50+ Creative Website Ideas and Topics

50+ Creative Website Ideas and Topics

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4 Aug 2020

Having a website allows you to learn, teach, and make money if you choose to turn it into a source of income. Some view it as a hobby, some — a business. And if you’re lucky, it can be both. Monetizing your website is possible, but it requires persistent work and effort. 

To run a successful website, you need to analyze your target audience, provide them with real value, and have enough persistence to keep your content consistent. But before you get to those steps, you need a good website idea.

This article will cover 50+ website ideas and topics that you can use to set up your site and grow it over time. 


  1. Blogs

Blogs are unquestionably one of the most popular types of websites, and there's a reason for it. Having a blog is a low-cost pursuit that gives you flexibility and creative freedom. 

Blogging can either be a fulfilling hobby or grow into a potentially profitable business. You don't need any fancy equipment or large funds to start a blog. Good ideas and a zest for writing are all it takes to get started. 

To begin with, figure out a general direction for your blog. Is it going to be personal or professional? If you opt for the latter, what industry do you want to dedicate your blog to? Pick your niche carefully, study similar blogs, and brainstorm fun, exciting ideas for your blog posts. Wix, WordPress, and Medium are great examples of blogging platforms.


  1. E-Commerce Websites

If you’re a retailer and don’t have an online store yet, you’re missing out on a significant number of customers. E-commerce websites can be hugely beneficial in extending your reach and attracting new clients. You might want to start your e-commerce business by focusing on a few products and gradually work your way up, scaling both your business and your website. 

Interested in starting or growing your online store? Check out our article on the best e-commerce tools.

amazon website

Source: Amazon.com


  1. Service Websites 

If what you sell are not products but services, launch a service website. Provide any essential information about your background, qualifications, and pricing. Service websites are an excellent tool to reach and draw in people that are interested in your offerings.


  1. Online Courses 

The internet is flooded with websites providing all kinds of online courses. There are a lot of scams and get-rich-quick types of content, which makes people picky and skeptical of some online courses. To stand out, you need to make sure you’re offering real value to people. Whether it’s an e-book, educational video, or slideshow, ensure your material is packed with value and practical advice.  


  1. News and Trends 

Make a website all about the latest news and trends in an industry you’re well familiar with. News websites need to be regularly updated; otherwise, they lose all credibility. So, if you decide to give this website idea a shot, be prepared to put in work and effort on a regular basis.

google news

Source: Google News


  1. Marketing Tips and Advice 

Do you happen to be a marketing guru? Business owners will appreciate marketing tips and tricks from you. Marketing has been a hot topic for a while and will continue to stay so for years to come. Leverage it to your advantage with a high-quality marketing website. Cover burning topics, such as SEO, SMM, how to draw in traffic, how to improve conversion rate, etc.


  1. Personal Portfolio or CV

Whether you’re an artist or a personal brand owner, a personal website is an excellent medium for showcasing your works and experience. A well-organized online portfolio or CV will show your professionalism and help you stand out among other candidates or brands. 


  1. Tutorials 

Tutorials are fun and educational; no surprise people love them. Having an entire website with various kinds of nifty tutorials is a worthwhile pursuit that can attract a lot of visitors to your site. If you need exciting tutorial ideas, no worries, we’ve got you covered. 


  1. Sports 

If you’re a fervent fan of sports, turn your passion into a potentially rewarding business. Your sports website can include news, predictions, live scores, statistics, highlights, or even the history of your favorite sport or team.
Skysports website
Source: Sky Sports


  1. Tech and Gadgets

Are you a techie? Share your IT expertise through a website. Programming courses, useful codes, tech news — the options are endless. Another direction your site can take is providing updates on the latest devices and gadgets. Explain their features and how to use them optimally.


  1. Gaming 

Create a platform for gamers to learn about or discuss their favorite games. Your gaming website can host game reviews, hacks, cheats, video game tutorials, and lists of the best games in different categories. To spice things up, record playthroughs and upload the videos onto your website.


