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How to Make an Intro for YouTube

How to Make an Intro for YouTube

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7 Jun 2019

So, you wonder how to make an intro for your YouTube videos. Intros can be a great way to introduce you and your brand right at the beginning of the video. And, having an amazing intro can keep them watching your videos longer.

Creating an intro for your YouTube channel is simple and effortless.

It will take no more than 3-4 minutes to get a high-quality intro video.

Let’s see how to make an intro for YouTube with Renderforest.

  1. Navigate through our cosmic library of Intro Video Templates;

Renderforest Intro Templates

  1. Click the "Create now" button under the template description;
  2. Upload your logo, write your texts, select music and click on Preview button

Create Intro Video

  1. Get your Youtube video intro in 2-3 minutes.

If you don't have a logo or need a new one for your awesome intro, you can look for some graphic design inspiration and create it by using online logo maker tools.

Here are our best templates for making awesome YouTube intros:


  1. Smoke Trail Logo Reveal

Make the greatest color-boom for your brand! Smoke Trail Logo Reveal will make your logo look brighter and will catch the attention of your audience with a unique charm. Choose the color theme and get a professional 10-second video in minutes.

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  1. Metallic Cube Logo Reveal

Impress your audience with a powerful realistic 3D animation. Upload your logo and get a professional logo animation in a few minutes.

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  1. Light Blast Logo Reveal

Give your logo an energetic touch with Light Blast Logo Reveal to make it look even more attractive. Specially designed for those who need something artistic and unique. Simply upload your logo, choose an epic sound effect and get your professional logo reveal in minutes!

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  1. Transforming Logo

Use Transforming Logo template to create an attention-grabbing logo reveal and present your logo in a simple but eye-catching way. This template is perfect for intros and outros and is just perfect for any occasion where you need your logo to be presented in an interesting and attention-grabbing way.

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  1. Minimal Logo Reveal

Simplicity is the glory of expression. Minimal Logo Reveal is a simple yet outstanding way to demonstrate your company's logo. Feel the power of simplicity and make your brandmark glow with charm.

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  1. Light Trails Logo Reveal

The attention-grabbing solutions with inter-winning light trails are here to create your logo and give it a sharp look. With animated flaring light trails your logo is being formed and revealed highlighting all its glory. Use the Light Trails Logo Reveal template to create a perfect intro, outro, opener for presentations, company or corporate promos and many more.

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  1. Neon Power Logo Reveal

Create a stylish Neon Power Logo Reveal template. Featured with a cool neon atmosphere and high contrast look, this template is perfect for presentations, online channels, introductions, and more. Create your desired logo animation and get an entirely new intro for your YouTube video.

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  1. Solid Logo Reveal

No gold reflects brighter than your logo made with Solid Logo Reveal! Stand out among your competitors by demonstrating your company in an exclusive way. Upload your logo and get a classy animation in a few minutes.

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  1. Technology Capsule Logo Reveal

Use this dazzling template which features neon lights and a modern look to show your presentations, online channels, introductions, and more. It is a perfect way to introduce a logo for anything related to high technology.

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  1. Logo Dispersion

Use our Logo Dispersion template to create your own logo animation that can be used as an intro or outro to any of your videos. Fit for a YouTube intro, company introducer, or any other project that requires a stylish logo reveal.

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  1. Quick Presentation Opener

Create an awesome teaser and logo animation at the same time with the Quick Presentation Opener. Perfect for educational projects, corporate presentations, YouTube videos and many more.

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  1. Liquid Splash Logo Reveal

Reveal your logo with a stylish Liquid Splashes. Use this creative, beautiful and artistic logo template to showcase your company logo in a colorful and expressive way. Perfect for introduction and outro videos, as a lobby background, or as a way to begin a presentation.

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  1. LED Visualizer Logo Reveal

Turn your logo into digital equalizer using this colorful template. Logo Equalizer is a professional audio spectrum opener. You can use it to promote your company , or music on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video service. Add your own logo and music, and you are ready to go!

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  1. Burning Logo Reveal

The Burning Logo Animation template is a great way to promote a company logo or just a text reveal with a little bit of an edge. Featuring exciting fire and burning effects, this logo reveal is suited for getting your audience excited and fired up.

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  1. Sakura Blossom Logo Reveal

Create an inspirational pink world of cherry blossoms. Japanese Sakura themed logo animation is what you need to make your logo glow with spring colors.

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  1. Fluid Logo

Ever dreamed of making fluid bubbles in the air? Make a perfect bubble around your logo with Fluid Logo template! Simply upload your logo and choose the color you desire. Use the opportunity to introduce yourself in a unique way.

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  1. Enigmatic Smoke Logo Reveal

Create an enchanting logo animation to thrill your audience with the beauty and mystery of your brandmark. Highlight your logo with Enigmatic Smoke Logo Reveal.

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  1. 2D Bounce Logo Animation

Make your logo outstandingly attractive with 2D Bounce Logo Animation. Create a positive and lively animation to call attention to your brandmark. Upload your logo and get a creative 2D animation in a few minutes.

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  1. 3D Spheres Logo Animation

Try this simple and elegant logo animation to convey an air of professionalism to your company's logo. Amaze your viewers with a dynamic 3D look of your brandmark. Take your chance to dominate in your sphere!

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  1. Spinning Particles Logo Reveal

Watch the glowing particles spin and merge to form your logo powerfully. Upload your logo and get a professional animation in a few minutes. It's perfect for YouTube channel intros, TV commercials, product promotions and a lot more.

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  1. Post-Apocalyptic Logo

Give your brandmark a cinematic touch with Post-Apocalyptic Logo. Upload your logo and get a professional animation in a few minutes. Perfect for YouTube channel intros, movie trailers, cinematic video openings, and a lot more.

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  1. Sparkling Diamonds Galaxy Opener

The glowing diamond piece moves slowly to the center, joins the endless space and spouts into shining particles spreading its light to showcase your logo. Use the Sparkling Diamonds Galaxy Opener to awake the feelings of your audience to a higher level of perception. A powerful way for the awards opener, fashion intro, commercial promo, company introduction and many more.

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  1. Welding Logo Reveal

Imagine your logo welding out of metal with sparkles flying. Welding Logo Reveal is the complete implementation of your imagination! Simply upload your logo and get a professional animation in a few minutes.

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  1. Shockwave Blast Logo Reveal

Shockwave Blast Logo Reveal is specially designed to give your logo a hyperenergetic touch. Amaze your audience with energizing vibes - give this brand new template a try right now!

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  1. Music Touch Logo Reveal

Where words fail - music speaks. Music Touch Logo Reveal will be a perfect opener for your music portfolio. Create your intros for music events or recording studios, YouTube channels, TV commercials, and other music projects with the help of 3D animated music notes.

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  1. Impact Logo Reveal

Present your logo in a powerful way with the Impact Logo Reveal template. Featuring 3D animations, a theme color selector, image uploader, and audio track selector, this template is a great way to introduce your logo with your own flair.

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  1. Electromagnetic Logo Reveal

The Electromagnetic Logo Reveal template features the Arc Reactor with its thermonuclear energy and futuristic looks. Amaze your clients with the Sci-Fi fusion field.  

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  1. Retro Logo Reveal

The Retro Logo Reveal brings you the taste of the ’80s for your nostalgia videos. The customization is very simple: add your logo and text, and we'll render you a video in minutes.

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These are the top templates from our library, but there’s more of them. Check out our customizable intro templates here to find the one you’d love and create your awesome intros, logo animations, and outros for YouTube. Make your intro creation process easier and faster with us.

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