30 Modern One-Page Website Templates

30 Modern One-Page Website Templates

Simple, direct, and compact,one-page websites are a great option to start building an online presence for your brand or project.

The main appeal of one-page websites is their user-friendliness and ease of navigation. As there’s only one page to scroll through, visitors won’t get lost among multiple website pages and miss the main point due to distractions.

Some of the best uses of single-page websites are CVs, online portfolios, landing pages, event promos, invitations, and the like. Today we’re going to present you with a list of the best one-page website templates you can easily modify to create your one-pager.

For your convenience, the templates are separated into categories. Jump right into your desired section if you have something specific in mind. Otherwise, scroll down the list to find a design that inspires you the most and start building your own website.

Note that you can alter the content, components, multimedia, and colors to transform any of these templates however you prefer. A marketing template can easily become a lifestyle template if you wish so.

Ready to begin? Here we go!

  • Marketing Templates
  • Business Templates
  • Health and Lifestyle Templates
  • Personal Templates
  • Event and Non-Profit Templates


Marketing Templates

  1. Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing template Renderforest

With a simple layout to promote mobile app services, this one-page website template omits no important information about the brand. The dedicated sections introduce the purpose of the company, the promised benefits, service descriptions, the working process, testimonials, and a form for guests to book a consultation.

The design doesn’t lack color, yet it still has enough white space to give the template room to breathe. The brighter hue of the CTA buttons attracts the attention of the visitors, smoothly guiding them to fill out the consultation form.

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  1. Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant template Renderforest

Whether you’re a consultant in the digital marketing sphere or any other, having a one-page website to properly introduce your services speaks of your professionalism. This compact layout will give a brief introduction to your background, areas of expertise, achievements, as well as encourage visitors to contact you once they reach the end of the page.

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  1. Marketing Services

Marketing Services

This vibrant website color scheme pairs well with the ample white space, helping to draw attention to the sections that introduce your marketing services. You have an option to present your team members to put a face on your brand, thus better connecting with your audience. The page allows you to share your contact details, social media profiles, and an email subscription form if you want to build an email list.

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  1. SEO Agency

SEO Agency

In contrast with the previous website template, this one features a dark background, so it’ll be a great option if you want to keep up with the dark-mode trend. The text elements and calls to action pop up with their brighter colors to command attention. The template features a section to showcase your pricing plans.

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Check out our article on marketing website designs to find more templates for your marketing website.


Business Templates

  1. Great Real Estate Deals

Great Real Estate Deals template

If you want to succinctly introduce your real estate services and establish contact with your audience, one-page real estate website templates are the way to go. This template does an excellent job presenting the guests with a few listings to give them an incentive to get in touch with you.

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  1. Interior Design

Interior Design website template

Perfectly fitted for interior designers, decorators, and architects, this intricate and unintrusive web design is quite generous with image holders, text blocks, and white space to separate the elements. You can freely showcase the projects you’re proud of in a dedicated section and add more image blocks if needed.

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  1. Full-Service Construction Company

Full-Service Construction Company website template

Show the whole range of construction services your company provides on a single, well-arranged web page. From an introductory passage to a contact section and a map with your location, this design has all you’ll need to give your construction company the presentation it deserves.

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  1. IT Consulting Agency

IT Consulting Agency webiste template

As contemporary and progressive as the solutions of your IT company, this one-page website template gives you all the necessary blocks to present and explain your mission and game plan. Build trust in your brand by showing the companies you have worked with and the positive feedback you’ve received.

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  1. Gourmet Pastry Shop

Gourmet Pastry Shop website template

This bright and enticing color palette is sure to catch the eye of any gourmet and have them craving your delicious pastry. Upload appetizing pictures of your sweets, edit the text to tell visitors about your company, and even upload a promo video to make your page as engaging as possible.

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  1. Bed and Breakfast Rental

Bed and Breakfast Rental

The hospitality of your hosting services begins with your online presence. Show the cozy atmosphere of your bed and breakfast with an inviting one-page website that delivers all the information guests need. List your amenities, add pictures, and let the website skillfully guide users to the booking section.

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  1. Financial Consultancy

Financial Consultancy website template

Minimal website designs with a reserved color palette and simple structure tend to work best for financial companies, which is why many of them opt for one-page websites. This Financial Consultancy template integrates the above-mentioned practices to give you all the tools you need to introduce your company effectively.

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  1. Summer Camp

Summer Camp website template

Summer camps, learning, and community service events typically don’t require a large website with multiple pages. A simple, one-page website is just enough to present all the necessary details of your summer camp and give a sneak peek into camp activities. The template comes with a countdown widget to create even more excitement around your event.

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  1. Homemade Accessories

Homemade Accessories website templates

Unlike huge e-commerce businesses, small or newly established online stores can derive great value from single-page websites. This template allows you to showcase your products or present your services with visuals and detailed descriptions. You’re free to add or delete any rows to display as many products as you wish.

