The Best Way to Create Impressive Wedding Videos with Renderforest

The Best Way to Create Impressive Wedding Videos with Renderforest

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12 Jun 2018

Imagine you could look at the best moments of your wedding whenever you wanted. These are the memories you always want to carry with you. What if you could make a heart-warming slideshow of the photos and videos from your wedding?

Make your wedding even more memorable with slideshow tribute videos. What a great flashback it would be if you gather together all your romantic photos and make an adorable slideshow! You can show it at a family event, or maybe on your wedding anniversary. It's always a good idea to have all the nice photos and videos in one place.

Does it seem to be too complicated? Or, maybe you couldn’t find your desired slideshow makers. You should definitely try it again with Renderforest. And, in this tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to get your desired slideshow literally in minutes.

Let's get started! Check out all the Wedding Templates here. Choose the one that you like the most.

Now, we’ll pick the "Wedding Album Pop up Book" template.

Wedding Templates 

Click on “Create Now” to start editing the template.

Wedding Album Pop up Book

Click on “Add a Scene” to choose the scenes you want your wedding album to have.

Wedding Album Pop up Book - Editor

There are several options to choose from 1 opening scene and 3 others that you can use repeatedly if you want. You can rearrange the scenes, add more or delete the ones you don't need anymore.

Wedding Album Pop up Book - scenes

After you chose the scenes, it's time to add the photos. You can add your videos and edit them inside one of the video holders too.

Wedding Album Pop up Book - Add Photos

Click on one of the photo holders to upload your photos. Click on “Browse” to upload photos from your device or click on “Media Library” if you've already uploaded them.

Wedding Album Pop up Book - Media Library

Now, click on “Music” to add your favorite track. Here you can either choose one from the music library or upload your own.

Wedding Album Pop up Book - Music

Once you’ve finished editing your slideshow, go to “Preview” and choose the “Free Preview” to see your final video.

Wedding Album Pop up Book - Free Preview

Your video will be ready in a few minutes.

Video Export

Try it now and see how easily and effortlessly you'll get your beautiful slideshow.


Watch the wedding videos created with Renderforest. Click on the titles and create a similar video right now.


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A wedding slideshow will be the best way to keep the memories of your special day. Especially when it’s very easy to create.

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