21 promo video templates for effective marketing

21 promo video templates for effective marketing

You’ve put so much hard work into building your business or launching your new product, and you should be proud of yourself. But you can’t expect everyone to find out about your services or goods if you don’t start promoting them. Luckily, you don’t have to spend another soul-crushing couple of months working on a marketing campaign only for it to turn out slightly above average.

We’re here to help you save that money and time and create a quick yet professional promotional video that will keep those leads and conversions coming your way. With these 21 promo video templates, you’ll be able to create a promotional ad in only a few clicks. Let’s get straight into it. 


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When to use a promotional video template 

When exactly do you need to use a promotional video template? Here are a couple of popular use cases: 


Marketing products and services

Promotional video templates are great for showcasing products and services in a visually appealing way. Whether you’re launching a new gadget, introducing a service, or highlighting a feature, these video ad templates help you create engaging videos in minutes. They make your content look professional and eye-catching, making it easier to grab your target audience’s attention and convey your message. Use these product video templates to create a video promo that highlights your offerings in the best way possible. 


Promoting events and businesses

Using a business promo video to promote events and businesses can significantly boost your outreach. From corporate videos for events to community gatherings, these templates make it simple to highlight key details and create hype around your upcoming event or company launch. They’re perfect for businesses looking to introduce themselves or their new services to potential customers by offering a professional look without the need to have years-long video editing skills. You’ll just need a couple of minutes to create a well-crafted corporate intro that sets the tone and makes a lasting impression.


Industry-specific services and more versatile templates

Some promo video templates are designed for specific industries, like hospitality, healthcare, and real estate. These niche templates address the unique needs of each sector, helping you highlight your features and services. But there are also templates that you can adapt for various purposes and showcase the diverse products your company offers. You can also use these templates for your presentations, company intros, and team buildings if needed.


Promo video templates for digital platforms

1. TikTok Profile Promotion



TikTok is booming, so it makes sense for it to be part of the social media platforms you use to promote your product. This is especially the case if your target audience is Gen Z-ers and young adults. To make your job easier, we’ve created a TikTok video template specifically designed for TikTok so that your video matches the platform’s look and feel. Simply add your profile details, pick a catchy music track, and your video will be ready in minutes. It’s an easy and effective way to enhance your TikTok presence.


Best for: Increasing engagement on your TikTok profile

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2. Instagram Profile Promotion



In this age, it’s a crime not to promote your product or service on Instagram. Most people spend hours scrolling through Instagram feeds, so this is the place for you to promote your product and get new leads. As one of the social media video templates, this promo video template is specifically made for Instagram and matches its video ratio requirements. It’s also designed to make your brand pop out and grab your customers’ attention. 


Best for: Creating promotional videos that are specifically made for Instagram 

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3. Colorful Typography Promotion



Put your brand under the spotlight with a bright and lively animation. This promotional video template uses kinetic typography to turn your message into a fun experience. What better way to get extra attention and drive conversions than by sprinkling some color and energy into your promos?


Best for: Promoting your brand through eye-catching typography and dynamic animations

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Promo video templates for business presentations

4. Corporate Success Promo


Share your company’s values and vision with this clean and creative corporate promo video template. A go-to for business presentations and company promotions, this template helps you communicate your corporate success story. Give it a shot if you want to convey your business message in a more formal and professional manner.


Best for: Improving your business presentations and sharing success stories

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5. Modern Business Presentation


Elevate your corporate presentations with the Modern Business Presentation promotional video template. The subtle and stylish transitions can win the attention of your audience while you promote your business with a presentation that your colleagues will not forget. This template also gives your video a smooth finishing touch with professional logo animation. So, if you have a professional presentation in the upcoming weeks, the Modern Business Presentation template can come in handy.


Best for: Making a lasting impression on your next business presentation 

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6. Company Story Promotion


Let your viewers know about your company’s achievements and milestones with this clean and dynamic design. If you have a company story you want to share with your team, customers, or investors, this template will do the job! Just give it your script and let the company promotional video template connect the dots. It’s also great if you have a team building event in the near future and want to celebrate your company’s success with your team.


Best for: Sharing your company milestones and achievements during a teambuilding or a professional event

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7. Global Business Event Promo


Using a short promo video template for your upcoming event is a budget-friendly yet very powerful tool for your marketing campaign. Simply upload your media files, add your text with the necessary information, and let the template take care of all the visuals. The Global Business Events Promo design is the right fit for event promotions, short presentations, and more. 


