Find the best corporate video template for your business

Find the best corporate video template for your business

In a world full of finance bros and corporate girlies, how do you stand out? The key to shining in the corporate world is doing every little thing professionally. Drafting a presentation? Make it perfect! Promoting your brand in a workshop? Make everyone remember it.

Having said that, we understand that you probably have too much on your plate and can’t spend hours making a video look professional. That’s why we’ve spent those hours on your behalf and made corporate video template designs that can match any occasion. 


When to use a corporate video template

What exactly is a corporate video template for? Whenever you need a professional company profile video, business presentation, or brand promo but don’t have enough time or resources to make one, you’ll want something that makes your life easier. 

A corporate video template can significantly cut down the time needed to create a video and save you a lot of video production money. Instead of starting from scratch, you get a ready-made structure you can customize and adjust to your project. Most corporate video templates come with pre-designed scenes, transitions, and animations to get a polished look in minutes. 


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Company Profiles

Creating a company profile video from scratch can be exhausting, especially if you’re not a video editing expert. That’s why you can use a company profile template that already has the key aspects of your video ready for you and just needs a bit of customization to match your branding. 

Company profile templates are designed to help you make a strong corporate intro highlighting your business mission, team, and services easily and professionally so you can spend your time working on more important tasks.



Product Launches

Launching a new product involves a lot of work, and creating a promotional video is a major part of the process. A business video template for product launches can make this task much easier. These types of video ad templates are designed to showcase product features, benefits, and use cases in a compelling way. You can even create animated videos for business using an animation maker in only a couple of minutes and make everyone think you’ve spent days preparing it. 



Internal Communications

Effective internal communication is vital for any business. Whether it’s for training, updates, or team announcements, a well-made company slideshow can make your internal communications more engaging. The right templates and video presentation tools can help convey your message clearly and professionally, making it easier for employees to grasp the idea.



Best corporate video templates for business introductions

1. Business Presentation Pack


This template is perfect if you want to make a quick introduction video for your company with a smooth animation. It will keep your viewers engaged while highlighting all the important aspects of your script with professional-looking animations. It is also great for making professional presentations, onboarding videos, and explainers. You’ll find more than 250 business-related scenes here, logo animations, characters, and icons to use so you can fully customize it to match your business needs. 


Best for: Introducing your brand and how it helps the target audience

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2. Company Presentation Toolkit


This presentation toolkit is designed to help you promote your company or small business. It features over 80 scenes you can choose from and has multiple useful presentation tools, including infographics, team member profiles, company timelines, project overviews, video holders, awards, and testimonials. It’s a versatile template option for creating a professional video to showcase your business to clients. 


Best for: Creating professional slideshows for clients or web showcases

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3. Modern Corporate Presentation


Are you tired of boring presentations but also want to keep them professional? The Modern Corporate Presentation template offers a classy, minimalist design that’s both simple and exciting. Just choose your scenes, upload your images and videos, and the platform will handle the rest. The template is ideal for corporate slideshows, educational presentations, and reports and helps you create a professional video in minutes.


Best for: Preparing sleek presentations to share with clients, partners, employees, or students

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4. Company Introduction


Introduce your company in style with the Company Introduction template. This professional-looking video presentation lets you present your projects and achievements with streamlined visuals. Featuring a wide color palette, custom music, and customization options, this template is perfect for making your company stand out. 


Best for: Showcasing your brand to partners or investors 

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5. Corporate Profile Introduction

corporate profile introduction


Imagine you’re invited to an event next week where you’ll need to introduce your business, but you’ve learned about it just the night before. Now, you can’t really ask your animator to work extra hours and deliver overnight, but that doesn’t mean that you should settle for a non-professional presentation. The Corporate Profile Introduction template is perfect for these cases, and you can use it anytime you need to make company profile videos for your business and want to make it look professional without spending hours on production.


Best for: Introducing your company at offline or online events 

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6. Corporate Timeline Presentation


The Corporate Timeline Presentation template is perfect for showcasing your company’s history in a creative and modern way. Simply upload your media, add your text, and create a video presentation that will impress your colleagues. This template is also great for presenting the monthly reports during those all-hands meetings. 


