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Craft unforgettable memories by seamlessly merging your best moments into dynamic and lively slideshows, enhancing their memorability tenfold. The intuitive tools of our online slideshow maker made the process as effortless as possible to create slideshows with text and music within minutes.

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How to Use Renderforest Slideshow Maker?

Transform your content into captivating visual stories using our flexible online editing tools, tailor-made to elevate every frame. Use our slideshow maker and your presentations will exude professionalism and creativity like never before.

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Create Personalized Videos With an Online Slideshow Maker

Whether your aim is to craft a compelling business presentation or a heartfelt personal slideshow, look no further than our powerful slideshow creator! Immerse yourself in our extensive array of templates, thoughtfully curated by a team of professionals. Use our cloud-based editing tools to create memorable and effective slideshows in three simple steps:

Choose Your Favorite Template

Browse through the ever-growing template catalog of our slideshow creator. Glide through our collection, previewing and experimenting with various templates until you unearth the one that resonates perfectly with your message. This is your opportunity to truly captivate your audience, ensuring your message is conveyed with maximum impact.

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Customize the Design

Embark on your creation by handpicking the scenes that resonate most with your vision for the video. Customize these scenes by seamlessly uploading your own media, handpicking colors that match your style, and infusing them with the charm of background music or a captivating voiceover. Adjust each photo or video scene’s duration to achieve the perfect look in just a few clicks. Our slideshow video maker offers you enough customization options to create truly unique and exciting slideshows your audience will love.

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Export and Share Your Video

Once you are happy with how your slideshow looks, it’s time to share it with your audience. Export the video in your preferred quality, then download it or instantly share it on social platforms right from the slideshow creator.

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Why Renderforest Slideshow Maker?

Because you deserve the best!

Get access to a large selection of professionally-crafted slideshow templates, and produce exciting slideshow videos that will captivate your audience right from the beginning. With our easy-to-use slideshow maker, you can create engaging videos for any purpose - all within a matter of minutes!

Elevate your storytelling and captivate your viewers with every frame – seize the opportunity now!

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Make Concepts Come Alive

The compelling nature of slideshows makes them an extremely effective tool to communicate with your audience. The vast amount of media you can incorporate into the slideshow allows you to present your idea comprehensively in a short time frame. Browse the stunning templates of our slideshow creator and pick the one that will describe your ideas in the best light.

Engage Your Audience

Attract your audience by sharing the unique personality of your project. Use our slideshow maker to assemble together the photos and videos of your best moments and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Build Trust With Your Audience

Genuine and appealing slideshows are a great way to establish trust with your audience. They share your emotions with the viewer, thus strengthening your relationship with them.

Capture Leads

Another benefit of engaging videos is that they work magic on capturing leads. Because slideshow videos comprehensively present your project, they are a sure way to seize the attention of those most interested in your offering. Take full advantage of the template collection in our slideshow maker online to produce a broadcast-quality slideshow maximizing your conversions.

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Renderforest is a cost-effective solution to create customized professional-grade videos in a fraction of the time. Using render forest has cut my production time and increased production quality compared to other video solutions we have tried. I highly recommend Renderforest to other companies looking to create high-quality videos quickly and in an affordable manner.

Patricia Peral

Digital Marketing Executive of Dripshot

I love using Renderforest because it saves my time in creating great videos and it is a very user-friendly online design program. Even if you are not a professional video maker, you can make excellent videos faster than using any other video editing program. I’ve saved a lot of money by starting a yearly subscription. They have a wide variety of templates to choose from. Thank you Renderforest!

Marr Littaua

Marketing Manager

Can I upload and use my own music?
Yes, you can upload your own music to the platform from the “Music” section of our slideshow maker and use the track in your videos. There, you can also add and adjust your voiceover. The file formats our editor supports MP3 and WAV. If your file is in another format, you may need to convert it. The maximum file size is 50 MB.
What is the recommended size for images and logos used in the slideshow?
The recommended image size will depend on the template you are using to create the slideshow. For logo files, we recommend using transparent PNG files with 1000x1000 dimensions. As for the images, JPG files with a 1920x1080 size will make for the best visual experience. In case the photos don’t look the way you want them to, our slideshow maker offers a cropping tool right in the editor.
How long can slideshows designed with Renderforest slideshow creator be?
The duration of the slideshows you create with Renderforest can vary from 3 minutes to 60 minutes. The allowed duration will depend on your subscription plan. You can find more detailed information about the maximum length of your slideshow on our pricing page.
In what resolution can I export my slideshows?
The resolution in which you can download your slideshow will vary depending on your subscription plan. Currently, you can export 360p, HD720, and HD1080 quality videos. For more detailed information on export qualities of each subscription plan, you can visit our pricing page. Renderforest also offers a pay-per-product option, in case you need to create only one video. Once the slideshow is final, pick the desired video quality, and pay for the export.
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