How to Make a Slideshow With Music and Pictures [Guide + Templates]

How to Make a Slideshow With Music and Pictures [Guide + Templates]

Part of creating appealing online visual content is beautiful slideshows that immediately capture your audience’s attention. 

Not only do these videos tell your special story, but they help you gain more views on what you are sharing. 

Gone are the days of relying on editing apps already downloaded on your phone, which offer barely any customization options. Not to mention traditional editing software that can take hours and hours on end before you learn how to use them. 

So, what’s the solution? 

In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how to make a slideshow with music in just a few minutes. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never edited a video before. Renderforest’s slideshow maker is designed for everyone – from newbies to professional editors! 



In this article, we’re going to cover: 


  • The essential steps to create engaging slideshows across the web.
  • How to make a slideshow on iPhone and prepare engaging videos on the go in a matter of minutes.
  • How to use Renderforest’s templates to customize stunning slideshows and make them truly yours.
  • Create slideshows that not only capture attention but also stand out through high-quality content, creative design, and a seamless storytelling experience.


cta slideshow


A Slideshow Maker: What Is it?

This is a visual narrative containing elements such as images and music that serve to convey your story or message to your audience. 

Your audience needs to be engaged. A reliable slideshow maker helps you do just that as an indispensable tool. 

But leaving engagement aside, a slideshow is a great way to effectively communicate with your viewers, allowing users to create beautiful presentations that resonate with everyone.

When creating your slideshow, you must make sure it is short and sweet, cleverly transferring the message you want your audience to absorb. 

Interestingly, some experts suggest using the 5/5/5 rule: no more than five words per line of text, five lines per slide, or five text-heavy slides in a row. 


How to Make a Slideshow With Renderforest

If you’re looking for a way to create alluring slideshows within a matter of minutes, you’ve come to the right place.

Renderforest offers a number of advanced templates and tools that help you create attention-grabbing and visually impressive slideshows. 

Ready to discover the full potential of Renderforest’s innovative solutions that will upgrade your slideshow creation game? 


How to Make a Slideshow With Music and Pictures for Free



Step 1: Access Renderforest and Sign Up

Start creating dazzling slideshows by signing up or logging in to your account on Renderforest. The platform offers a free version, making it accessible to all users, but you can always upgrade to access more advanced and sophisticated features. 


Step 2: Explore Ready-Made Slideshow Templates

On Renderforest’s homepage, you can explore a number of ready-made slideshow templates. There are so many templates to choose from, so take your time!


💡Tip: Use the search bar to find specific themes or choose from a range of options matching your creative vision.




Step 3: Autogenerate or Create from Scratch

Autogenerate slideshow online


Short on time?

You can create your slideshow with ready-made templates. Choose the “Autogenerated” option, and Renderforest will pick up the best-matching template for you.

If you want to give your creativity freedom, you can explore our advanced tools, scenes, fonts, and royalty-free music library.


Step 4: Select and Customize Your Slides

Once you find the perfect slideshow template, choose your desired aspect ratio for your video and click on “Create Now.” This is the beginning of your customized slideshow!

Slideshow slide scenes online


Step 4: Choose Your Image, Video and Text Holders

The next step is to decide what style you would like to implement in terms of your image, video, and text holders. 


💡Tip: You want to choose one that matches the tone of the visual or story you are creating!

Add slideshow text


Step 5: Upload Your Media

You can upload any images that you wish to feature in your slideshow. 

Simply click the “Add” button to search for images directly from your files, apply an image link, or upload a picture from a rich library of royalty-free images. 

Then, wait as Renderforest works its magic. 

Once uploaded, you may see thumbnails or previews of your media files. You can organize them into folders or categorize them for easier access.

Upload Your Media


Step 7: Add Text Enhancements

Level up your storytelling by experimenting with the font and style of your slideshow’s text. You can access this via the Style tab on the top panel, offering a number of font customization options. 

Edit text boxes directly from the preview pane or adjust the size, font, and color to complement your own story.

