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What is an Intro/Outro for a Video?

What is an Intro/Outro for a Video?

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30 Jul 2019

Is there a formula for creating an unforgettable video? Our answer is yes!

The introduction and the conclusion to anything in this world are crucial, as they build a strong base at the beginning and a well-thought statement at the end.

The same goes for videos. While some people think that intros/outros are not a necessary part of videos, we believe that for making a professional video the intro and outro are vital.

An unclear opening and an abrupt ending have never been popular and effective. A branded intro and outro will associate the video with you and your product/service. They shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. On the contrary, they should be properly planned and designed, so all your hard work won't be in vain.

This sounds a little bit tricky, right? But, that's not rocket science here. So, let’s define intros and outros.

Intros are the visuals at the very beginning of your video, while outros appear in the end to mark the end of the video. Intros and outros are commonly used for webcasts, podcasts, videos, presentations, and live shows.

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According to research, back in 2000, the attention span of adults was around 12 seconds. Today, the number has decreased to 8 seconds. This means that you have only 7-seconds to make an impression and to create a bond with your audience. This is really challenging. But, a great attention-grabbing intro can help you here.

Nowadays, you don’t need to hire a specialist to create a video for you and wait several weeks for it to be ready. There are many online tools that provide video templates, including intro/outro templates and logo animations. It doesn’t matter what tool you use, you’ll have your intro/outro in minutes.


What are the Key Components of Intros and Outros?



Whether it’s a mono-color animation or with visual effects, your audience deserves a really impressive one. Of course, you can always choose a simple animation to display your logo and texts. However, colorful visual effects can make a more professional impression. You can easily find online tools that provide logo animations and reveals. Some of them do it for free, the others offer a paid subscription.

Here's an example of a very colorful and vibrant logo animation:

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Let's also have a look at a simple yet very stylish intro video:

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Music and Sounds

Once you decide what kind of animation you want for your intro/outro, it’s time to choose the music and sound effects to make it more impressive. Take into consideration the rhythm and dynamics of the sound effects. They must be consistent with the whole video and complement it. The same online tools provide music and sound effects alongside the visual effects. So, you can find the ones that sound better for your intro/outro.

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With Renderforest, you have a great opportunity to experiment with various animations. There are several different animations to choose from, including simple ones such as Spinning Stripes Logo Reveal, to more complex ones such as Abstract Universe. From retro or vintage to social promotion and abstract logo intros, Renderforest Intro Maker provides a variety of different animations to choose from, depending on video category, target audience, and so on. 

Whether used for commercial purposes or simply for making a family video, our Intro Maker will help you create unforgettable intros/outros. Our trendy animations are ready to satisfy the needs of any video. All you need to do is to upload your own logo or any other image/text and allow Renderforest to do the rest. If you don't have a logo yet, you can create one with the help of logo maker tools. 

Here are some of our top intro/outro templates: 


Neon Power Logo Reveal

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Transforming Logo

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Neon Light Room

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Electromagnetic Logo Reveal

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Elastic Logo Reveal

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If you don’t have intros/outros for your videos, it’s time to create simple and engaging videos. You simply choose the animation and music for your intro/outro from the wide variety of options. In case you want to learn more about how to make an intro, check out our blog.

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