Haute Couture for the Web: 9 Fashion Website Templates to Impress!

Haute Couture for the Web: 9 Fashion Website Templates to Impress!

Fashion websites have twice the challenge of traditional websites. They must look stylish and glamorous while also being functional and organized.

When it comes to fashion, the devil is in the details. The layout, content, and styling must all be right to pull off a successful website. Fashionistas notice every nuance – from the use of typography to the placement of links – scanning everything from the prism of aesthetically-driven perfection.

That’s why it pays off to invest in a good fashion website template. The ready-to-use fashion design website templates by Renderforest help you create a stunning online presence and ensure your fashion website stands out.

Let’s check them out!


Customize These 9 Fashion Website Templates to Get Your Brand Runway-Ready

Meet Renderforest – your trusted partner in every fashion website design challenge.

  1. We have a library of fashion website templates designed for every taste and occasion.
  2. Need branding from scratch? Try our logo maker to lay the foundation for an iconic fashion brand.
  3. Need more visuals to promote your fashion brand? Check out the video templates or social media mockup designs to collect the whole package of creative materials.

Renderforest is where you don’t need creative or technical skills to nail your online presence in the fashion field. Every fashion website design element is developed by professional digital artists and developers, so you can rest assured that your website will look gorgeous.

Here are the best picks to try today!


1. Fine Jewelry Store

A beige and gold-toned elegant fashion website template initially designed for jewelry stores can be used for any other fashion-related product.

The cornerstone of this fashion website design is luxurious minimalism; it’s perfect for those who appreciate subtle elegance. The slides work as a visual storyteller that grabs the attention of visitors. In addition to this, you may use it as an e-commerce website template to start selling your products online.

Fine Jewelry Store fashion design website template contains several pages and is fully responsive, so you don’t need to worry about the mobile view of your website. The sections are designed having an online store in mind, such as Bestsellers, New Arrivals, Products and Orders.

This fashion website design is customizable to become the one you have been dreaming of. Put your logo, add content and change colors to get the best out of it.

Fine jewelry store website

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2. Custom Order Jewelry Website

Here we switch to a more mysterious, universe-blue fashion design website template that can be described as the opposite of the previous one.

Here, the dark blue gloss creates an overriding calming atmosphere that is perfect for jewelry stores, evening dress shops, and other fashion-related businesses. It’s more exotic fashion website design, enriched with impressive design elements such as 3D cubes, gradient packaging boxes, and stylish product boxes.

The default visuals are quite impressive and eye-catching, allowing you to showcase your products in the best light. Orange and silver details create a beautiful contrast that amplifies the elegant atmosphere.

If your fashion brand is wrapped up in darker tones and you need a fashion website template to represent it, look no further. A little bit of customization will bring your dream fashion website alive.

Custom jewelry website

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3. Handmade Fashion Brand

A casual, multipurpose fashion website template that is designed in a very eye-catching manner. The pale orange and peach tones create a welcoming atmosphere perfect for small fashion businesses and individual creators such as handmade jewelry stores, tailors, and fashion designers.

In contrast to the previous fashion website templates purposed for luxe-class stores, this one is best for those looking to represent their business more casually. This template can be a good fit for mass-market shops, streetwear stores and web-based fashion brands.

The separate sections For Women, For Men and For Children are helpful for intuitively categorizing your products. If you have everyday and streetwear fashion items that target teenagers or millennials, this one is the fashion website design you are looking for.

The default visuals feature models that resemble an average person, creating a more natural environment.

Handmade Jewelry website

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4. Velvet Hair Studio Website

Well, let’s close the page of product-focused fashion website templates and open the world of more service-oriented fashion businesses.

Velvet Hair Studio is the kind of template that will fit hair salons, beauty studios, nail bars and other similar lovable services. The color scheme is dominated by dark purple and grey colors, but there is a splash of shiny blue and golden that adds charm to the overall feeling.

The visuals are quite impressive, with different hair styling options and makeup collections. The template is perfectly designed for an individual salon or a network of hair studios. You can use the “Meet our team of experts” section to showcase your beauty masters or the pre-made pricing tables to tell the customers about your services.

There is also an online booking system, so customers can easily set up an appointment.

Hair styling studio website

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5. Aesthetic Beauty Center

Want a high dose of bright colors and cheerful visuals? Then this is the fashion website design that you are looking for.

Aesthetic Beauty Center has a multicolored color scheme with all kinds of shades, such as yellow, blue, green and pink. It creates an airy, vivid atmosphere that won’t leave anyone indifferent. The template is fully responsive and looks perfect on all types of devices, from laptop screens to mobile phones.

The template suits beauty salons, makeup studios and other fashion services requiring a warm atmosphere. The hero image features a model face in a loop with various color splashes.

