10 Magazine Templates by Renderforest to Design Like a Pro

10 Magazine Templates by Renderforest to Design Like a Pro

Are you a magazine producer who wants to design, preview, and test all your ideas in a few clicks without having to print the physical testing copies for an assessment?

Renderforest is here to help with its extensive library of magazine templates.

What are those? Magazine layout templates are pre-designed documents with structure, graphics, images, fonts, and other elements to help you test any magazine concept quickly and easily.

See how your cover idea will look in the printed magazine or your middle-page spread when someone opens it—all in the digital realm. Renderforest provides editable templates, where you can upload your content and see how it will look before going to print. That’s also great for presentations, team meetings, and more!

Magazine Mockup Landscape mockup Magazine layout mockup

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Let’s expand on this further.


Understanding Magazine Templates

Magazines are all about visual appeal and impact. To have a good one, you need to play with text length, the quantity and size of images, styling, typography, elements positioning, and hundreds of other design factors for each magazine page to ensure your printed magazine will look great.

While you can sit in front of the blank page and try to create a magazine layout that will work, it often takes too much time and energy. 

How do Renderforest’s magazine mockup templates help? They already come in pre-designed formats that correspond to the standard magazine page size and layout and are inspired by the best practices of modern design.

You choose the digital magazine template that appeals the most to you and customizes it with your content. In a few clicks, you can see how your guest’s article will look in the finished magazine, test a few cover ideas and see which works best without wasting paper.


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Beyond testing, you need to quickly design a magazine presentation for your team. Or, a client requested a redesign for their new issue. Or, you want to understand what your designed cover will look like in the magazine if you put it in your beauty salon’s reception.

Renderforest is the ultimate tool for all of these tasks!

There are templates for open and closed magazines on different realistic backgrounds, horizontal or vertical magazine cover templates, full-page spreads, and more. They all come with images, text, and typography adjustments that you can customize and save. 

And if you want to print it, you can export your customized mockup in your high-resolution JPEG mockup without a watermark in seconds. 

Magazine cover page Folded magazine Open magazine

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Universal, easy-to-use, professional-looking results with no design experience required – that’s what Renderforest offers you with its magazine templates.

Interested in seeing some great templates you can use right away? We cherry-picked 10 of the best magazine templates from Renderforest below.

Magazine mockup


10 Digital Magazine Templates You Can Use Now!

1. Printing Company Mockups 

Office desk work Landscape mockup Hardcover book

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Need a landscape booklet, hardcover notebook, open and folded leaflets, or any other magazine-style brochure for printing? Make your design and test it on our magazine templates first to see how it will look when printed.

This template pack has all the key printables with the corresponding backgrounds. For example, you can check your book cover on a brown craft paper look and on a neutral gray background – something very similar to how books are displayed in bookstores.

Want to test your design on an open catalog? Get it as most of us see catalogs in real life – on a neutral, tidy table background and wide open, just like you would further let your clients see it in your official store.

While you can always customize background colors to fit your real-life scenario better, the magazine mockup templates already come with the most common settings to simplify your design process.


2. Aesthetic Magazines Mockups

Folded magazines high angle Folded magazine with home decor Picture holder

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Do you like those exquisitely textured journals that invite you to flip through them and read further? We have a great set of magazine templates that look like freshly printed magazines, which you can use to see how your design will look in real life.

Moreover, you can also use them as magazine advertisement templates, promoting your new issue on social media or any other platform to trigger readers’ curiosity and boost sales.

Well, which digital magazine template is best in this pack? We love this folded page one. It’s extremely realistic, looking like someone was just reading it and effortlessly putting it aside on a neat desk background. This template is great for showcasing your design from both sides, greatly increasing the impact of your advertisement or presentation.

What else? If you’re going to print your next issue in big volumes, the selections of magazines with high-angle views can help you imagine what it looks like when placed in bulk. Very useful if you’re planning to display them further in a separate magazine rack or large shelf.

Lastly, you can choose from a variety of magazine templates in realistic aesthetic settings – like a magazine page with home decor or a magazine cover on a marble surface. These are great for testing your design ideas and using them as promotional visuals for social media posts, magazine reviews, and more.


3. Magazine Printing Promo Pack

Magazine cover Titled open magazine Bottom magazine

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This pack of magazine layout templates was designed by Renderforest to help printing companies showcase their services and exceptional quality on printed materials. However, just like other magazine templates in this list, you can use them to test your designs as well, whether you’re a magazine editor, indie author, or other professional related to magazine publishing.