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Health and Lifestyle Templates

  1. Private Dental Clinic

Private Dental Clinic

A professional website will work in your favor to build credibility for your dental or medical clinic and possibly give you a competitive advantage. Blue has been chosen as the primary color of this website template for its soothing effect. But you’re free to replace it with any other color that signifies your brand.

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  1. Healthcare Webinar

Healthcare Webinar website template

A website is an excellent tool to promote your webinars and give listeners a place to visit for more information on upcoming talks. The CTA buttons can direct users to join a webinar or set a reminder for later. The template includes a form to collect questions from your audience to address in your next episode or accept suggestions for future topics.

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  1. Health Tracker App

Health Tracker App website template

Give your audience a quick introduction to your health tracker app by highlighting all that matters: features, benefits, stats, user testimonials, and pricing plans. Upload screenshots from your app to show how it works and lead users to App Store or Google Play to download the app in one tap.

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  1. Yoga Center

Yoga Center website template

This harmonious one-page template is perfect for yoga studios, yoga instructors, wellness facilities, and retreat centers. With a big emphasis on visuals and just enough text to support them, the web page achieves a light, clean look to make your brand the center of attention.

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  1. Personal Fitness Coach

Personal Fitness Coach website template

This flexible template can be used to create any fitness-themed website, whether it’s to promote services as a personal fitness coach, encourage an active lifestyle, or give tips for a balanced diet. Users will have the opportunity to book an appointment right on the website.

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  1. Online Fitness Trainings

Online Fitness Trainings website template

Online workouts have been growing increasingly more popular, as a lot of people feel uncomfortable visiting a gym. This one-page website template is designed with that exact audience in mind, so it’s a great choice for you if you create at-home-workout content.

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  1. Dance Studio

Dance Studio website template

The dark backdrop paired with the white text and dusty rose accents produces an artistic and elegant web design that is ideal for a dance-related business. Add the backstory of your studio, edit the contact fields, upload your beautiful images, and your stunning website will be ready to inspire dance lovers.

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  1. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist website template

As a makeup artist, you want to have as many communication channels with customers as possible. And a one-page website is the perfect medium to share your portfolio, awards, location, and how visitors can get in touch with you. This template allows you to do it all.

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Personal Templates

  1. Personal Brand and Portfolio

Personal Brand and Portfolio website template

Give your personal brand a creative home online with a responsible one-page website. This vibrant and eye-catching website template will have no difficulty attracting the attention of your audience and providing them with the information they need. Tell your story, show your projects, and share your creativity with the internet.

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  1. Web Developer CV

Web Developer CV website template

Build your online web developer portfolio in a couple of minutes and save your coding skills for other projects. You can customize the design to the extent you desire — change images, text, buttons, add, remove, or replace components, alter the contact form, etc. Add your social media profile links to make it easier for clients to find you.

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  1. Designer Portfolio

Designer Portfolio webiste template

Craft an appealing and polished portfolio with your most impressive design projects to strengthen your personal brand. Pick a beautiful header image to set the tone of your website and alter the color palette to complete the look.

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  1. Web Designer CV

Web Designer CV webiste template

As a web designer, you know how to make a visually appealing and equally functional website. But you also know that building a site from scratch is time and energy-consuming. This website template will simplify your job and speed up the process. Modify the text, images, sections, and have your portfolio up and running in minutes.

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Event and Non-Profit Templates

  1. Online Wedding Invitation

Online Wedding Invitation website template

A wedding website will help you organize your special day and keep your guests updated on important details. Add your names, tell your unique love story, update the schedule of events, and your website is ready to be published. The RSVP form will allow guests to register online and reserve their spots.

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  1. Design and Branding Conference

Design and Branding Conference

A conference website is the most efficient and direct way to provide conference details to the attendees. You can modify this template to fit any occasion by changing the text and images. The design features elaborate sections to introduce the event speakers, schedule, and sponsors.

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  1. Music Festival

Music Festival website template

Promote your music festival with a dynamic one-page website to connect to all your fans at once. Showcase the timeline of your event and upload pictures to build even more anticipation for the festival. You can sell tickets through your website by letting visitors fill out the form.

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  1. Virtual Meetup

Virtual Meetup website template

Disclose all the essential details about the virtual meetup you’re planning to make it easier than ever to connect to like-minded individuals. This minimalist design has all the right elements to inform, educate, and prompt visitors to sign up for your event.

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  1. International Charity Fund

International Charity Fund webiste template

In order to collect more donations for your charity or simply spread awareness, you’ll need an intuitive website. This template has all the prerequisites to create one within a few minutes. Alter the text field to inform people about your cause, share your vision in detail, and include some success stories to help support your mission.

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To Sum Up

We hope you found a template that matches your needs and beautifully complements your vision. A one-page website template will give you just enough space to introduce your business, its values, achievements, and milestones while keeping it compact and accessible. 

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