10+ Best Recruitment Video Examples [Tips to Make Yours Awesome]

10+ Best Recruitment Video Examples [Tips to Make Yours Awesome]

Creating an outstanding recruitment video is a powerful way to showcase your company’s culture, values, and team, making it an effective tool in attracting top talent. A well-made recruitment video can provide a genuine glimpse into your company’s environment and what it’s like to work there. It’s not just about listing the perks and benefits; it’s about telling a story that resonates with potential candidates.


4 Common Types of Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos can be wildly different depending on the company’s needs and objectives. Some are professional and conservative; others are more lighthearted, quirky, or hilarious. The video formats can also vary hugely.

This variety ensures that a company can connect with potential employees in a way that truly represents its ethos and working environment. Here’s a deeper look into four common types of recruitment videos:

1. Company Culture

Company culture videos are all about showcasing what makes your organization unique. These videos focus on the company’s values, ethos, and overall work environment. They often feature interviews with employees discussing why they love working there, shots of day-to-day office life, and highlights of the company’s mission and vision. The aim is to give potential candidates a feel for the company’s atmosphere and the type of people they would work with. This type of video is crucial for attracting candidates who align with your company’s values and way of working.

Amazing recruiting videos that provide clients and new hires a glimpse inside your business are the ideal recruitment tool for HR. Video by Loudbyte is a great welcome video that shows what it’s like to work at your company and creates an emotional connection between the right candidate and your brand. It translates into employee engagement, less turnover, and productivity.  

2. Perks and Benefits

Did you know that 75% of employees choose to stay with an employer-based solely on the benefits they offer? The talent that your company attracts may be greatly impacted by offering competitive employee benefit packages. It could also have an effect on how you interact and retain staff members.

From medical and dental to disability and retirement, make sure your employees receive the best coverage possible.

Monnet Capital company nicely summarizes its perks and benefits in this short video. Notice how the video features the company’s actual employees. Instead of vaguely introducing some benefits, employees share their personal experiences, making the video much more relatable.  

3. Office Tour

Workspace affects not only employees’ productivity but also job seekers’ chances to choose your company over another one. Your new hires will be spending a lot of time in your office, so it’s only natural that they’d like to see what it looks like before deciding whether or not to apply. 

Office tours are super fun to watch, and they tell a lot about the environment and culture of a company. An open workspace with no cubicle walls hints that the company values trust and transparency, while a colorful office with bean bags and board games represents creativity. 

So tidy up your office and pick the best angles for filming. An office tour might help you attract like-minded talents.

While this is not a generic office tour, it still gives us a glimpse of what the Duolingo office looks like. This short and engaging video diverts from the traditional route of recruitment videos, which is precisely what makes it so entertaining.

4. Team- Building Activities

Team-building activities are key to a strong, healthy, and happy team, but their impact extends far beyond that. Only a few companies realize that team building can also benefit talent acquisition.    

Whether the activities of your choice are games, exercises, challenges, or team trips, they humanize your company and show its more fun and playful side. In addition to that, team-building activities prove that your organization values its employees and their well-being. Who wouldn’t want to work for a caring company where people are happy and valued? 

Take a camera next time you go on a trip or plan an exciting event with your team. Show your ideal candidates what fun they’re missing out on!


10+ Examples of Recruitment Videos to Attract Qualified Candidates

Recruitment videos today are more than just a tool for hiring; they’re a window into the heart of a company. From showcasing Google’s innovative spirit and team collaboration to Renderforest’s efficiency in action and Apple’s deep commitment to diversity, each video tells a story. They’re not just about listing job perks; they capture the unique culture and ethos of the company, whether it’s through highlighting employee experiences, celebrating workplace diversity, or emphasizing core values.

This creative approach in recruitment videos reflects modern workplaces’ evolving and vibrant nature. So, let’s dig deeper and analyze the following recruitment videos of some big companies.

1. Google

Based on general knowledge of Google’s branding and typical recruitment strategies, their videos often emphasize innovation, a diverse and inclusive work culture, and unique perks and benefits of working at Google. They usually feature employee testimonials and glimpses into Google’s workspaces, focusing on the impact of their products and services worldwide.

Employees highlight that they implement technologies in different ways than no other company does. 

In this video, they show how working with several teams throughout the company is one of the best parts of being employed at Google. These teams are incredibly knowledgeable, and people learn a lot from them, in addition to working on projects with these gifted individuals. One of the most important aspects of working at Google is the collaborative atmosphere, which promotes both professional and personal development.

2. Renderforest

People trust each other more than they trust brands. Featuring employees in your recruitment video can work wonders in establishing a firmer connection with the people watching it

In this video Jeff is shown as an example of a Renderforest user. He is shocked to learn that the tasks he spent hours on over the previous 10 years can now be done in a matter of minutes. This discovery illustrates the effectiveness and potential of contemporary solutions. Consider creating recruitment videos that introduce your company, showcase the industry, highlight your unique solutions, and outline your goals

Give the spotlight to your current employees and encourage them to share their unique journeys in your company. Real stories from your team will shed light on your organization’s culture, what’s expected from employees, what’s truly enjoyable about working for the company, etc.

