Merry and Bright: 10+ Animated Christmas Greeting Templates

Merry and Bright: 10+ Animated Christmas Greeting Templates

T’is the season of giving heartwarming wishes and beautiful greeting cards, and Renderforest is here to help you do just that! 

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year!”

It’s the most commonly used greeting we hear. Sure, we all love the classics. The timeless greetings never lose their charm, but how about giving them a little twist? Animated cards are the most unique and creative option.

Animated Christmas greetings aren’t just words – they’re virtual winter wonderlands that will make you feel the holiday spirit, whether you like it or not. 

According to the Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase 6.5 billion greeting cards every year, and now that the world is growingly turning digital, video greeting cards remain a very popular way of expressing your words to those you care about the most. 




  • Renderforest provides a number of trending designs that will bring your Christmas greetings to life.
  • You can easily tailor each Christmas video message to suit your personal or professional style.
  • If you can’t decide how to use your greeting card, try placing it in an email to a colleague, a social media post to your followers, or simply a video message that you’re sending to a loved one. 
  • You will save time and effort as you let these templates do all the hard work and editing for you. 


Animated christmas video templates


How to Create Animated Christmas Greetings?

People love animated Christmas greetings. Why? They bring holiday wishes to life in such a fun and engaging way. 

These greeting cards add a touch of magic and playfulness to the usual messages. Think of it like watching a little festive story unfold right on your screen—whether it’s Santa flying across, snowflakes dancing, or elves spreading cheer.

The animations make the greetings you share with others more memorable and enjoyable. They stand out from regular messages, capturing attention and creating a warm, joyful atmosphere. Plus, they’re a delightful surprise perfect for making one feel the holiday spirit! 

You can create a lovely animated Christmas video greeting card on your own online and for free with Renderforest’s easy-to-use Christmas video maker. 


How does it work, you may be wondering? 


With the number of ready-to-use christmas card templates that the video maker offers, it’s as simple as putting gifts under a Christmas tree. 

Type your text (a more creative one) and preview your video in minutes. If you like the result, export it and send it to your dear ones. You can easily share your Christmas e-card on social media channels too. It’s a holly-jolly breeze!

Tips and Best Practices for Christmas Video Greetings

Creating stunning Christmas video greetings is an art, will you agree? 

We have gathered our best tips to help make your holiday messages shine. 

First, you want to set the festive mood with cheerful background music that complements the holiday season’s spirit. Keep it personal by using heartfelt messages and warm wishes geared at your audience. 

As for the visuals, pick scenes that include snowfall, twinkling lights, or festive decorations that will come together to form the holiday ambiance. 

Don’t forget to be extra creative with its appearance. Our video maker allows you to use animated elements or templates that make all the difference by adding that extra touch of magic. 

Now, let’s get into the specifics of how to create warm memorable animated Christmas greetings, shall we?


Animated christmas video templates


1. Planning Your Video

Start by choosing a theme that resonates with the festive spirit—whether it’s winter wonderland enchantment, classic holiday scenes, or a playful Santa’s workshop. 

Next, craft a script that blends warmth and brevity, ensuring your message is both heartfelt and captivating. Be sure to keep it short and sweet, as concise videos tend to make a bigger impact during the busy holiday season. 

A well-thought-out plan sets the stage for a video that not only spreads festive joy but also leaves a lasting impression on your recipient.


2. Visual and Audio Elements

Be it a snowy landscape, twinkling lights, or a cozy family gathering, the right background sets the tone for the person receiving your card to have a heartwarming experience.

You can complement these visuals with cheerful music that captures the essence of the season. Choose tunes that represent joy, warmth, and celebration, creating a harmonious backdrop for your message.

Jolly jingles or sweet melodies can add an extra layer of emotional connection, making your Christmas video a memorable and delightful experience for your audience.

3. Personalization

Tailor your message to resonate with your audience, incorporating their name or referencing shared experiences in your desired font or look. 

From heartfelt wishes to cherished memories, personalization creates a deeper connection and makes your video feel uniquely special to the person you’re sharing it with. 

Why not add a touch of warmth that turns your holiday greeting into a personal gift, spreading joy in a way only you can? 


4. Sharing Your Video

After creating your beautiful Christmas video greeting, you want to make sure your recipient(s) in the way you intended it to. You can share it across any of your social media platforms or send it via email to make sure they see it on time. 

Still, you need to be careful of the file size for an easy sharing experience and quicker downloads. 


💡 Tip: Before hitting the send button, take a moment to test the video to guarantee that it’s playing smooth. You don’t want any unexpected, last-minute errors!


10+ Animated Christmas Greeting Templates for Trendy Content

Say goodbye to your video creation challenges once and for all. Renderforest’s custom-made templates make professionalism a breeze. 

With our Christmas video maker, you can make your messages embody the holiday spirit, from quirky animations to elegant designs, you have so many options you can experiment with, all at your fingertips. 

No stress, no fuss—just cozy, standout videos that will make the person receiving it smile with pure joy. So, what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of individuals making use of Renderforest’s animated Christmas greetings creator and enjoy a stress-free holiday on us!


Start with Creating Short Christmas Video Clips

Seeking a way to convey a cheerful greeting or a heartfelt wish? These bitesize clips pack a lot of happiness and excitement. Stay tuned as we unveil fully customizable video templates that will turn your vision of Christmas greetings into warm, share-worthy cards.

With Renderforest’s countless template styles, your creativity knows no bounds. Plus, stick around for a few Christmas card templates that you can customize to fit your exact needs as well.


1. Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Don’t let distance dampen your Christmas spirit! Surprise your loved ones this Christmas, no matter how far they are! 

