Create Effective App Explainer Videos [Templates]

Create Effective App Explainer Videos [Templates]

Did you know that social media apps are the most used apps? The good news is that you can promote your app on social media platforms to reach your audience. And, the bad news is that your app won’t probably be used as much as social media apps.

Don’t give up though, because we have found the best way to promote your app.

So, you wonder how to do it. One of the best ways is creating a short explainer video and showing your potential users the principles, interface, advantages, and benefits of your app.

Creating explainer videos is very easy, considering the fact that there are video maker tools that provide customizable explainer video templates. Renderforest is one of them. You can create an impressive app explainer video with one of our templates for free, or pay for a broadcast quality version.

Check out our templates below:


  1. Modern Mobile App Kit

Switch between the hottest and trendiest mobile devices including iPhone, Android, laptop or tablet with a single click and have an impact on your app promo with the help of our Modern Mobile App Kit. Create your web content with this template and promote your mobile app, social media, business presentation, online marketing, and a lot more digital campaigns. Available in three unique styles and two versions.

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  1. Mobile App Toolkit

Do your mobile app marketing in a professional and exceptional way with our App Promo Toolkit template. It is fully customizable and is available in three different themes. The template has more than 100 scenes of different durations, which can be picked from the categorized media library. You can create a video with up to 30 minutes duration.

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  1. Isometric Mobile App Kit

How to market an app? If you are looking for a fresh way to demonstrate your app, Isometric Mobile App Kit template can help you with it. Give your project a special feel with the flat design and isometric perspective. The template can be used for app promotion, business project presentations, tutorials, etc. Showcase your ideas and innovations by simply uploading your images, writing your texts and choosing the music. Get your video ready in minutes.

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  1. Realistic Website and Mobile Promo

Realistic Website and Mobile Promo template can be used to present your project in a creative and accurate way. It includes 50+ different scenes and 5 transitions. The template is ideal for web design and development, digital marketing, app promotion, and other projects. The videos created with this template can ideally complement your app marketing strategy.

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  1. Modern Phone Mockup Toolkit

The complete set of exclusive phone mockup scenes is now available! Create a revolutionary promotional video with Modern Phone Mockup Toolkit and stay ahead of the game. Upload your logo and get a professional animation in minutes. Perfect for App promotions, product presentations, TV commercials, and a lot more.

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Create amazing and unique explainer videos for your app, which will help you to promote it on social media. Choose from the creative, stylish scenes and transitions to make an awesome video. If you need something different, check out our video template library to find other promotional video templates


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