How to Create Infographic Videos with Renderforest

How to Create Infographic Videos with Renderforest

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6 Jul 2018

What if we told you that you can create an amazing infographic video for your newly published infographic? Or, you can simply repurpose your content through a great infographic video.

We live in a complex world, with complex ideas, concepts, and issues. An infographic video makes everything simple and easy to digest. It can increase the engagement with your website and help to promote your app, service, or product.

Creating a video is easy with Renderforest. What do you need to do?

To create an infographic video, simply sign up to our platform or sign in, if you already have an account.

Go to our "Video Templates" library. Then choose "Infographics" from the "Presentations" category.

Infographic Video Templates

Let's pick the Infographics Animation PackYou can read the description, watch the video and click the button "Create Now" to get started.

Infographics Animation Pack

This template offers more than 160+ Infographics, bar charts, maps scenes, and various animated icons. To start your project, click on “Add a Scene” or "Load a Preset". 

Infographic video - editor

Pick a ready-made infographic video preset, change the texts, add your files and get a video in minutes.

Infographic video - presets

Or, use your creativity to choose the right scenes and put your text into them. There is a large catalog of scenes to meet your needs: bar charts and infographics, self-filling charts, icon animations, checkmarks, image, and video holders, and much more.

Infographic video - add scenes

After adding the scenes, you can edit the text holders and write your data.

Infographic video - add texts

If you want to add images to your infographic, insert an image holder. Then, choose one of the options to add your files.

Infographic video - add images

There are also video holders, so if you have any video files, you can add them too. click on the video holder to upload your own video or choose from our Stock Video library.

Infographic video - add video

After you finish editing the scenes, go to the "Style" section. Choose one of the three available styles.

Infographic video - style

You also have an option to change the color of your infographic video from the "Color" section.

Infographic video - color


What about music? Pick one of the tracks from our list or upload your own music. You can check out the recommended music, choose from different music genres, and even upload your voice over.

Infographic video - music

Now that you have finished all the steps of your infographic video creation, simply click on "Preview"  and choose “Free Preview” to see how it looks.

Infographic video - free preview

Easy, simple, and enjoyable, right? It’s effective as well. The infographic video will take your business to the next level. Your video will be ready in minutes.

Infographic video - rendering

Your video is saved in your Renderforest account. You can find it any time by clicking your name and choosing "My Videos" from the drop-down list.

You can also check out the Digital Media Agency Pack.

Congratulations! Your infographic video is ready, and you can publish it on different platforms. Ready to share it?

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