New Fonts Feature Now Available on Renderforest

New Fonts Feature Now Available on Renderforest

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3 Jun 2019

Powerful content is all about getting the text and design act together in harmony. Typography is an important part of it. We are excited to share that by popular demand we have launched our new feature - the most awaited font feature.

Now, you have the chance to find various types of fonts and pick your favorite one from the list. The right font will help you make your video more appealing and aesthetic. It will give a personalized look and deliver your values.

This new feature will allow you to render new videos and tell new stories in a creative way. To select or change a new font for your video just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click on “Style” and select “Font” subsection to choose the primary and secondary texts.

change the text font

  1. Click on the “Color” to pick the color palette for your text. Or you can customize the colors by yourself as a second option in this section.

Renderforest font feature

New high-quality fonts are accessible to our subscribed users and soon they will be implemented for the rest of the templates.

Find them available in the following packs and toolkits:


3D Explainer Video Toolkit

Try Now


Explainer Video Toolkit

Try Now


Whiteboard Animation Toolkit

Try Now


Explainer World Toolkit

Try Now


Modern Mobile App Kit

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Quick logo Animation

Try Now


Isn’t this exciting? Then hurry to try it out in your next video!

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