170+ Customizable Christmas Graphics

170+ Customizable Christmas Graphics

Christmas is the right time to reflect on the year and make plans for the upcoming year. Besides, it’s a great time to catch up with your friends and family. 

But, it’s not only a family holiday. If you’re running a business, you can use this opportunity to become closer to your customers and followers.

Holiday marketing has proved its effectiveness in boosting brand awareness long ago. With the right visuals, you can achieve great results. 

Posters, flyers, social media graphics – they all can be customized and used for your holiday campaigns. Below you can find creative Christmas graphics and fonts that will help you decorate your social media feed and promote your special holiday deals.

  • 170+ Christmas Graphics
  • 24+ Christmas Font Ideas


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170+ Christmas Graphics

It’s always easier to edit and customize a designed template than to create from scratch. Here you can find 170+ customizable Christmas graphics you can use this holiday season. With the variety of designs and sizes, you can find suitable templates for different purposes.

Let’s dive in!


Jolly Christmas Printables

10 scenes

Make this holiday special for those around you and spread the Christmas cheer.

This jolly Christmas graphics pack features 10 poster designs with eye-catching holiday elements and decorations.

Christmas poster graphics

Select and customize them based on your needs. They are suitable for your special deals and promotions, restaurant menu promotion, Christmas Market promotion, unforgettable holiday party invitations, annual festival and contest promotion, and more.

Christmas poster designs

The poster design size is 2700×3600 which is perfect for high-res print. All you need to do is select the designs you like, customize them, and download them for print.

poster designs for Christmas

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New Year Celebration Designs

35 scenes

Celebrate the New Year with your social media followers. These New Year celebration designs will help you share your best wishes, or promote your discounted products.

These designs come in different sizes: 1080×1080 (Instagram Post), 1080×1920 (Instagram Stories), 2048×1264 (Facebook Post), 2048×900 (Facebook Cover).

New Year Celebration Square Designs

Use these colorful Christmas graphics to share a holiday quote, a special message to your followers, giveaways, social media contests, ads for your deals, or simply wish happy holidays to the world!

New Year Celebration Vertical Designs

These Christmas-themed illustrations are easy to customize and fun to use. Select the design you like and edit the text, colors, and other elements.

New Year Celebration Horizontal Designs

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Holiday Greetings Visual Set

44 scenes

Use stunning Christmas designs to attract the attention of your audience on social media. These special holiday graphics won’t leave people indifferent.

The Holiday Greetings visual set designs are available in 4 sizes: 1080×1080 (Instagram Post), 1080×1920 (Instagram Stories), 2048×1264 (Facebook Post), 2048×900 (Facebook Cover).

Holiday Greetings Visual Set - square

The graphic elements, images, colors, fonts – everything perfectly fits the holiday mood. The elements are customizable, so feel free to edit them based on your needs.

Holiday Greetings Visual Set - vertical

Select a template, upload your image, type in your text, add your brand colors, and your Christmas visual is ready to be shared online.

Holiday Greetings Visual Set - horizontal

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Christmas Wishes Design Kit

43 scenes

This Christmas, present your brand in a new light and show that you care.

Transform your brand by sharing your values and mission through these holiday-themed graphics.

Christmas Wishes Design Kit - square

Available in 4 sizes, these designs are ready to shine through Instagram and Facebook feeds and catch the attention of your audience.

Christmas Wishes Design Kit - vertical

Create memorable visuals by customizing these templates with your colors and text. Use them for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, and Facebook covers.

Christmas Wishes Design Kit - horizontal

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Festive Christmas Sale Pack

35 scenes

Let these festive Christmas graphics be a part of your holiday campaigns and add a touch of magic. Spread the word about your special discounts and sales using creative designs.

Festive Christmas Sale Pack - square

The designs of this sale pack are available in 4 sizes: 1080×1080 (Instagram Post), 1080×1920 (Instagram Stories), 2048×1264 (Facebook Post), 2048×900 (Facebook Cover).

Festive Christmas Sale Pack - vertical

Edit and customize them with your special discount messages and brand colors. It’s easy, fast, and fun!

Festive Christmas Sale Pack - horizontal

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Big Christmas Sale Printables

12 scenes

Announce your big Christmas sale through creative posters and flyers. Whether it’s a garage sale or a Christmas Market, you’ll find a suitable layout.

This design pack comes in 2 sizes: 2700×3600 (Vertical Poster) and 1275×1650 (Vertical Flyer).

Big Christmas Sale Posters

These customizable Christmas graphics will help you attract more customers and boost your sales. Select a design, customize it with your text, colors, and other elements, and download for high-res print.

Big Christmas Sale Flyers

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24+ Christmas Font Ideas

Christmas graphics will be incomplete without nice fonts that express the holiday mood. 

Bold and thin, festive and plain, decorated and simple – there are so many wonderful fonts that can fit your graphics.

So, we’ve prepared some of the stunning fonts that you can use in your Christmas designs. Our templates come with a set of fonts that can be a great fit for your holiday visuals. 

To find them, edit one of the templates, click on a text element, and select the font family.

fonts for Christmas graphics

As you can see, there are lots of various fonts here. Let’s list some of them:

  • Aladin Regular
  • Allura Regular
  • BeautifulBloom-Regular
  • Chicle Regular
  • Coiny Regular
  • Courgette Regular
  • Dancing Script Regular
  • Emilys Candy

Christmas font ideas

  • Great Vibes
  • Griffy
  • Italiana
  • La Belle Aurore
  • Lovers Quarrel
  • Limelight Regular
  • Margarine
  • Merriweather Light

Christmas fonts

  • Mouse Memoirs
  • Mr Dafoe Regular
  • Mrs Saint Delafield
  • NorthernLights-CAPS
  • Oregano
  • Pacifico Regular
  • Spirax-Regular
  • Uncial Antiqua

creative Christmas fonts

Choose the fonts, and combine them if needed, based on the purpose of your visuals to turn them into something magical. Whether it’s an ad, a Christmas card, or a social media post, the right font will help you get your message through.


To Sum Up

Take your cup of hot chocolate and start creating wonderful Christmas graphics for your holiday campaigns.

With a wide variety of options, you’re sure to find awesome designs and typography. Use them to create social media posts, Christmas cards, image ads, special offer posters, event flyers, and so much more! The only limit is your imagination.

Set yourself and your audience into the holiday mood to celebrate it together!

Click the button below and start creating.

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