Best for: Highlighting company achievements and history or presenting annual reports

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7. Corporate Timeline Slideshow


Showcase your company’s growth path with the Corporate Timeline Slideshow template. This design provides a visually engaging way to display key milestones and achievements. Perfect for internal use or educational purposes, corporate slides offer a minimalist approach focusing on clarity and information. It’s a great template for everything from employee training sessions to sharing insights with stakeholders to documenting key company events.


Best for: Carrying out internal training sessions, educational purposes, and stakeholder presentations

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8. Company Story Promotion


Capture your company’s essence with the Company Story Promotion template. With its black-and-white theme and smooth transitions, it offers a straightforward yet visually appealing way to create promotional videos. Add your text, choose a relaxed music track, and get your company’s promotional video ready in minutes.


Best for: Telling new customers about your company’s background, mission, and values

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9. Explainer World Toolkit


The Explainer World Toolkit makes creating animated explainer videos simple and effective. With over 700 scenes, including more than 200 icons, characters, and background animations, the production process becomes a breeze. The toolkit features three different styles and more than five dynamic transitions to enhance your video. Ideal for making colorful and impressive explainer videos, it offers everything you need in one template.


Best for: Creating videos that demonstrate a product or service to potential buyers

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10. Modern Business Presentation


If you want a sleek, professional look, this is the template for you. The Modern Business Presentation template is all about that effortlessly chic style. With the perfect combination of unique scenes, quality music tracks, and smooth transitions, this can be a handy tool when you’re creating informative or promotional videos for your business. It is also a popular choice for making corporate presentations and business slideshows. 


Best for: Exhibiting unique product or service concepts

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Best corporate video templates for social media and promotion

11. Dynamic Corporate Presentation


Do you have a quick update to present to your team? Or maybe you want to promote your company on social media with a professional-looking promo video. Dynamic Corporate Presentation offers three styles, image and text customizations, and music layers to help you get your message across. It is exactly what the name says: a dynamic template that will never bore your viewers.


Best for: Promoting your brand on social media or sharing internal company updates

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12. Animated Business Promotion


Looking to promote your business idea in a fun and creative way? The Animated Business Promotion template is just what you need. With smooth transitions and engaging corporate illustrations, this template is perfect for workshops, new project presentations, and product or service promotions. Customize it all the way by uploading your own images, editing the text, and adding music tracks. You can also preview your video and get the feel of it before you hit export.


Best for: Promoting business ideas or making a presentation for your workshop

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13. Corporate Success Promo


Share your company’s journey with the Corporate Success Promo template. This is the kind of template you’d want to use for your corporate events, where you want something exciting to showcase your company’s achievements or mention future endeavors. It creates presentations that are worth celebrating! So gather your milestones and success stories and create a fun yet professional promo video to watch with a glass of champagne during your next team-building event. 


Best for: Communicating company vision and values or creating event intros and promotional videos

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14. Social Media Promotional Video

social media promo


Not sure what your promotional story should be? We already made it for you. The Social Media Promotional Video template offers a ready-made story that features fun scenes, charming characters, and visually engaging icons. You just need to customize the text and adjust this template to meet your needs. In other words, this social media video template is a great option if you don’t want to start from scratch. 


Best for: Promoting your brand on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok

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15. Digital Media Agency Pack


With more than 48,000 exports, the Digital Media Agency Pack template is a popular option for all of those who want to increase their website traffic and visibility. It has 40 interactive scenes related to web and mobile development, graphic design, online payments, and pretty much everything in between. This is your go-to template for promoting your app or website and increasing the number of visits to your page. Of course, it is also highly customizable; you can upload images, change the texts, and choose your own music track to go with it. 


Best for: Promoting digital marketing, PR, or news coverage services 

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16. Retail and Product Commercial Promo


If the “too corporate” look is not for you, but you still want your video to look professional, you can try this one instead. The Retail and Product Commercial Promo is a template filled with colors, fun animations, and engaging icons. It is a popular choice for making marketing or commercial videos, but you can also use it for presentations where you want the visual aesthetic to be a bit more relaxed. 


