Website Builder: Website Status Feature and Other Updates

Website Builder: Website Status Feature and Other Updates

We are back with new awesome feature updates, components, and website templates!

So, what’s new on Renderforest Website Builder?


Website Status Change

Control your website availability using our new Website Status feature. With a single click, you can go offline and make the changes you need.

This won’t delete your website but will restrict access to it by showing that your website is not available at the moment. Go back online whenever you want, again with a single click.

Website Status feature

To use this feature, edit your website, open the dropdown menu near the “Publish” button, and use the toggle button to go online or offline.

Website Status change

The website status feature is available only to our subscribed users. Click the button below to learn more about our paid plans.

Learn More


Template Search

Want to find the perfect template for your website? Use our enhanced template search now available in 9 languages. Type in your topic/keyword and get the most relevant template suggestions from over 100 available templates.

Website template search

Find Template


3 New Components

Following the design trends and best practices, our team comes up with new website components to help you upgrade your website and make it more appealing to your audience.

Our new components include trendy retro gradient headers, new countdown feature components, and carousel slider testimonial components.


  • Headers

New Headers

  • Countdown Feature

New countdown feature

  • Testimonials

New Testimonials

Find all the necessary components for creating a trendy website from scratch. Browse the 10+ categories of components including but not limited to calls to action, posts, features, sliders, videos, email forms, testimonials, music, and much more. Click the button below to get started!

Get Started


6 New Website Templates

Featuring dozens of templates for different industries and businesses, our template library never stops growing and being enhanced with new trendy templates.

We have 6 new templates you can select and customize. Edit the sections, add or remove them, edit the layout and the navigation menu, add or remove pages, choose the widgets you need, and a lot more.

New Website Templates

Click the button below to find the most suitable template for your website.

Browse Templates


With the advanced tools and features of Renderforest Website Builder, you can build the most powerful website for your business or personal use. Use a customizable template or build your website from scratch without technical and design skills.

Create and publish your website today!

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