Renderforest makes professional videos in a matter of minutes. You can create videos for events, marketing campaigns, corporate purposes, and educational purposes using a vast collection of templates.

3. Apple

Apple’s recruitment video campaign stands out with its unique approach, showcasing 68 employees who reveal their diverse identities. As we have previously observed, showing your employees in the recruiting videos can greatly strengthen the bond between you and the audience. 

This strategy effectively establishes a stronger connection with viewers, demonstrating that Apple’s culture is not just about openness but is deeply ingrained in its values. The company embraces various faiths, disabilities, races, ages, ideologies, personalities, and differences, highlighting that humanity is not singular but plural. This inclusive approach in their recruitment video resonates with a broad audience, reflecting Apple’s commitment to diversity and inclusion so that potential employees will feel accepted and comfortable in their company.

4. H&M

The H&M recruiting video “Be yourself and more” encourages viewers to take on significant difficulties and experience personal growth.  It asks the essential question, “What do you want to be?” realizing that the majority of individuals are unsure of themselves and feel under pressure to fit in. The video encourages viewers to experiment with assuming different identities, such as beginner or expert, and never to stop learning. It encourages people to dare to be themselves and discover belonging by highlighting the significance of lifelong learning opportunities and unique connections.

H&M encourages employees to work in a flexible, welcoming workplace where they can be themselves and pursue their future goals while also having the opportunity to make a difference, join a community, and even work there for a lifetime.

5. Zendesk

In this video, prospective workers are given an overview of Zendesk’s many aspects. It highlights several Zendesk features, such as their offices throughout the globe and even virtual workspaces like kitchens. Zendesk’s primary offering, customer interaction software, is showcased in the film, as well as its dedication to improving and modernizing it. It talks about how the firm started in Copenhagen and references Danish culture, such as salty licorice while using metaphors such as a vacant chair to represent job prospects. Viewers get to see tidbits of Zendesk’s workplace culture, which includes departments, social impact projects, and volunteer activities. The organization has a policy of not recruiting unpleasant personalities and values the employment of intriguing people from various backgrounds. The video’s narrative style creates an interesting and comprehensive portrait of Zendesk’s life.


6. Starbucks

Starbucks’ recruiting videos strongly emphasize the fact that there’s a sense of familiarity and safety that resonates with its employees. Employees view their workplace as a community where they are paid to work alongside friends. The culture at Starbucks is about uplifting people creating an environment of warmth and belonging.

This philosophy also includes seeing themselves as a company that serves people by providing coffee instead of vice versa.

Employees, referred to as partners, emphasize teamwork and consider themselves a family. The Bean Stock program, where partners own a part of the company, instills a sense of ownership and responsibility. This program has enabled partners to achieve personal milestones like buying homes or investing in their family’s future. Starbucks offers a plethora of benefits, including comprehensive health care and mental health support. The company is celebrated as a place where individuals are embraced for who they are, can bring their full talents to life, and feel valued and heard. Partners at Starbucks often express a strong sense of belonging and pride in being part of the company.

7. Heineken

In the Heineken recruitment video, a conversation unfolds between the viewer and the company. It starts with an invitation to reflect on one’s familiarity with Heineken, followed by an encouraging prompt to follow one’s heart in their career journey. Heineken presents as a brand of vast opportunities, boasting over 250 brands across over 70 countries. The company promises not just to mold but to stretch its employees, encouraging them to be more and explore their vast potential.

The video highlights learning, choosing one’s path, and embarking on a unique journey. It concludes with a motivational note, affirming the viewer’s capabilities and leaving the future open-ended, suggesting that the direction of their career at Heineken is for them to carve out.

8. BambooHR

The BambooHR Hiring video focuses on how challenging it can be to find the right candidates, even with an applicant tracking system. BambooHR Hiring aims to ease this challenge by assisting in every aspect of the hiring process. The video details the comprehensive features of BambooHR Hiring, including creating job openings, posting on job boards, fostering collaboration among the hiring team, managing candidate communications, and handling offer letters.

Essentially, it offers a complete solution to streamline and enhance the recruitment process, ensuring that organizations can quickly and efficiently hire the right people for their teams.

9. Founders Brewing Co.

The founders of Founders Brewing Co. discuss their early challenges in the beer industry in their recruitment video. 

Initially aiming to blend in and brew decent yet uninspiring beers, they faced a turning point when their business was on the brink of closure. This moment led them to a path of brewing beers they personally loved – bigger, bolder, and more complex flavors. Iconic brews like Dirty Bastard and Breakfast Stout emerged, marking just the beginning of their journey.

The video emphasizes the craftsmanship and passion in beer making, where consistency and quality are the real challenges. It highlights the joy and pride in creating something remarkable, with the company’s ethos centered around the product in the bottle. The video captures the essence of craft beer culture as adventurous and community-building, an integral part of relationships and life’s moments. This unique perspective is what sets Founders Brewing Co. apart in the craft beer industry.