Best for: Showcasing your products in a casual way or prompting your laid-back brand

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17. Marketing Infographic Video

marketing infographics


Highlight your marketing team’s achievements and goals with the Marketing Infographic Video template. Using the ready-made infographic scenes as your base, you can easily add your own information to create an engaging infographic video. You can also add or delete scenes as needed to fit your content. Designed to present statistics and data in a creative way, this template makes it easy to grab your audience’s attention. 


Best for: Presenting marketing achievements and goals

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18. Corporate Marketing Agency Promo

corporate marketing agency promo


This is the right template for all the marketing agencies out there. The Corporate Marketing Agency Promo template helps you attract more clients with a powerful video that is really easy to create. You upload your media files, adjust the scenes, and make the perfect promotional video in minutes. It’s a great choice for presenting your company in the best light and enhancing your marketing efforts.


Best for: Promoting PR, content, and social media services with a compelling video

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19. Product or Service Promotional Video


Quickly and easily showcase your product or service with the Product or Service Promotion template. Just upload your images, add your text, and choose some inspirational music. This template will help you create a powerful promotional video in minutes. Many users choose this template to showcase their achievements, contests, and promotions. Also, it’s 45 seconds long, so make the most of it to impress your audience.  


Best for: Bringing attention to products, services, and contests 

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20. Product Promotional Video

product promotional video


This template is the one for hyping up your new product. Created with the Explainer World Toolkit, this ready-made story features friendly characters and icons to make your video visually appealing. Customize any scene to fit your needs and create a captivating promotional video that stands out. 


Best for: Highlighting the features and benefits of new products

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21. New Edge Promotion


Introduce your products and services uniquely with the New Edge Promotion. This bright and minimalistic template offers a fresh approach to showcasing your company or logo. With its vibrant colors and flat design style, it helps you create an introduction video that will grab your viewers’ attention in seconds. It works perfectly for animated commercials, inspirational explainers, and company introduction videos. The design is also very easy to customize: you’ll have a high-quality video ready in minutes! 


Best for: Creating promotional videos for products, services, or company introductions

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22. Quick Business Intro


Quick Business Intro is like a professional business card: clean, concise, and to the point. It helps you present your company’s brand and leave a lasting impression in just five seconds. Simply customize the template with your logo file, add some sound effects and text, and watch your business animation come to life. It serves as a suitable outro or intro video for your business ads, corporate presentations, and branded projects. Oh, and did we mention that it comes in ultra HD?


Best for: Creating brand introductions in video ads, corporate presentations, and other branded projects

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23. Dynamic Business Intro


Here is another introduction template to make a compelling entrance right from the start. Create a lively and professional introduction with the Dynamic Business Intro template. Simply insert your logo and tagline, add your files, and adjust the colors to customize your intro animation. This template suits intros and outros, corporate presentations, online ads, and other branded videos. 


Best for: Adding openers to corporate presentations and branded videos

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Best corporate video templates for presentations and explainers

24. Digital Corporate Slideshow


This template is ideal if your business operates online. It takes your viewers to the digital, data-driven landscape and turns your presentation into a fun digital experience. So, should you need to showcase a new, innovative business idea or make a proposal, consider giving this template a shot! Don’t forget to tie the content together with some background music. 


Best for: Presenting new business ideas, proposals, and team introductions

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25. Quick Presentation Opener


Make sure your opener covers all key topics with the Quick Presentation Opener template. This template lets you create both a captivating teaser and a logo animation. It’s perfect for educational projects, corporate presentations, and YouTube videos. So, if you have your script ready, just put it in the template, and you’re done. Your presentation will feel way more powerful after this quick yet engaging animation. 


Best for: Creating attention-grabbing intros for slideshows and reports

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26. Explainer Video Toolkit


Create engaging content with the Explainer Video Toolkit. Over 500 interactive scenes, unique characters, kinetic typography, as well as video and photo holders help this toolkit turn any idea into a successful video. It’s a go-to choice for promo videos, presentations, and all other business video projects. 


Best for: Clarifying how a product or internal system works

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27. Line-Style Explainer Video Toolkit


This line-style template has all the tools you need to create a fun and laid-back explainer video that people will enjoy watching. With over 200 scenes, characters, and icons, it’s great for animated presentations, explainer videos, and marketing content. All the scenes here are really colorful and fun but also open to customization, so you can make the video match your brand visuals. Plus, it’s perfect for summer-themed videos. 


