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How to Make an Intro with Renderforest?

How to Make an Intro with Renderforest?

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4 May 2018


If you are a professional video maker, you probably know that starting a video without a proper opening is like breaking into someone's home without warning. An intro is like a doorbell which lets people know that you've come.

What is an intro?

A good intro is a guarantee that your video is going to be watched. According to a research, back in 2000, the attention span of adults was around 12 seconds. Now, it is 8 seconds. So, you have only 8 seconds to make your audience watch your video and you shouldn't waste time. An engaging intro will give your content a professional touch and will instantly arise interest among your audience. This is a challenge worth to take.

Today you don’t need to hire a specialist to create a video for you. Everything is at hand, and mainly free. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can make an intro for your video with Renderforest. Whether used for commercial purposes or simply for a funny birthday video, our Intro Maker will allow you to have an impressive start.

Still wondering if you need one? Read our article to make sure that you do.

Once you’re ready to start the journey, visit Renderforest and sign up or sign in if you already have an account.

When signed in, choose Video Templates section and check our huge catalog of Intro templates where you can choose your preferred one.

Intros and Logo Reveals

Let's pick the Smoke Trail Logo Reveal template, which will help you demonstrate your logo with the help of colorful smoke trails. Two smoky traces will impressively reveal your logo within 10 seconds. This template is perfect for creating intros and outro videos for your presentations, YouTube channel, lobby backgrou nd, and many other purposes.

Smoke Trail Logo Reveal

Simply click on the "Create Now" button and upload your logo on a transparent background (PNG). Then, write your brand name, slogan, or any other short text.

Renderforest Upload Media

Click the button "Colors" to choose your favorite color combination.

Video Colors

Or, choose your custom colors.

Video Color Palettes

Choose the music by clicking on the "Music" button next to the "Colors". You are also free to upload your own tracks or voice over. It's all up to you.

 Renderforest Music

We recommend you to preview your video before exporting it in high quality so that you can be sure that you’re happy with the result before purchasing. Click the button "Free Preview".

 Preview Video

Your videos are available in "My videos" page. Simply click on your name and choose “My videos” from the drop-down list. You can also edit them as much as you want until you're satisfied with the result.

Renderforest is the perfect cloud-based video producing tool for creating video intros for your YouTube channel, blog, or video. There are different categories for intros like the following ones:


3D Logo Reveals


Clean Logo Reveals


Colorful Logo Reveals


Dark Logo Reveals


Exploding and Burning Reveals

Holiday Logo Reveals

Retro Reveals

There are several options for exporting your creation. The first one is the free export. You can download or publish SD360 quality videos with a watermark. But, if you want your video to have a higher quality you should choose the paid options.

Renderforest offers 2 types of payment: pay per export and a paid subscription, which includes Free, Amateur, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. If you need to create and export many videos, it would be more beneficial for you to subscribe to one of our subscription plans.

Renderforest Pricing

If you only need one or two videos then the pay per export option would be ideal for you. Here, you are charged for each produced video. The higher your video quality is, the more expensive your videos are. For the highest HD1080 quality videos, you will be charged $29.99 per export, for HD720 you will be charged $19.99 and for HD 360 - $9.99. 

Renderforest Pay Per Export

Enjoy your video creation process with Renderforest, where the only limit is your imagination.

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