How to create a music visualization video ?

How to create a music visualization video ?


Music visualizations are great for making your music alive. Wikipedia defines “music visualization” as a "feature found in electronic music visualizers and media player software, which generates animated imagery based on a piece of music. The imagery is usually generated and rendered in real time and in a way synchronized with the music as it is played."

The first electronic music visualizer was the Atari Video Music , back in 1976, made by  Robert Brown. He meant to create a visualization for a  Hi-Fi stereo system. It was a long time ago, but music visualization is still trendy.

Let us explain why music visualization is so cool. Simply, because people like visual content better, than any type of content. Music visualization allows you to see what you hear. It is also a powerful and pleasing way to connect with your audience.

RenderForest offers a wide range of music visualization templates. If you want to provide an attractive visualization to your music, increase your music's reach and engage your audience, choose our music visualization templates.



This type of templates does more than just display visuals of music content: they make your track a visual story. Make the most out of your track by providing the ultimate listening and visual experience with our  music visualization templates. Whether it be a cover, a remix of a song or an original piece, don’t hesitate to use them.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a great music visualization video with RenderForest.

Choose “Music Visualisations”  category from Video Templates tab and pick an Audio React Visualizer, for example. 



It is perfect for promoting your music on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video service.

Click on “Create” button to start the process.



Now, when you are in your video editing page, there are lots of options to make it engaging, beautifully designed with chosen photos, customized colors, picked styles and music, of course.




Upload your logo and background photo, write the author’s name and your music title and you’re ready to pick the style for your video.




Pick one of our four beautifully designed styles, by clicking on “Style” tab.




Customize the color of your video, by clicking on “Choose color” tab.




All this journey was taken for the sake of music, right? So pick up the track you want to visualize by clicking on “Add music” tab.




Now, when you have finished all the phases of music visualization video production, simply click on “Preview” to see how it looks.




Your video is saved in your RenderForest account. You can reach it any time by going to My Videos page: click on your name and choose “My Videos” from dropdown list for re-editing or extracting. But there are several options for exporting your creation. The first one is free option and we recommend to export free version first before processing paid rendering. Free videos have SD 360 quality and you’re able to edit, download and publish this videos any time you wish, but this videos will have a RenderForest watermark. If you want your videos without it, click on “BUY HIGH QUALITY” button and choose one of our paid subscription plans. All the details regarding our pricing you can find here.



There are many ways to use music visualizations for telling your music story.  They are a great and fun way to showcase a new song, open a video.

We hope this tutorial was useful. Create your music visualization today with RenderForest, where the only limit is your imagination.

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