Best for: Preparing presentations, explainer videos, and promotional content in a creative way

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28. Clean Corporate Pack


Imagine you’re preparing for a crucial meeting with potential investors. You need a presentation that visually embodies professionalism and sophistication, setting the perfect tone for your pitch. That’s where the Clean Corporate Pack comes in. With 20 scenes tailored for business presentations, you can effortlessly craft your company’s story, highlighting its key achievements and future goals. The sleek design, featuring subtle slanted lines, adds just the right touch of modernity without distracting from your message.


Best for: Crafting polished business presentations that impress investors and stakeholders

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29. Honeycomb Corporate Slideshow


Busy like a bee? You probably need a template that will work as tirelessly as you do to deliver your message across.  No, literally, this template is honeycomb-themed! With hive-looking animated transitions, a honey color palette, and other fun layers, it will help to add a touch of creativity to your corporate slideshows and attract attention. You can also customize it to match your brand’s aesthetics. 


Best for: Making dynamic company introductions, product or service promotions, and presentations

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30. Business Character Promotion


Business Character Promotion template makes it easy to boost your business and drive leads like never before. It covers over 100 corporate company scenes across different categories, so you can create videos for your business or startup in no time. With over 96,000 exports, there’s no denying the popularity of this template. It’s also great for creating animated infographics. 


Best for: Creating content that informs viewers about your company culture

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31. Business Event Promo


If you happen to be hosting an event, this is the template to promote it with. Craft a polished video and introduce your speakers, guests, and other aspects of the business event professionally. The template offers customizable logos, text inputs, and scenes. You can even attach it to your email invitations or post it on social media platforms to make everyone mark their calendars! 


Best for: Spreading the word about upcoming business events and workshops

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32. Global Business Event Promo


Another great event promo template is the Global Business Event Promo. With this design, you can showcase all the highlights in 30 seconds. No fuss, no stress—just upload your media files or choose from the media library, add your text, and watch your video come to life in minutes. Whether it’s a business conference, an international summit, or anything in between, this template has you covered. 


Best for: Introducing products or services at industry-wide expositions and conferences

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33. Logistics Company Promotion


Looking to stand out in the competitive world of logistics? The Logistics Company Promotion template is here to help. With its straightforward design and easy customization options, it’s the perfect choice for promoting your delivery services. It also has over 25,000 exports and a whole lot of positive reviews, so it’s safe to say you’ll get the results you want. Whether you’re a trucking company, logistics provider, or transportation expert, this template will help you make a lasting impression.


Best for: Promoting delivery services and attracting new clients or partners in the logistics industry

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34. Multi-Purpose Character Promotion 


If you like simple animated promo videos and want something similar for your company, try the Multi-Purpose Character Promotion template. It has all the characters and scenes already designed for you, so you just need to personalize the text to match your story and play around with the theme colors to make them more branded. Be it for launching a new product, promoting a service, presenting your marketing strategy, or introducing your company, this template is a one-stop solution for promo content. 


Best for: Talking about workplace safety or company culture

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35. Online Marketing and SEO Promotion


This one is for all the digital marketing specialists out there. If you want a template specifically focused on the SEO and online marketing theme, then we have some great news: you’ve found it! Featuring a variety of animated scenes, text holders, and high-quality music, it’s perfect for effectively communicating your SEO and marketing messages. Simply input your text, upload your logo, and get your promo video done in seconds. 


Best for: Creating digital marketing presentations or slideshows

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36. My Business Promotion


Present your company or service with the innovative “My Business Promotion” template. Featuring a slick, modern style and high-quality motion graphics, this template helps drive your sales. With custom music and sound effects, you can create the right representation of your business. Just upload your company logo and enjoy a professional promotional video. To get the feel of it, you can try its preview for free.


Best for: Promoting your progressive company or service 

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37. 3D Explainer Video Toolkit


If 2D animation doesn’t cut, there’s also the 3D Explainer Video Toolkit. With 1000 scenes, two styles, and four transitions, this template is perfect for commercials, explainer videos, and promos. Just select your scenes, add your media and text, and make a professional 3D animated video without breaking the bank. It is very easy to work with yet delivers professional results.


