How to Make Tasty Recipe Videos with Renderforest?

How to Make Tasty Recipe Videos with Renderforest?

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5 Jul 2019

Have you ever watched a recipe video? If yes, then you definitely remember the mouth-watering food in it. You literally smell the scrumptious grilled steak sprinkled with rosemary and thyme, spiced vegetables with steamy baked potatoes seasoned with olive oil, herbs, and spices. 

Mmm, sounds tasty, isn’t it? Your audience will stick to the screens to watch the whole cooking process.

Many famous chefs have already discovered the power of recipe videos by creating them and sharing on YouTube or their personal websites. You can do it too. 

We offer the easiest way of creating tasty recipe videos and show the process step by step. 

To make it more clear, we’ve prepared our own recipe video about the easiest breakfast recipes. Check it out below:

Now, let’s see how we’ve created this video.

First, we’ve picked our Cooking Toolkit. Click on “Create Now” and start editing.

recipe video tutorial

Once you’re in the editor, you can choose from the two video creation options: adding the scenes manually or using our ready-made presets.

recipe video template

We’ve picked one of the recipe video presets and edited it.

ready-made recipe video presets

If you want to create your video by adding the scenes manually, click on “Add scene” and go to our scene library. Here you can choose scenes from different categories: text holders, photo holders, video holders, logo animations, and other scenes. Choose the scenes based on your script.

recipe video scenes

When you select the scenes, start customizing them. Use the editing tools at the left side of the editor to add your texts, images, and videos. Click on the text holder and type your text. The text holders have different character limits, so be careful not to pass them.

recipe video with texts

To add an image, choose an image holder scene and click “Add” to open a dropdown menu with 3 options. You can add images via image URL, from your Media Library, and by uploading from your device. Check out the recommended image size before uploading your files.

recipe video with images

The same way, pick a video holder scene and click “Add” to open a dropdown menu․ There are 4 options to add videos: add via video URL, upload from your device, choose an uploaded video from your Media Library, or find a suitable video from our Stock footage library.

recipe video with your own videos

If you want to add a stock video, click on “Stock footage” and enter a keyword or phrase to find relevant videos. Let’s type “food” and see what we’ll get. Select the video you like the most and click “Insert”.

stock food and recipe videos

After selecting or uploading a video, you can trim it with our video trimmer directly in the editor. Select the parts you want to have in your video and click on “Trim”

recipe video trimmer and editor

As a final scene, you can add your logo animation.

recipe video logo animation

Once you finish editing your scenes, go to the “Color” section. Here you can choose from the color palettes suggested by our designers, or add your custom colors.

recipe video colors

Then, in the “Music” section, you can upload your own background music or choose from our Music Library that offers a wide choice of music tracks for videos. We’ve selected “Indie Fun Party” music track.

recipe video with music

In case you need to add a voiceover, simply click on “Voiceover” in the music section. You can either upload your voiceover or record it directly from the editor.

recipe video with voiceover

Your video is almost ready! Go to the “Preview” section and select “Free Preview” to see the final result.

preview recipe video

Your video will be ready in a couple of minutes.

recipe video rendering

If you want to change something, you can always get back to editing. Your projects are saved in “My Videos” section accessed from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the page. Download or share your video for free, make a single purchase or subscribe to one of our plans, it’s all up to you.

Create colorful and tasty recipe tutorials and light up the day of food lovers. Try it out right now!

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