8 Game-Changing Powtoon Alternatives to Upscale Your Video-Making Skills

8 Game-Changing Powtoon Alternatives to Upscale Your Video-Making Skills

The community of Powtoon users praises the platform for the video-making magic it enables; users create professional-looking videos without prior knowledge of video editing.

In the meantime, by exploring the platform inside-out, some users pinpoint certain drawbacks in the platform, such as:

  • Difficult interface, due to which novice users need to invest extra time and effort to navigate through the functionalities
  • The system works slowly when making or exporting a long video
  • The lack of variety in characters which in turn affects the originality of the video, etc.

Explore the user reviews of Powtoon in more detail. 

So, if you’re a Powtoon user or looking for a similar platform for creating professional-looking videos that cover the above-mentioned drawbacks, you should consider the following 8 Powtoon alternatives.

1. Renderforest


  • Ease of use and setup
  • A wide choice of video types is available – animated videos, video presentations, music visualizers, etc.
  • AI-powered feature to turn a text script into a video project
  • Ability to animate text
  • High-quality video output
  • Availability of many free video scenes



  • No customization options for characters (skin color, hair color, etc.)
  • No speech to text



Free: $0.00/mo – Mostly designed for HD720 content

Lite: $9.99/mo – For promotional and explainer videos, presentations and graphics

Pro: $19.99/mo – The highest quality videos and graphics, professional websites

Business: $29.99/mo – Advanced-level solutions for the whole team


General Overview

Renderforest’s online animation maker combines all the design tools in one place to help you create promotional videos, explainer animations, logo reveal animation, graphics, and so on. The product’s key benefit is a large library of design templates that can be customized and adapted to different projects. You can find design templates for almost any occasion or purpose – from holidays and special events to business, education, and entertainment.


One has plenty of opportunities to create animated videos in Renderforest:

  • Explainer animations
  • Product or service promotions
  • Food and hospitality videos
  • Typography
  • Holidays, etc.
Business event promo video template Explainer animation template Explainer animation free template online



To create an animated video, choose your preferred video template, preview it to see how it looks, and press “Create Now” to customize it to fit your project. Add text, visuals, logo, music, and other elements to make your video unique. 

Renderforest templates



Many templates include premium scenes with rich icons, music, and animation that you can use after upgrading your account. However, this does not mean you can’t make a professional-looking video with the free plan; there are also free scenes that can be enough for your high-quality video, depending on your project’s needs. You can also use the slideshow maker online free of charge as well as the cartoon maker online for visual storytelling purposes. 

Renderforest customization


The editing dashboard is very intuitive, with a convenient drag-and-drop functionality. You can simply move elements on the timeline and adjust them to fit your video. You can also animate elements with keyframes, add transitions and make other necessary changes.


AI-Powered Suggestions 

If you have a general idea for your video project but are unsure about the design details, use Renderforest’s AI-powered suggestions to get instant help.

As simple as that, type your video script inside the AI suggestion box and the system will suggest relevant visual elements, background music and design templates that match your project. 

You can then slightly customize the automatically generated scenes to get the desired result.

Renderforest AI-powered suggestions


Get a more detailed video guide on how to use Renderforest’s video editing tool below:


Create Your Video Now!


2. Animaker

Animaker - Powtoon alternative



  • Integrations for seamlessly transferring the created content from one platform to another
  • Many multimedia elements, such as characters, images, music



  • Only five downloads in the basic bundle
  • The interface needs improvement to become more intuitive



Basic: $10/mo – Limited plan with 5 monthly downloads and video length of up to 5 minutes

Starter: $19/mo – Video length up to 15 minutes and 10 monthly downloads

Pro: $49/mo – Increased capacity for videos and downloads for the optimal monthly usage

Enterprise: Custom plan


General Overview

Animaker offers you a wide collection of tools to create animation videos. Similar to Renderforest, you can choose from the premade video templates and customize them. You can also create your custom characters and animate them in one click.


Once your custom character is created, you can record voiceovers with Animaker’s Advanced TTS app. It allows you to convert your text to speech and sync with the video.


The platform allows you to match the voiceover to the character’s lip movement automatically – so there is no need to spend extra effort to make them sync. You can also enrich your video with visuals, music, sound effects and other elements from the media library.


Once your video animation is ready, you can export it or share it in your preferred social media account from Animaker’s dashboard.


3. Moovly

Moovly - Powtoon alternative



  • A dedicated section for e-commerce videos
  • Convenient audio recording feature inside the software
  • High-quality voice to text to voice feature
  • No limit on video length
  • Opportunity to connect to news streams



  • The editing process starts to slow down when the video length exceeds 5 minutes
  • Fewer templates compared to other video-making tools


Pricing (for individual subscriptions)

Pro: $99/mo – For budding creators with AI (GBT) video generation

Max: $199/mo – For maximum creative freedom with automated subtitles and screen recording

Enterprise: Custom plan


General Overview

Moovly has a specially dedicated section for e-commerce business owners who can create videos for Amazon and BigCommerce. Such a specialized section offers online store owners the opportunity to develop and customize videos for their own clients’ needs.


It also automatically generates videos from the company’s CRM or any other marketing automation tool. Simply stated, Moovly can create videos for every lead from your contact list, which simplifies the mass personalized videos or product videos significantly.