Best for: Creating animated demos and commercials for popular products

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38. Whiteboard Animation Toolkit


Need something new for your story? The Whiteboard Animation Toolkit offers over 450 interactive scenes, animated characters, and a big selection of high-quality music tracks. Craft your professional story and present it as an animated video in minutes. Being a whiteboard animation, this template will match the needs of your educational projects. You can use it to create explainer videos, animated presentations, and more. 


Best for: Making whiteboard animations to explain products, services, and software

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39. Corporate Event Announcement

corporate event announcement


Your employees are the cornerstone of your company’s success. So it’s time to show them some appreciation! We’ve created this template for all those cases where you want to announce a corporate party or team-building event but don’t want to settle for a Slack message. This is a short and fun animated video template to invite your employees to important events and make them feel good about it. 


Best for: Hyping up a company retreat, outing, or party to boost attendance

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40. Modern Infographics Pack


For all of those who are looking for an infographics template, consider trying our Modern Infographics Pack. This toolkit has 500 scenes and offers a bunch of infographic charts and columns to choose from. So, no matter what kind of data you need to visualize, this template has got you covered. All you need to do is choose the scene, add your data, and let the template do the rest of the work for you. 


Best for: Displaying numbers and statistics in a vibrant way

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41. Futuristic Cube Presentation


When we say you should take your business presentations to the next level, we mean it. The Futuristic Cube Presentation template doesn’t just take your slideshows to the next level; it takes them to the next decade. Futuristic scenes and transitions will win your audience over in seconds and make them hooked during your entire talk. Give it a try if you want to add a unique, futuristic look to your next business presentation.


Best for: Presenting high-tech products or services

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How to create a company profile video with Renderforest 

With so many templates available, you’ll be sure to find the best corporate video template for your project needs. But how exactly do you create the final video with it? Here is a quick guide on how to get your video ready in minutes using the Renderforest platform. 

Let’s take the Company Introduction Toolkit Template as an example. Once you’ve chosen the template, here is how your workspace will look: 


step 1


As you can see, you already have the animation timeline organized for you, so if you don’t want to begin by collecting all the scenes from scratch, this is a good place to start. Now, let’s say you like the icons, but the color palette here doesn’t match your brand. Easy—all you have to do is click on the icon you want to customize and choose the “Colors” section on the left panel. 

Renderforest will bring you a bunch of color palette options to choose from so you can find the one that matches your branding and click Apply. 


step 2 - colors


Aside from the colors, you can customize the text, logos, and all other aspects of the corporate video template—all with a few simple clicks. 

Also, don’t forget to pick the music track that you like by clicking on the “Audio” button on the left panel. If you want the video to sound professional, make sure you check out the Corporate genre of music tracks available on our platform. 


step 3 - music


You can always upload your own music tracks, visuals, logos, and all other media to finalize your video. If you don’t have a logo yet, check out our logo maker, which generates AI logos for your company. And if you don’t like your business name and need a complete rebranding, the AI business name generator will help you get inspired by new company names designed to match your brand. 

Now, back to your video. Once you fill in all the slides with your text and customize them, export the final video and share it with your team. 


create corporate video


Corporate video templates for business video clips

Using corporate video templates makes creating professional and engaging business video content a walk in the park. They save time, reduce costs, and provide high-quality results with minimal effort. With the corporate video templates listed above, you can easily customize scenes, add your media, and produce polished videos for all your corporate events, promo videos, and other business purposes. Renderforest’s video editor makes video editing accessible to anyone, so make sure you give it a shot!


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Corporate video template FAQ 

How do you make a corporate video?

Making corporate videos is simple with the right tools. Start by picking a suitable template from Renderforest. Customize the scenes by adding your text, images, and logos. Adjust colors, animations, and music to match your brand. Once everything looks perfect, preview your video, make any final tweaks, and export it. Your professional corporate video is now ready to share! 


What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a professional video produced for business purposes. You can use it to promote products or services, introduce a company, share updates, or train employees. These videos are designed to communicate key messages clearly and effectively, often using high-quality visuals, animations, and sound. Corporate video clips help businesses engage their audience and convey information in a compelling way.

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