30+ Best and Free Explainer Video Templates

30+ Best and Free Explainer Video Templates

Looking for a smarter way to promote your business? The marketing trends show us it’s far time to ditch those boring and generic promotional messages and turn to videos.

Instead of forcing your products on customers with costly ads, start educating them about the value of those products. Soon, customers will be running to you of their own accord. 

Explainer videos are your best helpers in this endeavor. Of course, creating an effective explainer is not an easy task if you don’t have animation skills. And, it might cost a fortune to hire professionals. But it does get much easier when our templates have your back.

Renderforest provides free explainer video templates that can be used for making product explainer animations, promotional videos, ads, and other animated projects.

Explore our library of customizable explainer video templates and find the one you’ve been looking for. 

Let’s dive in!


  1. Trendy Explainer Toolkit

Trendy Explainer Video Toolkit

Creating animated explainer videos has never been easier. Introduce your product or service with a high-quality animated video and engage your audience. Compile your explainer video by choosing the scenes you like, adding your descriptions, and completing your video with a music track or voice-over. It’s easy and fun!

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  1. 3D Explainer Video Toolkit

3D Explainer Video Toolkit

With more than 900 scenes, this comprehensive toolkit is all you need to present your product or service to the market. The wide range of different settings makes it suitable for businesses in any industry. Choose the 3D scenes you prefer and rearrange them to create a cohesive storyline. And don’t forget to be creative! Our animated characters can’t wait to present your brand in the best light. Choose one of our top explainer video templates and start creating today!

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  1. Business Presentation Pack

Business Presentation Pack

Demonstrate complex ideas in a simple but meaningful way with the help of an animated explainer video. The customizable scenes of this toolkit have all the necessary themes to introduce your product or service. Choose the scenes you like, customize them, and export your explainer video!

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  1. Explainer Video Toolkit

Explainer Video Toolkit

When a video comes into play, even the trickiest concepts can be made simple. This toolkit is here to help you demystify your product or service, and make your customers realize its worth. With over 500 scenes at your fingertips, you can finally shed light on everything that makes your product special. There are scenes related to real estate, finance, healthcare, sports, and other industries. Want to depict common customer problems and present your solutions? Our animated scenes are here to help!

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  1. Whiteboard Animation Toolkit

Whiteboard Animation Template

Looking for a simple but effective solution to your video needs? Whiteboard animation is among the top explainer animation styles. It includes 1000 engaging scenes, lots of animated characters, and icons. This explainer animation template will please even minimalists with its clean design and refreshingly spare use of color.

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  1. Explainer World Toolkit

Explainer World Toolkit

Explainer videos are no longer the privilege of businesses with big budgets. This toolkit enables even small companies to create convertible videos with minimal effort. Our animated characters, backgrounds, and icons can be combined in an infinite number of ways to help you tell the story you want to tell.

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  1. Educational Video Toolkit

Educational Video Toolkit

Explainer videos are perfect not only for promotional but also for educational purposes. Use this educational video toolkit to create exclusive educational videos, online courses, presentations, video assignments, and a lot more. Take your online and offline classes to the next level with one of the best educational explainer video templates. Try it today!

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  1. Healthcare Explainer Toolkit

Healthcare Explainer Toolkit

Wondering how to help your patients feel in safe hands? Give them more insight into your medical center by creating an explainer video. Our Healthcare Explainer Toolkit will help you present your clinic to prospective clients and gain their trust. There are 300 animated scenes at your disposal, lots of characters, icons, and adjustable color palettes. Present and promote your healthcare center — all with one toolkit.

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  1. Modern Infographics Pack

Modern Infographics Pack

Bring important statistics to life with this all-inclusive infographics toolkit. The wide range of charts, diagrams, and icons will help you easily present even complex pieces of information. Modern Infographics Pack can help you create reports, research summaries, corporate presentations, and other informative videos.

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  1. Animated Titles Pack

Animated Video Titles Template

How about revitalizing your online content with animated typography videos? Make important announcements, showcase your product, or create ads with the Animated Titles Pack. With 150 customizable scenes, you’re free to experiment and find those that best communicate the spirit of your message.

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  1. Mascot Stories Toolkit

Mascot Stories Toolkit

Mascots are here to promote your brand in a way that leaves your competitors stunned. Present a story that’s uniquely your own by selecting the scenes of your choice or use the ready-made presets for a faster result. Time to get creative and let these colorful humanoids sprinkle a pinch of playfulness into your videos.

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  1. Character Adventures Toolkit

Character Adventures Toolkit

Promote your travel agency, beach resort, or hiking product with Character Adventures Toolkit. With over 200 animations, thematic icons, and destinations, you have everything you need to promote your business. Have video footage you would like to use? Our full-screen video holder is made just for that. All you need to do is choose the scenes you need, add your text, and pick a suitable music track from our library. Yes, creating a professional video is that simple!

