How to Write an About Us Page: Examples + Templates

How to Write an About Us Page: Examples + Templates

No website is complete without an About page. Whether it’s a one-pager or a classic multi-page website, you can’t leave it without a section or page that introduces your company. 

On this page, your visitors should be able to find everything they need to make a final decision. The history of your company, your achievements, solutions, the team, testimonials, and any other information you decide to include.

To write and design a great About Us page, you should find the right balance of text and visuals aligned in sections. Adding too much text without visuals will be overwhelming. Not enough text will leave your audience wondering.  

In this article, we’ll break down what makes a great about us page, what to include in it, tips on writing an about page, and examples. 

Let’s begin!

  • What Makes a Great About Us Page?
  • How to Write an About Us Page?
  • Creative About Us Page Examples and Templates


What Makes a Great About Us Page?

Even though this page is “about you”, you should consider your target audience while writing content for it. Use this page as another opportunity to connect to your audience, build a strong relationship with them, and give more insight into your business.

What is an About Us Page?

The About Us page is a page that informs your readers about your company, its history, mission, and vision. It’s often used by companies to connect with their audience and show their authenticity through creative design and text.

Think about this page as a self-introduction that includes all the details your audience should know about your company.


What to Include on an About Us Page?

There are no strict guidelines you should follow and no fixed structure for an About us page. However, there are some most commonly used sections that companies add to their pages. This includes your mission and vision, your history, the value your products or services provide, visuals, testimonials, and more. Let’s go through some of these points.

About us page components


  • Your Mission Statement

Define what makes your company unique, what’s your purpose. It’s important to deliver this message to your audience because many people make a decision based on it.

Tell them not only what you do, but also why you do it, why your company exists. Once you identify your values and what matters to you, this will give you and your audience a common ground.

Keep in mind that a powerful mission statement should be realistic, simple, and relatable.


  • Your Story

Here you have the creative freedom to introduce the history of your company in the most compelling way.

It can be a short text with the most significant events, a timeline with dates and achievement details, an interactive presentation, or a video, you choose.

Don’t add unnecessary information in long paragraphs that your audience won’t ever read. Keep it short and informative.


  • Your Solution

Define the problem your audience is facing and introduce your solution. Explain how exactly your service or products solve the problem and why they should choose you – your competitive advantage.

How you solve a problem


  • Social Proof

To make your point more convincing, use social proof. People trust other people. So, instead of telling them how good you are in what you do, simply show them successful cases using testimonials from your clients, case studies, reviews, etc.


  • Images and Videos

Make your About page visually attractive and engaging for the visitors. Come up with creative ways to present your information using visuals. Make your page stand out with fun team photos, illustrations, and graphic design.

About Us page visuals

Another creative option is to make and add a video message to your page. Address directly to your visitors. This is a more personalized approach to an about us page. Whatever you choose, stay true to your brand and keep your voice consistent.


  • Call to Action

What’s the next action your site visitors should take after viewing your about page? Think about the most logical next step and add a call to action to direct your audience to the right page.

These are the main points to have on your page. But you’re not limited to only these ones. You can also add your contact information, location, the team behind your company, and any other important information.

Where to place your about page? Your site visitors should be able to find it. For easy navigation, you can add your about page in your website footer and/or top navigation menu.


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How to Write an About Us Page?

One of the main purposes of the about page is to build credibility and trust. So, you should put enough thought into what to include in it.

Whether you’re a new business or just want to update your website, you’ll need some practical tips on creating your About page. Read on to learn how to write an effective about us page.

How to write an about us page


  • Plan Everything Beforehand

Planning, whether it is product planning or website planning is the key to success for any business. When it comes to your website pages, you should start with preparing everything you’ll need in the process.

Create an action plan and list all the steps. Then, collect all the materials that you’ll need for each step. This includes all the information about your company, services, your achievements, images, and videos.

If you’re not going to create your page on your own, find people who will be responsible for each step: freelance designers, copywriters, etc.

When everything is planned, it’s easy to manage the whole process step by step.


  • Know What Your Audience Wants

People visit a website in order to find the information they are looking for. What happens when they don’t find it? Exactly, they simply leave and try to find it elsewhere.

To provide the right information to your audience, first, you should know who your audience is. It’s relevant for your whole website, not only the About Us page.

Research your audience to find out:

  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their main goals?
  • What solutions do they need?
  • What makes them trust a brand?

Answer these questions in your content while introducing your brand. By providing the answers your audience expects to read, it will be easier for you to connect with them and build trust.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a defined target audience, you can check out your competitors and their target audiences.


  • Don’t Sell, Explain

The point of your about page is not to sell your product or service. Your main goal is to explain why you do what you do. 

Don’t focus on your features or service details, instead, talk about how you came up with the idea of creating them. Reveal the evolution of your idea – from early development to what it is now.


  • Share Your Values and Beliefs

Sharing your company values online is crucial for attracting like-minded people, no matter whether it’s a customer or a new employee. Besides, it helps to set you apart from your competitors and makes you stand out. 

Your values and beliefs are at the core of your company culture. So, if you don’t have them defined yet, it’s the right time to do that.


  • Keep it Simple but Informative

Simplicity always wins. Especially when it comes to content. Including too much text on your about page will not only be boring for your audience but also will fail to deliver your most important message.

To write catchy content, it’s recommended to hire a copywriter. But, if you don’t want to do that, follow the best practices to write powerful and engaging content for your about page.

Simple and informative content


  • Use Facts and Specifics

Be objective. Listing all your achievements is essential, but make sure to back it up with awards, certifications, and credentials.


  • Be Honest and Real

People trust honest brands and notice everything that’s fake. This is why being transparent and open about everything pays off.

How to do it? Below are some points you should pay attention to.

Brand honesty and authenticity

Most importantly, make your audience part of your processes and be open to any feedback.


  • Keep Your Information Updated

Whenever a visitor checks out your about page, they should find your recent achievements. Don’t let your page look abandoned. Always add your latest news, updates, and all the information you want to share with your audience.


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Creative About Us Page Examples and Templates

Now that you have learned all the necessary information about creating About pages, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice. 

Below you can find 10+ one-page templates with creative about us sections. Choose a template, customize with your content, connect your domain, and publish your website. If you want a multi-page website, simply create, customize, and add more pages.


Loft Interior Design Studio

Loft Interior Design Studio - website template

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IT Recruitment Agency

IT Recruitment Agency - website template

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Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Decentralized Crypto Exchange - website template

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Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography - website template

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Creative Marketing Agency

Creative Marketing Agency - website template

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Handmade Fashion Brand

Handmade Fashion Brand - website template

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Specialized Learning Center

Specialized Learning Center - website template

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Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency - website template

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Financial Consultancy

Financial Consultancy - website template

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Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Clinic - website template

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Business Solutions

Business Solutions - website template

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Now you know everything you need to start creating your About Us page. From its components to the most important information you should have. It’s yet another touchpoint where your audience has a chance to know you better.

Through an about page, you can share your story, values, solutions, and so much more. Follow the tips mentioned in this article and create your own page.

Check out the 10+ website templates introduced above to get inspired, or choose and customize one of them to create your own website in no time.


Ladies Fitness Zone template Techno DJ and Music Producer - template New and Used Car Dealership - template

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