Finally, Moovly can be connected to news streams and RSS feeds to automatically create videos when new content is posted.


4. Vyond

Vyond - Powtoon alternative



  • Specialized in employee training, suitable for businesses
  • Special templates for different organization departments like marketing, sales, etc.



  • Weak file management, everything uploaded is in one single folder
  • File upload limit


Pricing (for individual subscriptions)

Essential: $25/mo – Videos with the Vyond logo imprinted in the bottom left corner

Premium: $54/mo – A single-user plan with quality exports 

Enterprise: Custom plan


General Overview

Vyond is specialized in corporate videos for employee training and education. It offers a vast library of ready-made content like characters, props, sound effects and visuals to create educational videos easily. The platform also provides specialized templates for different organization departments like marketing, sales, IT, HR and more.


So, if you’re looking for an employee training content tool, that’s one of the best options. However, Vyond might be lacking in some areas for more general-purpose video creation.


Vyond allows its users to upload content for the videos, which is great, considering companies usually need to include a lot of specific content. However, certain drawbacks here come up with its file management. Everything uploaded is stored in a single folder, and an upload limit can be uncomfortable if you need to upload a lot of content.


5. Promo

Promo - Powtoon alternative



  • The wide availability of design templates – video, photo, and more
  • Easy editing, user-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Availability of many premium photos and videos



  • No free subscription
  • Customization features are fewer compared to some other platforms



Basic: $59/mo – Unlimited videos and up to 3 premium clips a month

Standard: $119/mo – Unlimited video clips and a new editorial media

Pro: $399/mo – Reseller rights and white-label sharing


General Overview

Promo has a wide collection of premade video clips that cover almost every world event or social media trend. It allows you to customize video outputs easily and offers an extensive library of design templates from photo, text, audio, GIFs, and more.


The interface is also quite user-friendly. However, the customization features are fewer compared to some other platforms. Some users claim that Promo is good if there are no specific customization needs. But once you want to adjust many video elements to the branding and company style, there is a need for more advanced tools.


Promo also has 24/7 customer support which is great if you are stuck on a project or have technical challenges. It also provides 100M premium photos and videos from Getty Images and iStock, which is great for unique and quality visuals.


6. VideoScribe

VideoScribe - Powtoon alternative



  • Simple to use with an intuitive interface
  • An advanced tool for those who prefer whiteboard animation



  • Slow rendering for longer videos (more than 2 minutes)
  • No MP4 format export



Monthly plan: $42/mo – See more details on the website


General Overview

Though VideoScribe offers animated videos, GIFs, and different categories of business and promotional video templates, most users are attracted by its whiteboard animation feature


The platform is fast and simple to use, and many users praise the tool for its user-friendly interface, making it attractive for complete novices.


The platform allows to create long videos; however, content that is longer than 2 minutes take a long time to render. So this might not be the best solution if you need to quickly create short videos for campaigns and promotions.


Also, the MP4 export format is not available, which means you can’t upload videos to many video hosting platforms. Some users find an alternative solution of screen recording to export into MP4 format.


7. InVideo

InVideo - Powtoon alternative



  • Rich catalog of 5,000+ video templates for any occasion
  • Premium images and footage from Shutterstock and iStock



  • No save function for used images or other visual content
  • No search bar in the templates section



Free: $0/mo – Limited to 40 minutes video duration

Business: $15/mo – Watermark-free videos and 20 remove background opportunities a month

Unlimited: $30/mo – 120 iStock media a month and 40 remove background opportunities


General Overview

Invideo provides 5,000+ video templates for any occasion, making it easy to create quality content quickly. It also provides premium images and footage from Shutterstock and iStock, which adds to the quality of videos created. However, there is no option to save the stock image you have previously searched for and used, which might require you to search for the same content again later.


The interface is quite user-friendly and easy to use. It provides options like fonts, colors, elements, and transitions, which help quickly customize a video.


Video templates are categorized and presented on the left side. However, there is no search bar for templates, which might make it difficult to find the specific template that you are looking for.


8. Clideo

Clideo - Powtoon alternative



  • Minimalistic and intuitive interface
  • Many video editing tools are available such as resize, crop, meme maker, etc.



  • No video templates



Monthly plan: $9/mo – See more details on the website


General Overview

Clideo does not provide any professional video templates like many other platforms. But, it offers a range of tools to help you professionally edit your videos with minimal effort. The platform has a minimalistic and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use even by beginners.


This video-making tool is perfect for refining the added media, resizing, cutting and merging, adding subtitles, or turning your video content into an image or GIF. It also provides meme makers and other tools for creating unique content.


Even though Clideo does not provide video templates, it has many tools which help you quickly create original and engaging videos with minimum effort. If you’re more of a do-it-yourself person, then Clideo might be a perfect choice.


To Wrap Up

If video content is a major part of your marketing strategy, and you’re looking for a video creation platform to make original and engaging videos quickly, then this list of the 8 best Powtoon alternatives are enough to get you started.


From the classic drag-and-drop video builders to more advanced whiteboard animation platforms, there’s something for everyone on this list. So we recommend you start exploring the platforms right away and decide which one best suits your needs.


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