What is an Intro/Outro for a Video?

What is an Intro/Outro for a Video?

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30 Jul 2019

Is there a formula for creating an unforgettable video? Our answer is yes!

Introduction and conclusion are key elements of any type of content, and video is no exception. Intros and outros build a strong base at the beginning and a well-thought statement at the end.

As the word suggests, intros are visuals that mark the beginning of a video. Likewise, outros are the closing visuals that appear at the end. The two are widely used in educational, entertaining and commercial videos, webcasts, podcasts, corporate presentations, and the like. There are several reasons why intros and outros are vital elements of professional videos.  

To be properly assimilated by its audience, any visual, written or spoken material needs a certain structure. The unclear opening makes it harder for people to concentrate, while lack of resolution can leave them hanging in midair. Thus, the introduction and conclusion are inseparable parts of any structured material, including video. 

It goes without saying that intros and outros should not be too complicated or confusing. Otherwise, they will fail in their purpose and will drive the audience away. Instead, they should be simple but thoughtfully designed. It is best if they incorporate visuals that are symbolic of the brand and communicate its main value proposition. Here’s an example of such an intro from the Physics section of Crash Course (0:37).


What are the Key Components of Intros and Outros?



Even though your intro can be as simple as a still image of your logo and your brand name, animations make intros much more engaging and professional. After all, videos are not meant to be still. And intros, as their constituent parts, should not be still either. 

The good news is that making a logo animation can take very little time and effort. There are online tools that can help you create mesmerizing logo reveals in no time. 

Here's an example of a modern and elegant logo animation, created with Renderforest:

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Once you have decided what animation you want for your intro/outro, it’s time to choose a music track to go with it. To make the right choice, think about the mood you want to establish. What characteristics describe your brand? Is it serious, playful, enigmatic? Make sure both the animation and the audio reflect those qualities and are consistent with your brand identity.


Where to Place Intros and Outros


While it might seem self-evident that intros should be placed at the very beginning of a video, and outros at the very end, this is not always the case. Perhaps, you have seen one of those videos where the speaker jumps right to the topic without any introduction. Then, 20 seconds in, a logo animation appears, after which that same speaker goes on to elaborate on the topic. 

This is exactly what Joanie Simon, a YouTuber and food photographer, does in her videos. She instantly grabs the attention of her audience by posing a question or making a statement in the very first seconds of her videos.

This way, people get an idea of what exactly she is going to cover. Around 20 seconds in, when the audience is already intrigued and interested, she places her intro. It’s a pretty fun logo animation that visually depicts what she does.

Outros likewise need not necessarily be at the very end of a video. Some YouTubers, for example, include bloopers in their videos to make them more fun to watch. To separate the main video from the bloopers, outros are typically placed in between.

As you can see, there’s no single rule for where exactly one should place intros and outros. Thus, feel free to experiment and see what works best for your own videos.


More Tips on Creating Effective Intros/Outros


Keep it short. A long intro, even if it’s spectacular, can get boring once your audience has seen it a few times. An ideal length for intros and outros is up to 8 seconds.

Include a call to action right before the outro. The last words spoken in a video are more likely to stick with the audience. Choose them wisely.

Follow your brand guidelines. Whether it’s in the choice of the color scheme or the music track, make sure your intro and outro are consistent with your brand identity.

Use a logo animation. Even though an intro can be more than a logo animation, the latter should still be a part of it. Otherwise, there’s a sense that something is missing.  Most importantly, you are missing out on a cool opportunity to boost brand recognition.


Creating Intros/Outros Online


With Renderforest, you have the opportunity to experiment with various animations. From retro to modern, from glitch to elegant, Renderforest Intro Maker provides a wide variety of styles for every taste, video category, and target audience. You can choose simple ones, like the Spinning Stripes Logo Reveal, or more complex ones, like Abstract Universe.

All you need to do is upload your own logo or any other image or text and allow Renderforest to do the rest. If you don't have a logo yet, you can create one with the help of a logo maker tool

Here are some of our top intro/outro templates:


Neon Power Logo Reveal

Create an atmosphere of suspense with the Neon Power Logo Reveal. Let the essence of dark neon cast its captivating spell on your audience.

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Transforming Logo

Give people a taste of your transformative spirit. Show the grit and the boldness of your brand with this Transforming Logo animation.

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Neon Light Room

The futuristic combination of matte black and neon cyan is guaranteed to highlight the progressiveness of your brand. Upload your logo and entice your audience with the Neon Light Room logo reveal.

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Electromagnetic Logo Reveal

Who can resist a logo that’s formed by the fusing energies of Arc Reactor? Let’s find out together with this Electromagnetic Logo Reveal!

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Elastic Logo Reveal

See your logo arise from a glossy sphere under the sound of chimes and soft reverberations. Leave a bright and lasting impression with the Elastic Logo Reveal.

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If so far you have been creating videos without intros or outros, it’s time to reconsider this strategy. Hopefully, by now you have an idea what logo animation would best suit your brand. Still not sure? Learn how to create an intro and feel free to check out our vast library of intro/outro templates.

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