Renderforest Affiliate Program

Renderforest Affiliate Program is ideal for content creators who want to spread the word about our amazing tools and get commissions for every generated sale through their unique affiliate link.

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How it works

Register as an affiliate

Register in the community promoting Renderforest. It’s free to join, and there are no minimum sales.

Promote Renderforest

Customize your link, spread the word, and get commissions for every product or subscription purchased through your referral link.

Earn money online

Track your sales, monitor your results, and get paid for your efforts.

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Commission structure

Up to 40% commission from all monthly active subscriptions.
Up to 20% commission from all yearly active subscriptions.
30 days cookie policy.
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Who can join the affiliate program?

Bloggers and Content Publishers

Your website has its domain name (HTTPS), gets traffic regularly, and has up-to-date content that can be easily associated with Renderforest’s tools.

Social Media Creators

You have an active social media channel you regularly create content for and have a loyal following. The topics you bring up to your audience touch one (or more) of the following content ideas: tech tips, software reviews, design, video editing, e-commerce, branding, advertising, and business tips.

Email & Affiliate Marketers

You have a robust email database and promote solutions and tips for targeted audiences.

Shopping Comparison and Loyalty Publishers

In this category, we are encompassing shopping comparison, loyalty and cashback publishers. The commission percentage may differ depending on the type of promotion you want to make, please make sure to discuss this with our affiliate managers.

You’re part of our team. We support you.

Get your affiliate dashboard

Monitor your results through our reliable software, track your revenue, and request payments anytime.

Chat with us

We’re available on chat support to get along with you and make everything works smoothly

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Renderforest user to become an affiliate?

We would greatly appreciate it if you are familiar with Renderforest’s tools, but you are not required to be our customer to be approved for the affiliate program.

Is it free to become an affiliate?

Yes, it is! Don’t hesitate to take a chance.

What are the main reasons why applicants don’t get the approval?

Content writers: their websites don’t have their own domain (HTTPS) or have security issues; their content is unrelated to Renderforest’s tools; their traffic is too low.

Influencers: they submitted their personal (not business) social media accounts as their page; their content is not niche-related; their channel is too new and doesn’t have an audience.

What is the minimum audience my channel should have for me to be considered as a social media creator?

Nano-influencers (>1k followers or subscribers) are eligible to become our affiliates, as long as they are active on their channels, their accounts are not personal, and are niche-related.