10. Bluecore

In the Bluecore video, they showcase that the career journey is likened to an exciting and transformative ride, full of personal influence and impact from the get-go. The company prides itself on its core value of “impact”, encouraging employees to bring big ideas and unique solutions. Personalizing digital communications for retailers, Bluecore allows its team to immediately contribute, exemplified by achievements like developing successful sales playbooks.

Their internal impact series celebrates the individuality and creativity of its team members, reinforcing a culture where being oneself and thinking outside the box is the norm. This ethos, coupled with a commitment to its people and cutting-edge products, makes Bluecore a dynamic place to work and grow.

11. Grubhub

Grubhub, a leader in the takeout and delivery marketplace, is spotlighted in its recruitment video as the go-to choice for companies nationwide to feed their teams effortlessly. The video highlights Grubhub Corporate’s ability to cater to various workplace settings, ensuring a wide selection of local restaurants and flexible meal options. It emphasizes the convenience of its service, from setting budget limits to providing simplified invoicing, all aimed at making meal ordering seamless for companies.

Grubhub’s commitment to reliability and affordability is underscored by its guarantee of the lowest prices and punctual delivery, inviting viewers to explore more on its corporate website.

13. Enova

The recruitment video for Enova showcases the company as an essential energy provider dedicated to empowering and energizing communities. It emphasizes their role as the community’s backbone, committed to providing reliable power. The video reflects Enova’s journey from operating as two companies to uniting as one team, now focused on innovative energy solutions and proactive problem-solving.

They aim to support and drive the economy through smart energy use while prioritizing safety. Their video emphasizes that Enova stands ready for the future, eager to continue being a crucial, energizing force in their communities.
They have stronger and more drive in their approach to attract employees to their company than others.


How to Make Your Recruitment Video Online

If your time and budget allow you to partner with professional video production agencies to create a recruitment video, go for it. 

But if that’s not the route you want to take, there’s an equally effective option for you — online video makers.

With so many video-making tools, you can build a top-quality online recruitment video, saving time, money, and energy. Renderforest has designed editable video templates to help you make professional videos without leaving your browser.

To create a recruitment video, you only need to browse our catalog of templates to find the one you like and customize it with your content. You can also use the search bar for “job announcement,” “company introduction,” or similar key phrases to find thematic video templates.

It’s time to add your own vision to the template you’ve selected. The user-friendly interface of Renderforest makes modification simple and easy to understand. To align with your creative vision, start by making changes to the characters, scenes, text, and effects.

All the text, video, and image holders are editable, and you can add, remove, or replace any scene you wish. You’ll find a wide range of styles, from playful and colorful to elegant and minimalist. Choose a template that aligns with your story and message.

This level of customization and ease of use makes Renderforest a valuable tool for creating professional-looking, personalized videos.
Make your selection from the available export choices and customize the output of your animation to fit the target audience and purpose. Renderforest has you covered whether you want to display your work on social media, Vimeo, or YouTube.


Tips for an Effective Recruitment Video

Creating an effective recruitment video requires a blend of creativity, clarity, and strategic messaging. Here are some essential tips to ensure your video resonates with the right candidates:

Showcase Your Company Culture: Let viewers get a sense of what it’s like to work at your company. Include employee testimonials and day-in-the-life segments, and highlight your core values and mission.

Be Authentic: Authenticity builds trust. Avoid over-scripting; let the natural personality of your company and its people shine through.

Highlight Diversity and Inclusion: Showcase the diversity of your team and your commitment to inclusive practices.

Focus on Employee Benefits: Go beyond the basics. Talk about unique perks, professional development opportunities, and work-life balance initiatives.

Use Engaging Visuals: High-quality visuals and sound make your video more engaging and professional. Consider using a mix of formats like interviews, tours, and day-in-the-life segments.

Tell a Story: People connect with stories. Weave a narrative that takes the viewer on a journey through your company.

Include a Clear Call to Action: Encourage viewers to apply or learn more. Make sure the next steps are clear and easy to follow.

Keep it Concise: Attention spans are short. Aim for an impactful yet brief video, ideally under 3 minutes.

Optimize for Different Platforms: Ensure your video is suitable for different platforms, be it your company website, social media, or job portals.

Measure and Iterate: Use feedback and engagement metrics to refine your strategy and improve future recruitment videos.


The Bottom Line

Acquiring the right talents might take more than putting out plain job descriptions. Your recruitment strategy might need some polishing to thrive in today’s competitive market, and recruitment videos are perfect for that. Videos get more shares than any other form of content, making it much easier to spread your message. 

Recruiting videos can vary greatly. Some focus on company culture; others showcase company benefits, office space, etc. Whichever type you choose, keep your video short and to the point. You can also feature employees, asking them to share their personal experiences with your company. 

Ready to make your recruitment video online? Choose a template and customize it for your business with no effort.


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