  1. Podcasts 

Podcasts are one of the most consumed and popular forms of content. To get started with your podcast, brainstorm topic ideas, then record, and upload podcasts to your website on a regular basis. Keeping your uploads consistent is what’s going to help you attract listeners and ensure they keep returning to your site. 

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience


  1. Forums

Create an online forum to encourage discussions and debates on stirring topics. Having an active forum is a great way to make user-generated content, building a community of people who like to share and exchange opinions, knowledge, and ideas.


  1. Surveys 

Survey websites can be a great source of income. You can collaborate with companies to conduct market research for them by running surveys on your website. Swagbucks is an example of a survey website that offers gift cards and other benefits in exchange for taking polls or surveys.


  1. Fansites

A fan website, or fansite, is an online platform directed by a fan. It can be devoted to your favorite celebrity, sports team, author, book, or anything else, really. A fan website is a great tool for building an online presence for your fanbase and connecting to like-minded people. Use the platform to share news, interviews, fan art, or even fanfictions.


  1. Trivia Quizzes and Games

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted website idea, a trivia quiz and game website might be the answer you need. BuzzFeed has a whole section of trivia quizzes, and it’s one of the most loved features of their site.Buzzfeed trivia quizzes

Source: BuzzFeed


  1. Movies 

Everybody loves movies! Make a website that dives deep into the world of cinema. Include movie reviews, recommendations, or thorough analyses of some challenging films. Additionally, you can talk about famous actors and directors, examining their backgrounds and paths to success.


  1. Music 

Whether you’re an up-and-coming musician or a huge fan of music, building a musical website is a good idea. As a musician, having an online presence is of great importance. A personal website will grow your audience as well as give you more credibility as an artist. As a fan, you can create playlists, explain song lyrics and meanings, and connect to those who have a similar taste in music. 

Ready to make your website? Check out our music website templates.


  1. Photography 

An online presence is no less important for photographers. A tasteful and aesthetic photography website can become your outlet to share your best shots, spread the word about your brand, and attract new clients. To help you get started, we have designed professional photography website templates that you can use to create your site in minutes.photography website template Renderforest


  1. Videography 

Similar to photography, a videography website is a great approach to displaying your collection of video clips. You can pair your videos with fitting music tracks to create a truly immersive experience for your viewers. A videography website will help to grow not only your brand but also your filmmaking skills. 


  1. Writing

To establish your business as a writer, you need a professional website that presents your works. Post your short stories, poems, essays, or snippets from your novels; engage in active discussions with your readers; share literary works that have inspired you. The more dynamic and multifaceted your website is, the more users will be drawn to it. Here you can find a list of the best publishing platforms for writers.


  1. Books

Find your tribe of bibliophiles through a book website. If you’re a heavy reader, analyze complicated literary works, give book reviews, summaries, and recommendations. Got too many books and not enough space on your bookshelf? Use your website to sell some of your old books or exchange them for new ones. Here’s a list of useful book websites.goodreads website

Source: Goodreads


  1. Art and Painting

To expand your audience as a visual artist, it’s a good idea to go digital and create an online gallery for your artwork. An art or painting website will help you connect to art lovers and potential clients if you wish to sell your art.


  1. Travel

A travel website is a smart choice for travel agencies, tour guides, travel bloggers, and digital nomads. Have you had your fair share of experiences exploring new places and sleeping at airports? Share your stories and nifty hacks to help out first-time travelers. For some inspiration, have a look at this list of travel website examples


  1. Hotel 

Having an attractive hotel website is crucial for hotel/motel or Airbnb owners to attract guests. But if you’re a traveler and not a hotel owner, we’ve got an idea for you too! Create a website reviewing different hotels in your area and sharing your experiences with them. People looking to travel to your city will find your website incredibly helpful.

Oyster website

Source: Oyster


  1.  Food and Restaurants  

Food blogs have been taking over the internet. What better way to share your love for food than through a food website? Talk about what you eat in a day, upload mouth-watering food pictures, review restaurants in your area, share the cheapest places to eat, and so on.


  1. Recipes

If you’re gifted at cooking or have recently found your great-grandma’s recipe book, start a recipe website! From breakfast smoothies to full-course dinners, share your favorite recipes, or invent your own if you like getting creative. 