Add Text Enhancements


Step 8: Infuse Musical Vibes

What is the best way to create a beautiful ambiance for your slideshow? 

Adding memorable background music. Simply click on the Music tab to explore various genres and tracks from a rich library of copyright-free tunes. 

Once you’ve selected a track that resonates with your vision, preview and click “Replace Music” to apply it to your presentation. Just drag and edit the track on the timeline to refine details such as trimming, volume, and looping. 

Infuse Musical Vibes


Step 9: Finalize and Share

Congratulations! Your unique slideshow is now ready to publish. 

You can download or share your slideshow with the rest of the world on social media, visually informing them about a key event, feature, or memory, either for yourself or your business. 


How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone and Android Devices

If you think our web tool is intriguing enough, wait until you see what you can do with Renderforest’s app!

For those who would like to edit videos directly on their devices, our app, made for iPhone and Android users, features all the functionalities of the web version (only it’s a lot easier and intuitive to use when you’re on the go). 

Wait what? Tell me more! 

slideshow on iPhone


Step 1: Pick Your Slideshow Template

First things first, pick a style that matches your vibe. Go to Renderforest’s app and scroll through their collection of slideshow templates. 

We’ve got a bunch of slideshow templates, from cool and professional to fun and quirky. Find the one that screams “you” and click on it!

Pick Your Slideshow Template


Step 2: Customize Your Template

Now, let’s bring in the good stuff – your content. 

To do this, you can choose to either add a custom scene or load a present of a video script that already exists. 

Customize Your Template


Step 3: Edit Your Slideshow Scenes and Upload Media

Time to make your slideshow yours. Click on “Edit” and start tweaking the scenes that have been added. 

Want that awesome shot to last a bit longer? Drag it around. 

Want a smooth transition between pics? We’ve got the tool for that, too. 

Play around until the sequence looks just right. The feeling you get from editing the slideshow is like being the director of your own mini-movie! 

Edit Your Slideshow Scenes


Step 4: Add Some Groovy Music

Every good slideshow needs a beautiful soundtrack. Head over to the music tab and explore our extensive library of royalty-free tunes. 

Click around, find a beat that matches your style, and hit “Add.” You can even trim it, adjust the volume, and make it suit the vibe you’re going for!

Add Some Groovy Music


Step 5: Preview and Share With the World

Finally, the moment of truth! 

Once you’re done editing your slideshow’s content together, hit “Preview” and watch it come to life. If everything looks good, it’s time to share it with the world! 

Click on the “Share” or “Download” button, and voila! Your slideshow is ready to be exported with your friends, family, colleagues, or the digital community at large.


💡Tip: To remove the watermark from your slideshow and export it to a higher quality, consider upgrading to a premium Renderforest account, allowing you to access more advanced features (especially if you intend to create lots of videos for various purposes). 


Slideshow Templates Examples to Elevate Your Storytelling

These simple tools can turn your story into a cool visual show. Imagine a mix of words and pictures, all neatly arranged to grab attention. 

In the digital storytelling game, Slideshow Templates steal the spotlight, making your story way more interesting. 

We have gathered some examples to show you how these templates can jazz up your storytelling game and make your audience pay attention to what you’re talking about. 

So, are you ready to turn your story into a visual blockbuster without the Hollywood budget!


1. Polaroid Photo Gallery

You can showcase your most cherished moments through the Polaroid Photo Gallery, an ideal slideshow option for your Instagram posts, business presentations, family events, video greetings, and much more. 

Easily bring in your media and create an attractive gallery of your images within minutes. 

What are you waiting for? Give it a try now! 


2. Vintage Projector Gallery


The Vintage Projector Gallery is all you need to give your videos a warm, dreamy look that reminds the viewer of a simpler time. 

Show off the best of your memories in a unique way using nostalgic projector scenes and cinematic film frames. 

The template is perfect for creating intros, outros, vintage videos, and many other projects that require a cinematic touch. 

Create your Vintage Projector Gallery and start assembling your warm memories today! 