Best for: Letting people know about your upcoming business event and making them hit that sign-up button

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8. Responsive Website Presentation


Here’s a great kit for developers, programmers, and web designers. If you’ve just finished creating your website and need a slick animated video to promote it, we’ve got you covered. With this business promo video template, you can highlight key pieces of your portfolio or let potential clients know about your website services. The visuals are bold and smooth so that they can catch your customer’s attention right from the start.

Best for: Presenting your newly created website or portfolio and highlighting its key aspects

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9. Character Service Promotion


Explain your service in a fun and creative way using thick-line animation. This promo video template brings your services to life with animated characters, adding a playful touch to your message. It includes a section for customer reviews and finishes with a smooth logo animation. The Character Service Promotion is a great option if you want to promote your product or service in a different way. 


Best for: Simplifying complex services with a playful approach

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10. Hospitality Services Promo Pack


Turn heads and spark interest with a quick yet powerful promo video, making your hospitality services shine like never before. Find your potential customers with clean and beautiful animated slides that display your hotel, resort, or bed-and-breakfast. This promo video template is perfect for agency promos, hotels, real estate ads, and more. Use it to create a quick yet powerful promo video in no time. You can also use the video collage maker for this purpose. 


Best for: Promoting your hospitality services or showing the potential customers your hotel rooms and bed-and-breakfast accommodations 

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Promo video templates for product and service promotions

11. Clean Minimal Promo Pack

clean minimal promo


Are you looking for a clean and minimalistic product video template to promote your online store? The Clean Minimal Promo Pack might be your aesthetic. This toolkit lets you showcase your product with delicate designs and emphasizing their uniqueness. It’s ideal for accessories, clothing, or furniture and will make sure your online shop gets the traffic it deserves.


Best for: Creating stylish and elegant product promotions

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12. Dark-Themed App Promo


If you’re into all-black looks, then you’ll love this one. It’s a dark-themed template that will help you promote your app in a classy way. You don’t need advanced video editing skills to use it; simply upload your media files and write your text. You’ll end up with a modern, dark-themed promo video template that looks professional yet vibrant. 


Best for: Showcasing your new apps with a modern touch

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13. Retail and Product Commercial Promo


Add playfulness to your promo videos with this product video template. Perfect for showcasing your products, this design allows you to highlight their benefits in a fun and compelling way. The colorful and dynamic designs will grab your audience’s attention, making your promo both entertaining and informative. Whether you’re launching a new product or promoting existing ones, this colorful template is a great option if you want to add a touch of creativity and excitement to your marketing campaign.

Best for: Promoting your product by making an engaging and fun-to-watch commercial 

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14. Menu Promotion


We believe that a restaurant promo should make viewers hungry! That’s why we’ve made this colorful promo video template, which will help you promote your restaurant with juicy pictures and dynamic transitions. Add your yummy pics, customize the text, and your menu promo video will be ready in a few clicks. It’s perfect for cooking programs, new menu introductions, cafe promos, and more. 


Best for: Making your customers crave your food even more through a colorful promotion video

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15. Restaurant Menu Promotion


Wondering how to get people to dine at your restaurant? Create a delicious video showing off your best dishes and get new customers rushing in! Besides your menu visuals, you can also add one or two interior images and give your customers a glimpse of your warm atmosphere. This promotional video template is all you need to promote your restaurant and display your menu in style. 


Best for: Informing your customers about your menu prices and updates

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16. Organic Food Promo


The demand for organic food is on the rise, so if that’s what your product is all about, your business has a huge potential. With the Organic Food Promo template, you can showcase your commitment to keeping our food organic and healthy and attract environmentally aware customers to your business. Show that your food is made of natural ingredients and inspire a new generation of eco-friendly and sustainable consumers who care about their health. The clip maker can also come in handy for this purpose. 

Best for: Businesses that are niched in organic food production and need a promotional video that will highlight their sustainability

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17. Product or Service Promotional Video


Looking for a versatile toolkit for creating promotional videos? This service promo video template has lively and colorful motion graphics to instantly make any video engaging and impressive. Choose your scenes, upload images, add your script, and get your video ready in minutes. Oh, and did we mention it’s also free to use?

Best for: Catching the attention of your target audience with a quick, engaging promotional video 

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Promo video templates for app and tech products

18. Modern Mobile App Kit


Imagine you’ve finally finished creating your mobile app, and you want to introduce it to users, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Enter the Modern Mobile App Kit. This template lets you promote your mobile application with modern and eye-grabbing tools. Use this comprehensive UI promo video template to display all the innovative features of your app. To get started, browse through the scenes and pick the ones you need. 