Use this template to send them your heartwarming message in the form of an eye-catching holiday animation. Simply upload your image, add your Christmas message, and have the festive video ready in a blink.




2. Christmas Gifts Greeting Card

Send a personalized Christmas greeting card to your family, friends, and business partners, and share your love with our Christmas Gifts Greeting Card. Add your warm message, upload your logo, pick your favorite color combination, and get a short and sweet video card in minutes.




3. Christmas Deer Opener


Spread your warmest wishes with a little help from Santa’s trusty reindeer crew! Create short, sweet Christmas greetings that twinkle like the North Star and share them with your cherished audience, friends, and family.

Customize this Christmas greeting card video today and let the festive spirit soar like Santa’s sleigh – perfect when sent to younger ones who are expecting some presents to be delivered to them soon!




4. Jolly Christmas Frames Slideshow

Carry your fondest memories into the new year with a vibrant and memorable Christmas slideshow! Tell your unique holiday story with a video to make your loved one shed a happy tear. 

All you need to do is add your images, and in the twinkling of a Christmas tree’s lights, your video will be ready to bring smiles and warmth to all. Whether it’s creating festive slideshows, sending out Christmas greetings, crafting e-cards filled with holiday cheer, or inviting everyone to your merry party – it’s all at your fingertips.




5. Festive Xmas Tree Journey

Start the countdown! Christmas is just around the corner. Prepare your animated Christmas cards beforehand to spread joy and sparkles all around the world. Share your animated Merry Christmas wishes!

This adorable template can be used to make your loved ones excited for Christmas, knowing that there are only a few days left before it’s here!




6. Christmas Party Slideshow


Decorate the Xmas tree and light the candles to illuminate your home and fill your heart with warm feelings. Share your best wishes and gifts with your loved ones. 

This template is great for a holiday photo album, winter vacation slideshow, Christmas and New Year celebration promo, special video greeting, and much more.




7. Christmas Wonders Greetings

Enjoy the Christmas season with this heartwarming Christmas Wonders Greetings template and let the magic happen! Bring joy to your friends, loved ones or even clients with a personal Christmas video like no other. 

Simply upload your images, logo, adjust your texts and preview your joyful video. Try it out for free! May all the sweet magic of Christmas bring joy to your hearts.




8. 2D Christmas Video Card

The loveliest holiday brings everyone closer and creates unforgettable memories. Why not sprinkle some holiday magic with our 2D Christmas video card? It’s the perfect way to share your blessings and create unforgettable moments.

With this customizable card, you’ll have your very own animated masterpiece in just a jingle’s worth of time. It’s the ideal choice for Christmas video messages, holiday intros and greetings, party invitations, and a lot more. Spread love and hope through your video message.




9. Christmas Pop-Up Card Intro

It’s time to share the enchantment of Christmas with your dear family, friends, and valued customers! And what better way to do it than with an extraordinary 3D pop-up Christmas e-card?

Let your warm wishes take center stage, paint the canvas with vibrant colors, and set the mood with a catchy track as you put the finishing touches to your masterpiece.




10. Enchanting Christmas Story Intro


Share your sincere wishes and greetings with your loved ones with a lovely Christmas greeting card this winter. Add your logo, type in your heartfelt message, select a catchy tune, and download your beautiful Christmas greeting.

Have a message to convey to someone who lives far from you? How about a family memory you’d like to portray as a festive, inspirational video? This template is perfect for that!

Now, as the spirit of giving continues, let’s explore more ways to personalize your holiday greetings to those who matter to you the most.




More Templates to Customize and Create Christmas Cards

Our collection of Christmas card template options is designed to suit every style and sentiment. 

From traditional designs that embody a vintage charm to modern, vibrant templates that make a bold statement, the possibilities are simply endless! 

Each template can be edited with your personal touch as you add your unique taste, customize easily, and create Christmas cards that reflect your individuality. 

Now, get ready to explore, create, and share the joy of the festive season with our expanded selection of customizable Christmas templates. 


11. Christmas Templates with People

Christmas card with people Christmas card template with people Christmas card greetings with people



What better way to portray the heartwarming joy of the season than with our Christmas templates featuring people reveling in festive delights? 

Picture the warmth of shared moments as friends and family gather around a beautifully decorated table, exchanging gifts and laughter. 

These templates capture the essence of togetherness, showcasing people enjoying delicious holiday feasts, unwrapping presents, and savoring the magic of Christmas. 

Each frame is a snapshot of the joy that comes from shared experiences during this special time of year. 

So, bring your holiday greetings to life with these heartwarming templates, where the spirit of Christmas is embodied in the smiles and festivities of people coming together to enjoy a sacred time of year. 


12. Christmas Typography Templates

Christmas typography template Christmas greeting typography Christmas wishes typography template



What if you could turn your holiday messages into visual poetry with our beautiful typography templates? 

Our stunning font designs blend festive elegance with the power of words, creating a celebration of the season. Each template is a canvas of artful typography, incorporating the spirit of Christmas into every curve and flourish. 

From classic greetings to modern wishes, you will find templates that allow your unique words to shine in a visually appealing manner. 

But don’t take it from us – just explore the selection of stunning Christmas typography templates we have in store!


Spread the Joy with Renderforest

From animated characters and festive music to heartfelt cards with stunning typography options, a custom Christmas video message is sure to brighten someone’s day (and the year that is to come). 

No more creative blocks this Christmas! We’re excited to be able to help you create memorable moments that resonate with your friends, family or colleagues. 

With Renderforest’s fast and customizable templates, every click brings your Christmas vision to life, and we’re here to see it happen!


Animated christmas video templates

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