Not only for services, but this fashion website design can also be a good fit for care lines and beauty product stores. Use visuals to showcase your products in an alluring fashion way.

This website also features a booking page with an integrated map to let customers easily locate your studio or salon.

Aesthetic beauty center website

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6. Tattoo Studio Website

Brave, bold and straightforward, the Tattoo Studio website template features a graphic-heavy design that is predominantly black and white. The models wear tattoos and show attitude, which fits perfectly with the template’s concept.

The visuals are heavily customized to match the tattoo-style theme, making it look edgy and untamed. You can also find pre-made galleries featuring different artworks for inspiration or for showcasing your portfolio. The textured background adds an extra-cool feeling to the overall design.

This fashion design website template can be one of the less universal ones, as it’s too tailored for tattoo studios and similar services. One additional option is to use the template as a portfolio for an artist or a designer or a place to share your artwork online.

Tattoo studio website

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7. Makeup Artist Fashion Website Template

Want to reveal your inner artist that draws on faces? Then this is the fashion design website template you need to construct your portfolio with. The hero image strikes with a model face with beautiful eye makeup and eyelashes that catches attention at first glance.

The header is a contrasting collage of a human face and a shiny abstract design, comparing the balance between art and beauty. The color scheme of this template is bright, predominantly pink, yellow and purple tones.

Most of this template’s home page layout is dedicated to the gallery – a different-sized image collection featuring the makeup artist’s works. The template also has a working contact form, so customers can easily reach you.

The home page is designed shorter than other fashion design website templates, focusing more on visuals rather than the texting part.

There is a small Services section in the middle of the home page that summarizes all your skills and offers.

Fashion makeup artist website

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8. Fashion Makeup Artist

This fashion website design has massive subheadings and text parts, making it one of the more textual templates in this list. Not only texts, but the visual sections are also zoomed in and show the makeup models in close-up.

So, if you like massive icons and have many things to say about your services, this is the template that may meet your expectations. The main colors of this Fashion Makeup Artist template are vibrant pink and purple hues. It creates a nice contrast with white and grey backgrounds.

It’s a fashion professional’s or artist’s portfolio rather than a salon’s page. The template features a portfolio gallery, project sections and a workshop part to explain your work.

This design can be a great fit for beauty artists searching for a professional portfolio or personal branding website.

Makeup artist website

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9. Professional Makeup Artist

A very large album of visuals welcomes you on the Professional Makeup Artist website template. The colors are inviting, mixed with makeup models, abstract backgrounds and artistic graphics.

This fashion website design is super-attractive – one of this list’s most attractive fashion website templates. It’s a great choice for professional makeup artists, creative teams and beauty bloggers.

The design is tailored to the topic – there are professional portfolio galleries and Instagram pages that you can use to update your website with the latest trends and news. Actually, that’s one of the rare fashion design website templates with an Instagram section in the main menu.

If you choose this template and optimize it for SEO, you can get a solid base of follower base to drive traffic, sales and leads and redirect them to your social media platform.

Professional makeup artist website

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From Casual to Chic: 4 Tips to Choose Fashion Website Templates

The below quick tips are universal for any fashion website template you choose. Check them out before you proceed with the customization.


1. Understand Your Brand Identity

Every detail you choose – brand colors, logo, style or other elements must stick to your main brand identity. If your chosen fashion website design template does not align with your brand guidelines and identity, you lose an important chance to get steeper in the customers’ memory.


2. Focus on Functionality

Though you might want to emphasize the visual appeal for your fashion-addicted customers, real results can only be achieved with a well-organized layout and easy navigation. So, when choosing your option among fashion website templates, pay attention to the structure and internal hierarchy of menu items, sections and elements.


3. Optimize for SEO

You might not have a professional SEO team from the start, but you can still optimize the content of your fashion website design template for SEO basics. Think of it like this. If your website is SEO-optimized, you make your interested audience find you much easier online. Who wouldn’t want that?


4. Check for Customer Support

Always ensure that your chosen template is backed up with reliable customer support. With Renderforest, live chat options are always included in the widget lists, so you can rest assured that you have a reliable backup. Just make sure to add that feature from the Widgets menu and allocate proper time for it. 



As a fashion enthusiast, you need a website that will shout out your style and showcase your brand identity. There is no other way – you need a digital storefront that will be the face of taste and visual aesthetics.

Seems hard? Not with Renderforest’s fashion website templates! Our library of fashion website designs offers ready-made options. All that you need is to pick the right fit for your brand and customize the details until you get the website of your dreams.

Every section – images, texts, layout, backgrounds and more – can be edited to create the perfect fashion website for your needs. You are ready to go online and flaunt your fashion business as soon as you finish that!



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