you create your logo animations, you can download them in .MP4 format. What comes to the resolutions, they may differ depending on your subscription package. Currently, you can export your logo animations in 360p, HD720, and HD1080. For more information on the allowed resolution of each package, take a look at our pricing page.

What is the recommended resolution of my logo file?

For the best look of your animated logo, we recommend you to use a 1000x1000 transparent PNG file. In case the resolutions of your logo file differ, you can use the built-in editing tool of our animated logo maker. The allowed size of your file is 30MB for free users and 500 MB for subscribers.

How long can logo animations made with Renderforest be?

The allowed duration of logo animations will vary depending on the template you use. Most animated logo templates have fixed durations or come with several fixed-length options. You can find the duration of each template in our template library.

How can I bring my logo to life?

While static or flat logo images can be visually appealing with the right elements, colors, and fonts, an animated logo takes it to a new level. Use the logo animation tool by Renderforest to turn your logo into a captivating animated masterpiece that captures attention and engages your audience. Simply upload your logo to our animation tool, and let the magic unfold. Explore a vast selection of customizable templates specifically designed to breathe life into your logo. From subtle animations to dynamic effects, you have full control over the motion, timing, and style of your animated logo.

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