Find Your Rendered Videos In Media Library

Find Your Rendered Videos In Media Library

Did you know that you can add your rendered videos to new projects right from the editor? Now, you don’t have to download your videos created on Renderforest and then upload them again. 

Simply find them all in “My Rendered Videos” folder in your Media library. In Media Library, you can find, organize and manage all your media files. We’ll show you how to do it.

First, you need to pick a video holder scene to add a video. As you already know, there are four ways to add a video: via video URL, from stock footage, from your device, and from Media Library. To add your rendered videos, click on “Media Library”.

add rendered videos

Once you’re there, you will see all your uploaded media files, both images and videos. From the folders, click on “My Rendered Videos” to find your rendered videos. Select the one you want to add to your new project and click “Insert”. 

Renderforest update

Then, trim it if you don’t want to add the full video. You also have the option to choose between your video and project volumes. For example, if you want to add an intro that has its own music, turn down the project volume to keep your intro music. Once you finish editing the video, click “Trim”.

Renderforest new feature

How do you like our new feature? Pretty easy, isn’t it? Try it out now by picking a template and creating your new project!

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