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  1. Ultimate Icon Animation Pack

Ultimate Icon Animation Pack

Have trouble finding a template that will help you communicate your message? Here’s the good news! Our Ultimate Icon Animation Pack includes over 2000 icons from a wide range of spheres. There are thematic animations for architecture, finance, marketing, education, and other industries. Feel free to dive into those 30 extensive categories and find the perfect icons to visualize your script.

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  1. Infographics Animation Pack

Infographics Animation Pack

Sort out your information and present it with the help of animated charts, bars, and graphs. Create an animated infographic explainer video in a couple of clicks. This template features hundreds of scenes in several categories. Choose the scenes, edit them with your information, and export your explainer video.

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  1. Minimal Company Introduction

Introduce your company through a creative ready-made explainer video. Customize it with your text, reorder the scenes if needed, and export your video. Tell your audience about your mission, vision, goals, and more. Edit this video today!

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  1. Introducing Our Tech Company

Perfect the way you introduce your company with the help of videos. Make a lasting impression on people who don’t know about you, as well as your current clients, by presenting your tech company using an animated explainer. Edit and customize today!

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  1. Business Idea Introduction

Encourage people to develop business ideas, or manage their current business with your help. Introduce your courses and explain your services through an animated video. Create today!

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  1. Logo Design Company Promo

Promote your design solutions and present yourself as an expert in the field. Explore the opportunities of this template by editing the scenes, adding music, and changing the style.

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  1. Graphic Design Studio

Have fun creating the best promotional video for your design studio. The animated characters of this template are here to help you promote your creative business. Select and edit this video today!

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  1. Dynamic Blog Promotion

Make videos a part of your content promotion strategy. Use this animated explainer video to increase the visibility of your blog and attract more traffic. Creating videos has never been easier!

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  1. Real Estate Business Promotion

Stand out with a 3D animated video that presents your real estate services and listings. Select and customize this template in a few clicks right in your browser. The variety of scenes will help you create the best explainer animation for your business.

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  1. Delivery Service Animated Promo

Spread a word about your fast and high-quality delivery services online. This explainer video will help you introduce all the info you want to share with your potential clients. Customize the scenes and get your video in a couple of minutes.

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  1. Go Green

Share the impact of energy on the environment and persuade people to take action. Use the animated scenes of this template to present the green solutions and ways to protect our nature. Save the future of our planet!

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  1. Break Your Box Motivational Video

Share an inspiring story with this ready-made explainer video. This template is ideal for those who want to make motivational videos. Take your video creation to a new level by making animated videos. And you don’t even need any animation skills.

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  1. Mobile App Introduction

Create an animated app introduction video right in your browser. This ready-made story is ideal for those who don’t have any technical and animation skills. All you need to do is customize the selected scenes and export your explainer video. Check out all the available editing tools now!

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  1. Animated Healthcare Explainer Video

Enhance your healthcare marketing strategy with animated 3D explainer videos. The playful scenes of this animation will help you present all your services in an engaging way. Create a video for your medical center or hospital today!

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  1. Animated Dental Clinic Promo

Market your dental clinic and bring in more patients through video marketing. Make videos a part of your marketing plan and effectively present your services. Your impressive explainer animation is only a couple of clicks away.

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  1. Business Training Courses Explainer

Tell what makes your business training services different and more effective through an explainer video. Present your learning model and methods to attract your audience. A couple of edits, and your video is ready for export. Try it now!

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  1. Student Exchange Program

Attract foreign students to take part in your student exchange program. This animation will help you make a memorable impression. Explain and convince using animated characters and catchy descriptions. Try it today!

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  1. Advanced Online Educational Platform

Online education is on the rise and has become a very competitive niche. Promote your online education platform through this explainer video and stand out. Use the themed scenes and characters to explain your services and the features of your platform. Create now!

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  1. Church Community Explainer

Attract more members to join your religious community by spreading the word of the Lord. Use this simple animation to impress and engage people. Edit the scenes by adding your mission and information about the community activities.

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  1. Event Planning Explainer Video

Event planning is a huge task considering all the things and details to be handled. Let us help you with one of your tasks – promoting your event services. Use this animated 3D explainer to present your services and attract more clients. All you need to do is add your descriptions, change the colors, and add a voice-over if needed.

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  1. Restaurant Business Explainer Video

The restaurant business is very competitive so make sure to have powerful marketing tools up your sleeve. Use this whiteboard explainer video to show off your best services and menu. Win new customers and make them customers for life!

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  1. Holiday Planner Promotion

This flexible animated explainer is an ideal way to promote your holiday planning services. Featuring playful characters, animated icons, backgrounds, and other scenes, it has everything you need. Customize the scenes and export today!

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Explainer videos are a great way to let your visitors learn more about your company. Don’t waste your time on low-return projects and start creating your video now with Renderforest templates. Our extensive library of explainer video templates is at your complete disposal.

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