How to Create a Talk Show Intro

How to Create a Talk Show Intro

What comes to your mind when you think about your favorite talk show? The answer most probably is its intro. 

Whenever you hear the familiar tunes and see the intro, you immediately recognize what show is about to start, and that’s the power of intros. 

Does the intro make the talk show memorable? Or is it vice versa? We can’t give a definite answer, but one thing is for sure, you can create an awesome intro for your talk show and give it an “identity”. If you stay consistent and use that intro for all your episodes, there’s a higher chance for it to be remembered by your audience.

The good news is that you can use the YouTube intro maker to create the intro yourself. With Renderforest, you can create impressive talk show intros with the help of our ready-made templates and a little bit of creativity. 

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how exactly you can do it, but first, let’s watch the talk show intro we’ve created with one of our templates. 

To create a talk show like this, you need to sign up or sign in to your Renderforest account. Then, in the “Create video” section, click on the “Slideshow” category. Here you’ll find a large collection of templates that you can use for many different projects, including talk show intros. 

Talk show intro - templates

Choose a template you like and click “Create now” to start. In case you want to use the template in the video above, we’ve created it with Spotlight slideshow

Talk show intro - slideshow

There are two ways for you to create the intro: if you choose the “We’ll do it for you!” option, Renderforest will automatically generate a video for you with the media files you add. And, if you choose the “Do it yourself” option, you’ll select the scenes you need by yourself and start editing them. For this tutorial, we’ll choose the second option.

Talk show intro - create

This template offers 4 scene categories: intro and outro scenes, as well as scenes with logo, video, and image holders. Choose the scenes you like and click “Insert” to confirm it. 

Talk show intro - scenes

Once you move to your dashboard, you can edit your scenes: move, replace, duplicate, or delete them, as well as add new ones where necessary, by clicking on the plus icon next to your scenes. 

Talk show intro - edit scenes

Type in your texts in the text holders and make sure not to exceed the maximum number of characters for each field.

Talk show intro - add text

Add image and video files to your scenes by choosing from these 3 different options: by the image/ video URL, by uploading a media file from your device, or by selecting an already uploaded file from your “Media library”.

Talk show intro - add media

In case you don’t have a suitable photo or video for your talk show intro, you can choose one from our stock, by selecting “Stock image” or “Stock footage” options. Search the topic, select a media file, and click “Insert” to add it to your video. 

Talk show intro - stock

Regardless of the way you decide to upload your video file, you’ll have the chance to trim it in the editor and choose the exact parts you like. You can also mute or lower the sound of the added video. 

Talk show intro - trim video

Crop and rotate the image files as well, if necessary. There are also some filters available in the editor, that you can apply to your files. 

Talk show intro - crop photo

At the end of your project, you can add a scene with your logo. If you don’t have one yet, create it on the spot, by clicking on the logo holder field and the “Create logo” option. 

Talk show intro - add logo

In the next “Style” section you can choose a font for your text, and click “Generate” to see the changes applied to your scenes. 

Talk show intro - font

The “Color” section will help you choose a new shade for your background and make it more expressive. To see the color changes on your scenes, click “Generate”. 

Talk show intro - color

Moving on to the next section, upload the theme song of your intro if you have one, and if you don’t, choose one from our library. The music tracks here are divided into categories, so it’ll be easy for you to select one. 

Talk show intro - add music

When all the changes and adjustments are made, go to “Preview”, to see the final result of your video before downloading it. 

There are two ways to download your talk show intro. The first one is the free option, which offers SD360 quality videos with the Renderforest watermark. And with the “HD export” option you can download your video in high-quality and without a watermark. Find all the details about our pricing here.

Talk show intro - download

Your talk show needs an impressive and memorable intro, so don’t hesitate anymore, create one right now! Click the button below to start:


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Meanwhile, here are some other templates you might like to create your next video with:

Vibrant Motion Intro

Kick your video off with a chic and dynamic intro, full of color and typography. Perfect for talk show intros, promo videos, YouTube channel openers, and more. Try away!


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Creative YouTube Intro

Surprise your followers with aesthetic and trendy intros and outros, created with this template. Add your media files, type in your short text, and make it complete with a perfect music track. Try it now!


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Colorful Typography Promotion

Active transitions, popping typography, suitable music tracks, and your media files… what else do you need to create an eye-catching promotional video? Suitable for different projects, including talk show intros, vlog openers, and more. Give it a try today!


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