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Sync Your Voiceover with the Scenes

Sync Your Voiceover with the Scenes

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11 Jan 2019


Have you already seen our advanced voiceover trimmer? Now, you can easily sync your voiceover with every selected scene of your video. With this feature, you can easily edit your product explainer videos and demos, tutorials, social videos, video ads, and presentations.

Let’s see how it works!

In the Music section of our video editor, you have the options of adding a music track and a voiceover. Click on “Upload Your Voiceover”. Here you can upload your full voiceover.

Upload Your Voiceover

To access the voiceover trimmer, click on “Try Advanced Trimmer”. You can always get back to the simple mode.

Try Advanced Trimmer

Click on “Add Voiceover” to upload or record your voiceover for the selected scene.

Add Voiceover

Once you’ve uploaded all your records, you can choose which one to use for the selected scene.

Choose a voiceover record

Now, you can adjust the scene and the voiceover duration with the help of the trimmer.

Adjust the voiceover

To continue editing, click on “Edit Next Scene”.

Add voiceover to the next scene

When you finish editing your scenes, you can play them all to see the result. Besides, you can try to combine your voiceover with the selected music track.

Combine voiceover with music tracks

Watch this video tutorial, if you need more details.


Pretty easy, isn’t it? The new feature is available to all subscribed users.

Would you like to try it now?


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