3. Modern Parallax Slideshow


Create a modern and special video you can look back on. Your photo gallery can contain eye-catching transitions and trendy designs that will fit:

  • Corporate or special event openers
  • Minimal promos
  • Personal or professional slideshows
  • Video portfolios
  • Many more projects require a parallax effect

To make the slideshow uniquely yours, just upload your images, alter the text, add music, and create a video that will wow your audience within minutes (and for free!). 


4. Cinematic Photo Slideshow


Are you looking to create a video project to suit film trailers, weddings, or family gatherings? 

Well, guess what? The Cinematic Photo Slideshow template is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

Just upload your photos and create a smooth gallery of your images in under an hour. Yes, an hour! 

Put together an inspirational message and choose your music to preview this template, creating a worthwhile slideshow that will dazzle everyone who’s watching it!


Top 5 Slideshow-Making Essentials 

1. Software and Tools

Having the right software and tools for creating your slideshow has never been more important, especially given the many options available. 

Renderforest stands out from the crowd by providing an intuitive platform that’s both user-friendly and powerful. Even newbie editors can create a video piece that can attract millions of hits on social media!

The variety of templates and customization options available are like a playground for creativity. Beyond basic tools, Renderforest offers advanced features that enhance production and post-production. 

From effortless transitions to unique text effects, it’s a one-stop shop for both amateurs and professionals, making the software aspect of slideshow creation a complete breeze.

Slideshow video maker tool online Vintage slideshow template online Vibrant slideshow template online



2. High-Quality Content

Its commitment to delivering high-quality content sets Renderforest apart from other slideshow software. 

The platform offers such a big library of professionally designed templates, making sure that your slideshow looks credible enough to tell the story that it is.  

The slideshow templates cover a number of themes that cater to different needs. Renderforest’s emphasis on quality is found in its media library, offering a rich collection of images, videos, and music. 

As such, your slideshow not only looks good but also tells a convincing story that evokes an emotion or two within your viewers.


3. Creative Design and Layout

Slideshow software isn’t complete without its share of creative design templates and layout options that you can experiment with. 

Renderforest’s templates are visually appealing and customizable, allowing you to apply your unique taste and style. 

With a range of fonts, colors, and graphic elements, the creative possibilities are pretty much endless

At Renderforest, we understand that a well-designed layout is key to capturing and retaining your audience’s attention. 

The design tools we host allow users to create visually engaging slideshows that leave a lasting impression and help them stand out from the abundance of content in the digital world that is being posted every second. 


 4. Storytelling and Flow

Renderforest excels in helping users weave a compelling narrative through their slideshows. The platform recognizes the importance of storytelling and offers features that enhance the flow of your content. 

From customizable text animations with our online animation maker to smooth transitions between slides, Renderforest ensures that your message is conveyed effectively. 

Our straightforward interface allows you to arrange and rearrange your content with ease, allowing for a comfortable storytelling experience. 

So, if you’re creating a business presentation or a personal slideshow, Renderforest provides the tools that will catch your audience’s attention and guide them through an interactive narrative that will surely provide them with a takeaway or two. 



5. Technical Proficiency

We simplify the technical aspects of slideshow making, handling complex processes in the background to give you the freedom to focus on their creative vision. 

Renderforest’s rendering speed and output quality are noteworthy as well, as we want you to efficiently produce high-quality slideshows without having to compromise on technical standards. 

Whether you’re a beginning editor or a seasoned professional, Renderforest’s technical level makes your entire slideshow creation process very efficient and enjoyable.


Final Thoughts

Well, well, well, look who’s made it to the very end!

You can now say that you know a thing or two about how to make a beautiful slideshow with music and pictures (both on your phone and your computer). 

Can’t wait to take your slideshow creation game to the next level? 

If you’re seeking more tips on how to create professional and elegant slideshows that will impress your viewers, check out Renderforest’s YouTube channel, which is full of tutorials and how-to guides created to assist you. 

Want to get your hands on beginner-friendly yet professional software that will turn your media into a stunning slideshow to share with the rest of the world? Try Renderforest for free today! 


cta slideshow

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