Well, let’s see what’s inside. First, you’ll love the realistic glossy page effect that the open magazine top center part or others like the tilted open magazine top view give you. Aren’t they a great way to show off a magazine layout in its full glory? Put them in your ad campaigns to draw the attention of your target audience, or test your design and compare it with different settings.

Moving to magazine cover templates – check out the most neutral magazine cover page for minimalistic designs or a more real-like tilted magazine cover on a grey background to see how your cover looks when someone sees it casually on a friend’s table.

Lastly, an open magazine close-up view is a good zoomed-in view to check smaller design elements, like texts or images in your magazine.

Magazine mockup


4. Colorful Textbook Printing Pack

Softcover book Horizontal thin book

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Prepare for a burst of vivid colors. If your design elements are colorful and you need to test how they look in a realistic, neutral environment (is the contrast right?), we invite you to test any digital magazine template from this pack.

Here, you will find angled shots of multi-sized textbooks – portrait, square, stacked, landscape, softcover, and more to see how your design looks on any dimensions.

Want some levitation trick with your magazine? Try a square thin book in the air, a vertical thin book in the air, or a softcover thin book in the air. Compared to the magazine templates presented above that mostly feature magazines on the surface, this pack is the first that has such an effect.

Another new digital magazine template in this pack is the hands holding a book. You can use this template to illustrate a very natural and pleasant interaction between your readers and the printed material.

Lastly, why not show two or more of your issues side by side? Check out stacked books’ top view or symmetric softcover books’ upper parts to create a nice composition.


5. Colorful Printing Pack

Half-open Magazine Magazine Zoom-in View Open Magazine Colorful Background

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Let’s keep riding the wave of this captivating palette. Colorful printing pack is another collection of bright magazine templates. But now, colors dominate the background, while you can still showcase your magazine design on the top.

Bright yellow, orange, sky blue, or any other color – these magazine templates are most probably suitable for summer or spring issues to emphasize the vividness of the season.

Let’s start with a couple of magazine advertisement templates where someone flips through a magazine. We love these ones (check the open page of a magazine or hand-turning a book page) as they offer a real-life situation for your viewers to engage with.

This pack also features many magazine layout templates from different angles – a magazine with a zoom-in view, the top part of an open book, zoomed-up angle magazine that allows you to highlight the pages you find most intriguing for the readers.

The only downside with this pack is that it doesn’t feature magazine cover templates. All designs are focused on the inner page, aiming to demonstrate complex layouts.


 6. Trendy Magazine Cover Mockups

Magazines on a table studio desk magazine Modern desk layout

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It may be time to move to a more lifelike magazine layout template with a bold design. The next set of magazine templates is all about crisp, vibrant graphics and captivating layouts.

In a few clicks, see your design on the table near the notebook or other office desks like pens, glasses, headphones and more. Play with dark purple backgrounds to make your design pop up.

Let’s start with some messy, natural arrangements. Try magazine layout high angle view, editor’s desk layout high angle view, or modern desk layout top view for a more organic, free-flowing composition.

If you need a more tidy, symmetric setup, check out a trendy magazine with pens and a camera or a magazine with a laptop high-angle view.

Overall, this pack of magazine advertisement templates is very versatile and features a great variety of designs to pick from.


7. Soft Cover Print Set

Softcover Book Vertical Booklet Softcover books

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With a slew of realistic backgrounds like grey texture, and wooden or marble surfaces, this pack of magazine templates upscales your designs with a touch of class.

A unique point – here, all designs are magazine cover templates, so if you missed them in the previous sets, here is your chance to test various cover ideas.

Cutting straight to the chase, we recommend you try our wooden floors magazine templates like a softcover book left corner, a vertical softcover book on a wooden background, or a horizontal booklet on a grey wooden background. Why are they so special? Because they feature a neutral and warm environment which is perfect for any magazine design.

No woody feel? Let’s go for a more modern, minimalistic setup. Try the booklet’s upper part on a grey background, a horizontal softcover book on a black background, or our most neutral vertical booklet on a grey background.


8. Art Magazine Mockups

Open magazine page Front and back magazine Landscape magazine mockup

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Demonstrate your visuals from different perspectives with this magazine template rich in artistic expression. These ones are for those special projects where visual beauty holds a key role.

If you are craving artistic canvases for your designs, check out the magazine’s upper right corner, which looks like someone just gently turned the page and got stuck by the mesmerizing visual.

