Recruitment Videos: Best Examples and Tips

Recruitment Videos: Best Examples and Tips

What is the cornerstone of a company? If this question was asked by a professor in a large lecture hall, surely we’d hear answers like “its products/services,” “mission,” “set of core values,” “brand identity,” and the list goes on. But what does really stand behind all that? The people, of course. 

When companies declare that their main driving force is the people who work there, they’re not trying to be vague and hypothetical — the statement is quite literal. It goes to show how big of a role recruitment plays in gathering a strong team to carry the business forward. 

Effective recruitment calls for effective methods. And one of the best practices for hiring new employees is the use of recruiting video. Following the principle of “Show, don’t tell,” recruitment (or recruiting) videos accomplish the same task as job descriptions, but in a much more engaging way. 

To see whether recruiting videos are a better alternative to job descriptions, let’s turn to statistics:

  • According to Monster’s research, 80% of recruiters assure video has helped to increase the volume of applications.
  • 65% of North American employers plan to invest in video job descriptions in 2020.
  • Job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than postings without video.

Monster's research: recruitment videos increase job applications

Info source: Monster

These numbers start to make a lot more sense when you take into account the fact that videos are highly engaging, easy to watch, and even easier to share. Being the most shared form of online content, videos can be the quickest way to extend your reach. 

You can post your video on job websites, your career webpage, social media channels, and so forth. The more you distribute your recruiting video, the more chances you have of reaching the right candidates. 

With all that said, let’s take a look at the best recruitment videos and their common types, some useful tips, and how to make your recruitment video online without spending an excessive amount of time or money.  

  • 4 Common Types of Recruitment Videos 
  • Tips For an Effective Recruitment Video 
  • How to Make Your Recruitment Video Online


4 Common Types of Recruitment Videos

Depending on the needs and objectives of the company, recruitment videos can be wildly different. Some are professional and conservative; others are more lighthearted, quirky, or downright hilarious. The video formats can also vary hugely. Below are some of the most popular types of recruiting videos. Enjoy!


  1. Company Culture

Company culture and a story people can connect to are the strongest selling points of any organization. Builtin states 46% of job seekers agree that culture is a very important factor in choosing to apply to a company. Furthermore, 15% of job seekers reclined an offer from a company because of its culture. 

Having a healthy company culture that’s unique to your business will not only benefit the growth of your company but will also help to attract job applicants. Knowing this, a lot of brands choose to center their recruiting videos around the welcoming and supportive culture of their organization.

Working at Dropbox

Dropbox’s puppets do a great job of introducing the viewer to their cozy, friendly work environment. And, no, Dropbox did not choose to use puppets because they are cuter than humans. This unconventional approach to recruitment videos is meant to share the company’s easy-going and creative spirit.


  1. Perks and Benefits

Let’s address the elephant in the room — does your company have free snacks? If so, then you should mention it in your video. No one can say no to free food, right? 

Most modern-day companies offer more or less the same benefits to employees. Unless you have an exceptional offer that job applicants can’t find anywhere else, it’ll be a challenge for you to stand out among competitors. 

Recruiting videos can be a great way to stack the odds in your favor. They allow you to share the perks of working at your company in a more creative way. Instead of listing “ping-pong” under your company benefits in job descriptions, show a clip of your team playing the game and having fun.

Best Employee Benefit You've Ever Heard Of?

HubSpot nicely summarizes its perks and benefits in this short video. Notice how the video features the company’s actual employees. Instead of vaguely introducing some benefits, employees share their personal experiences, making the video much more relatable.  


  1. Office Tour

Workspace affects not only the productivity of employees but also the chances of job seekers choosing your company over another one. Your new hires will be spending a lot of time in your office, so it’s only natural that they’d like to see what it looks like before deciding whether or not to apply. 

Office tours are super fun to watch, and they tell a lot about the environment and culture of a company. An open workspace with no cubicle walls hints that the company values trust and transparency, while a colorful office with bean bags and board games represents creativity. 

So tidy up your office and pick the best angles for filming. An office tour might help you attract like-minded talents.