Best for: Advertising your mobile app and its beautiful interface to its potential users

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19. Logistics Company Promotion


Last but not least, here is a company promotional video template to use if your business operates in the logistical sector. With this template, you can promote your delivery service through fast-paced animations and customizable text inputs. So, if you’re a trucking company, logistics business, or any other transportation-related company, the Logistics Company Promotion template can be what you need. 


Best for: Drawing new clients and partners to your logistics brand

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20. New Edge Promotion


With a balanced use of color, shape, and negative space, this business promo video template creates a focused ambiance for your message to come across. It’s a great choice for minimalists and those who appreciate clean design. Simply add your message and enjoy smooth transitions that keep your audience hooked. Ideal for anyone looking to present their content in a clear and uncluttered way, the New Edge Promotion template helps you communicate your message while maintaining a professional and stylish look.


Best for: Creating a promotional video that is clean, minimalistic, and to the point

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21. Character eBook Promotion

Need help promoting your ebook? This promotional video template is perfect for the task. Mention your book’s topic, list its main advantages, and add reviews. Then, adjust the colors to your preference and set the mood with a nice music track. No matter what your genre is—a children’s novel, a business book, a cookbook, or even a horror one—you can adjust the template to meet your product’s theme.


Best for: Promoting your eBook or audiobook online

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How to create a company promotional video with Renderforest

Now that we have all the promotional video templates covered, let’s figure out how to create the best promo video for your company with Renderforest. Here are five really easy and simple steps. 


Start with the pre-made template 

step 1


Depending on the template you choose, you’ll have different options to start working with it. In this case, let’s go with the Product or Service Promotional Video template that comes with a pre-made flow of scenes and animations that are ready to be customized. 

With other templates, you can have the option to choose the scenes first or even to ask the AI to write the outline and create the animation all by itself in only a couple of minutes. For this guide, though, we want to show you how to use the template that comes with an already-existing flow.

Once you choose “Create Now,” your workplace will give you the scenes and default music of the animation—all perfectly built and edited together. So, from the very first step, most of the hard work is already done. 


Use text to speech for a voiceover

step 2


If you have text that you want to use as a voiceover, go to Renderforest’s ‘Text to Speech” feature and quickly turn your script into audio. As you can see above, the Text to Speech option is displayed in the upper left corner of your workplace, right under the “Audio” section. 

Here, you can find multiple AI voice skins that represent different genders or accents. Just pick the one that matches your tone of voice the most, paste your script into the text input, and click generate. That’s it—our voiceover is ready! 



step 3


To make the template match your brand, our video editor offers multiple customization options. You can add media to your files, either by uploading from a computer or choosing the perfect match from the stock library. You can also easily change the font and colors, embed your logo, or add a watermark to protect your final work. If you don’t have a logo, Renderforest lets you make one in minutes. You can even create an animated logo. After you customize your template and preview it, it’s time to move to the final step. 


Export and share

That’s it! Your promo video is ready to be shared. Simply choose from the video file format options available and click export. 


create promo video


Choosing the best promotional video template

Using promo video templates for marketing has many benefits. They save you time by giving you a ready-made framework that’s easy to customize, even if you don’t have video editing skills. Plus, your marketing videos will look professional and polished, helping you grab your audience’s attention.

We have compiled a list of the best promotional video templates that can match various needs and stylistic preferences. So go ahead and find the one that best fits your needs, and create your next promo video in minutes! With just a few clicks, you’ll have an eye-catching video that brings in leads and conversions. And if you need something for specific social media content, Renderforest offers bespoke resources like Instagram video templates and story templates. 


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Promo video templates FAQ

What is a promo video?

A promo video is a brief video created to promote products, services, events, or businesses. These videos aim to grab attention, convey key messages, and encourage viewers to take action, such as making a purchase or attending an event.


How do I create a promotional video? 

To create a promotional video, start by selecting a template that fits your needs. Customize the template by adding your own images, videos, and text. You can enhance your video with music or a voiceover to reinforce your message. Once you’re done customizing, preview your video, make any necessary edits, and then export and share it on your website or social media platforms.


What is the best free promo video maker? 

When it comes to free promo video makers, Renderforest is a go-to choice known for its intuitive interface and a wide range of templates. It allows users to create professional-quality promo videos easily, making it a popular choice among beginners and experienced creators alike.

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