Loved the idea? Then one more – the magazine’s lower right corner, which highlights the lower side of the magazine’s inner page with the same vibe, like someone is just about to turn the page.

And if you are looking for a more traditional magazine composition, go ahead and try our endless open magazine mockups. This one shows two complete magazine pages with an accent on big visuals.


9. Magazine Mockup Pack

A4 Size Magazine Open and Closed Magazines

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Shadows, shadows… how do they always bring out the best in a design? If you want to create an illusion like a palm branch sways delicately over your magazine, do it without any real-life setup.

Thanks to these magazine layout templates, your designs will be showcased like they are lying on a beach while the sun is setting.

Let’s start with tree shadows. Check out how beautiful are US letter size magazine front cover, A4 size magazine spread outside, or A4 size magazine front cover. We bet most of your readers would want to take your new issue away with them to summer vacations with these magazine advertisement templates.

Moving to an alternative design perspective with the allure of shadows, we invite you to try open and closed A4 size magazines or A4 size magazines spread inside. These magazine templates give the impression of a magazine lying on a table or armchair while window light creates fascinating shadows. Cozy.

Magazine mockup


10. Patterned Magazine Mockups

Square Magazine and a pen Open Magazine Laptop and open magazine

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And we saved the final flourish for the last – patterned magazine mockup templates.

Breaking away from monotony, the backgrounds of this pack have a diverse array of textures, which creates the most dynamic setting for your designs.

Starting with high contrasts, here are square magazines with a pen with a pink background and horizontal white stripes on a dark blue background. We also add a small plant for a more natural feel.

You should also check the magazine with the globe on a stand, which is a beautiful combination of coral-colored monotonous background and grid, white and black pattern. Nice way to attract attention.


Selecting the Right Magazine Template for Your Project

The world of magazine templates is huge. You can find the ones focused on visual elements, heavy text-based content, showcasing cover designs, and many more.

And the reasons why you need magazine mockup templates also vary based on the project. In one case, this can demonstrate the magazine content layout for your internal team, while in another – a promotion of your new issue to the readers. Actually, the sky is the limit to what you can do with magazine templates.

And though we thoroughly explored the best magazine templates from Renderforest for different purposes, your next project may require something completely different.

For that, we suggest a few tried and tested tips on how to pick the perfect magazine template.


Determining Your Target Audience and Purpose

Why and for whom? Those are the two most important questions when choosing a magazine template.

Knowing why you need it and who your target audience is will give you the initial direction and help narrow down the list of suitable options.

For example, if you’d like to create an advertisement for a fashion magazine, your primary goal is to attract attention. Here, the visuals should be heavy on typography and colors, with a dynamic layout that engagingly demonstrates the magazine cover. Something neutral and clean may be a better choice here.

On the other hand, if your goal is to present a magazine layout for an internal meeting, the visuals should be more subtle and calm – you wouldn’t want to distract your colleagues from the content itself.


Matching the Template Style to Your Brand Identity

A distinctive style is the best weapon of every magazine to stand out from the competition and attract a like-minded community of readers.

And this style should also be reflected in the magazine mockup templates you pick for your project.

In Renderforest’s library of magazine templates, you can find various styles — from more modern and minimalistic to more traditional options and everything in between. Your task here is to determine which colors, fonts, and design elements reflect your brand style and strictly filter available magazine layout templates until you find the ones which match it.

Remember, brand consistency boosts customer trust and loyalty, helping you build a powerful brand authority.


Considering Layout and Content Organization

Though most magazine templates are customizable, where you can play with the proportions of the elements, modern design solutions free you from manual work.

We recommend you choose layouts and magazine cover templates that already come with pre-designed elements and sections where you can easily insert your content. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Renderforest’s packs of magazine templates are grouped with identical layouts and design features. So if you find one collection that meets all your requirements, you can choose any template from the pack and keep the style consistent.

Closed magazine

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The world of magazines way seems outdated when the digital era brought everything to our fingertips, and paper copies appeared to be faded into the background.

However, tangible resources still have the power to influence many, and this unique art of creating great printables remains a valuable skill.

With the help of magazine layout templates from Renderforest, you can take your designs to the next level without any prior experience needed. Wave goodbye to the tedious manual work you used to do as a designer, editor, or any other creative professional.

Now create, present, and share your fabulous magazine designs with the world effortlessly – with a few clicks.

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