Another Generic Recruitment Video | Fiverr

While this is not a generic office tour, it still gives us a glimpse of what the Fiverr office looks like. This short and funny video diverts from the traditional route of recruitment videos, which is precisely what makes it so entertaining.


  1. Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities are key to a strong, healthy, and happy team, but their impact extends far beyond that. Not many companies realize that team building can also be beneficial for talent acquisition.    

Whether the activities of your choice are games, exercises, challenges, or team trips, they humanize your company and show its more fun and playful side. In addition to that, team-building activities prove that your organization values its employees and their well-being. Who wouldn’t want to work for a caring company where people are happy and valued? 

Next time you go on a trip or plan an exciting event with your team, take a camera with you. Show your ideal candidates what fun they’re missing out on!

Trip to Yell Extreme Park and Carahunge Dilijan - Renderforest Staff


Tips for an Effective Recruitment Video

There are no hard-and-fast rules for a recruitment video. However, there are some guidelines to help increase the impact and effectiveness of your videos. Let’s explore a few of them.


Keep It Short

To eliminate the risk of boring your viewers, it’s best to keep your recruiting videos as short as possible. There is no set time limit, but the optimal length is 1-2 minutes. Showcase what’s the most important, saving details for the job interview. 

Bear in mind that your video has to be engaging. And given the short attention span of an average person, keeping an audience engaged for more than a minute or two is incredibly challenging. Plus, concise and informative videos show that you respect your viewer’s time.


Feature Employees

People trust each other more than they trust brands. Featuring employees in your recruitment video can work wonders in establishing a firmer connection with the people watching it. 

Give the spotlight to your current employees and encourage them to share their unique journeys in your company. Real stories from your team will shed light on your organization’s culture, what’s expected from employees, what’s truly enjoyable about working for the company, etc.

What's it like to work at Google?

Employee testimonials make up a huge portion of most recruitment videos for one simple reason — they work (no pun intended).  


Mind the Video Quality

A recruitment video essentially represents and advertises a company. Your recruitment video could very well be a job seeker’s first interaction with your business. And it’s common knowledge that first impressions last. 

The quality of your video content tells a lot about you as a company. If the video resolution is terrible, lighting is neglected, the camera is shaky, and so on, the only impression your video will leave is that of unprofessionalism. Make sure you put your best foot forward and prove your commitment to quality.


Keep Your Ideal Candidate in Mind

What kind of individuals would you like to reach with your video? What values, experience, and career aspirations would they have? Always keep your candidate persona in mind and direct your recruitment video toward them.

candidate persona profile

Source: Beamery

It’s critical that you are honest in your representation of your company. It’s perfectly fine to portray your strong points in recruiting videos. Stay away, though, from spreading overly exaggerated or misleading information. After all, the goal of recruiting videos is to attract professionals that are a perfect fit for your business. And the only way to do so is through an accurate portrayal of your company.


How to Make Your Recruitment Video Online

If your time and budget allow you to partner with professional video production agencies to create a recruitment video, go for it. But if that’s not the route you want to take, there’s an equally effective option for you — online video makers. 

With so many video-making tools at your disposal, you can build a top-quality recruitment video online, saving plenty of time, money, and energy. Renderforest has designed editable video templates to help you make professional videos without leaving your browser.

Renderforest video templates

To create a recruitment video, all you need to do is browse our catalog of templates to find the one you like and customize it with your content. You can also use the search bar to look for “job announcement,” “company introduction,” or similar key phrases to find thematic video templates.

Once you have picked your template, start customizing it for your company. All the text, video, and image holders are editable, and you can add, remove, or replace any scene you wish. Upon finishing, export your video in your desired quality.

Use Template


To Summarize

Acquiring the right talents might take more than putting out plain job descriptions. Your recruitment strategy might need some polishing to thrive in today’s competitive market, and recruitment videos are perfect for that. Videos get more shares than any other form of content, making it much easier to spread your message. 

Recruiting videos can vary greatly. Some choose to focus on company culture; others showcase company benefits, office space, and so on. Whichever type you decide to go with, try to keep your video short and to the point. You can also feature employees, asking them to share their personal experiences with your company. 

Ready to make your recruitment video online? Choose a template and customize it for your business with no effort.

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