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How to Create a Mobile Application Promotional Video?

How to Create a Mobile Application Promotional Video?

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15 Mar 2018


Whether you need to call a taxi, edit your images in a creative way, or simply make a professional video with your phone on the go, there is always an app which can help you to do it. There are apps for nearly every aspect of our lives, and we hear about the new ones coming out every day. We’ve already lost the count. 

Now, you have created a wonderful application to solve a big problem for your users. You've done all the necessary things and run through the development process to improve the issues. You’ve built an app according to people’s needs which they would be happy to use. Your goal is to find users for it. The challenge here is to not only attract them but also make them download and use your app. 


It’s a known fact that videos are a powerful way to get your message across. Your potential users can watch your video with high-quality screenshots of your app and the targeted app description on your app page in the App Store or Play Store. So, showing them your app promo video can attract and get their attention better. Before downloading your app, they will clearly understand how it works, what problems it solves and what interface it has.

With Renderforest’s cool and flexible toolkits, you can create stunning videos without limiting your imagination. Let’s have a look at how Renderforest can help you to make a professional and engaging promo video for your app.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to use our App Promo Toolkit for making your mobile app promotion video.

To edit the template, you need to sign up or sign in to the platform, if you have an account. After you sign in, go to our Video Templates library.

Video Templates

Choose the Promotional videos category and pick the App Promo Toolkit. The toolkit is designed for four devices - iPhone, Android, laptop, or tablet and is available in three different themes. The duration of your video can be up to 30 minutes, depending on your preferences and content.

Promo Templates

Here you can check out the promo video of the toolkit and learn more about it. Then, click on the “Create Now” button and start your promotional video creation process.

App Promo Toolkit

Here you have 2 options: to choose one of the ready-made stories or start your project from scratch.

App Promo Toolkit Editor

Click on “Load a Preset” to pick a ready-made, customizable preset which will save your time.

Ready-made Presets

If you click on the “Add a Scene” button, you will see all the scenes of this toolkit and choose the ones you like.

App Promo Toolkit Scenes

Edit your video by adding your texts, uploading your media files and changing the order of the scenes.

Edit Your Video

When you finish and are happy with the result, go to “Style” from the editor menu and choose from the three nicely designed options.

App Promo Toolkit Styles

Customize the colors of your video by clicking on the “Color”. Now your video seems to come alive, right?

App Promo Toolkit Colors

You can choose from the color presets or select your own colors from the “Custom Colors” option.

What makes your video really attractive and alive is music. Choose the track that best fits your project in the “Music” section, or upload your own track/voice over. You can even mute your project.

App Promo Toolkit Music

So, it's time to preview your project and see if everything is the way you want. Go to “Preview” and click on “Free Preview”.

Free Preview


You can click “Continue Editing” and edit your project if you don’t like anything in your video.

Exporting Video

Your project is saved in your Renderforest account, and you can reach it any time by going to “My Videos” page: click on your “Account Name” and choose “My videos” from the drop-down menu.

There are several options for exporting your video. The first one is the free export. You can download or publish SD360 quality videos with a watermark. But, if you want your video to have a higher quality you should choose the paid options.

Renderforest offers 2 types of payment: pay per export and a paid subscription, which includes Free, Amateur, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. If you need to create and export many videos, it would be more beneficial for you to subscribe to one of our subscription plans. You can find all the details regarding our pricing here.

Subscription Plans

If you only need one or two videos then the pay per export option would be ideal for you. Here, you are charged for each produced video. The higher your video quality is, the more expensive your videos are. For the highest HD1080 quality videos, you will be charged $29.99 per export, for HD720 you will be charged $19.99 and for HD 360 - $9.99.

Pay Per Export

Here are several other app promotion templates:

Isometric Mobile App Kit

Contemporary App Promo

Realistic Website and Mobile Promo

Create amazing app promo videos and use it to attract your users. As you can see in this tutorial, it’s so easy and fast to create one with Renderforest. We hope this tutorial will help you with your mobile app promotion journey. Good luck!


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