  1. Fashion 

Have an eye for fashion? Start your own website. Discuss the newest trends, talk about wardrobe essentials, give sewing or embroidery tips and outfit ideas. You can also use your online platform to sell your old clothes. Check out this list of fashion websites if you need some ideas to create yours.Poshmark website

Source: Poshmark


  1. Beauty 

A beauty website is an excellent tool not only for cosmetic brands but also for makeup artists. Advertise or review makeup and skincare products, share hairstyle tutorials, recreate iconic makeup looks, and more.


  1. Fitness 

Promote an athletic and active lifestyle with a dynamic fitness website. Film and upload workout videos, give weight loss tips or share your fitness journey through blog articles. Our fitness website templates are ready to assist you in creating your site. 


  1. Lifestyle 

Combine nutrition, fitness, beauty, and anything else you wish in a single well-rounded lifestyle website. Sharing your personal experience through entertaining articles is just one of the many options.The Pioneer Woman website

Source: The Pioneer Woman


  1. Extreme Sports

If you’re a lover of the extreme, and living life on the edge is your calling, make a website sharing your adventures. People love unusual and exciting content. Plus, you never know who you might inspire to turn their life around.


  1. Interesting Facts 

Collect crazy, fun facts and share them on your website. Bust some myths and misconceptions about any topic of your choice. The Fact Site has done a phenomenal job at it.


  1. History of Countries 

Take your readers on a trip around the globe and back in time with a history website. Start by picking a few countries that interest you and explore their diverse and rich histories.

Infoplease website

Source: Infoplease


  1. Science 

Not only do science websites educate us, but they also ignite curiosity and innovative thinking. Build a website sharing studies, research, book and documentary recommendations, and your own take on strongly debated topics.


  1. Finance 

Financial content has steadily been growing in popularity. Investing your time into a finance website can prove to be quite beneficial. Teach web surfers how to save money and build wealth, providing them with financial advice, news, stock market analyses, etc. 


  1. Startup Advice and Inspiration

Help beginner entrepreneurs with startup tips and tricks, tools, and inspiration. Share your personal journey of running a startup and the challenges you encountered on your way to success.


Source: Startups.com


  1. Real Estate

A real estate website can serve as a bridge between agencies or realtors and their clients. Your website is the perfect place to list your best offers and properties. Also, you can include discussions, news, and updates regarding the real estate market. Check out our real estate website templates to get started with your website.


  1. Freelance 

Are you an experienced freelancer? Dedicate an entire website to the freelance lifestyle, its perks, and downsides. Give actionable advice on how to find clients, overcome obstacles, and establish a strong freelance business.


  1. Charity and Fundraising 

An informative charity website can play a significant role in furthering your cause. Whether your goal is to raise awareness or organize fundraising, an online platform will help you spread the word much faster.

charity website template Renderforest


  1. Top Lists

Lists are visually inviting and easy to read; hence they make for a great form of content. Make a website sharing your top lists of, well, anything. Listverse is well known for its top 10 lists in different categories. Head to their website if you need some inspiration.


  1. Trending Topics 

If you actively follow trends on social media, this website idea is just for you. Keep a close eye on what’s trending and turn it into content for your website — e.g., most popular TikTok videos of the week, best tweets, funniest Facebook comments, etc. 


  1. Memes 

Are you a meme mastermind? Create a website all about memes, their origins, and backstories. Explore and explain viral content through your meme website.

9gag website

Source: 9GAG


  1. Highlights of Each Year 

Document the most noteworthy events and highlights year by year, building a super informative and educational website. Videos, infographics, list articles — you can choose any format you wish.


  1. Conspiracy Theories 

Share spooky and intriguing conspiracies or make up your own. Arouse your visitors’ curiosity with interesting blog articles, videos, slideshows, or any other form of content.


  1. Guided Meditations and ASMR 

If you have a soothing voice and a good microphone, record guided meditations or ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos for your website. You can either choose to upload audio files or pair them with visuals and post as videos.


  1. Language Learning 

Encourage people who are just getting started with a foreign language. Turn your website into a learning platform where you explain confusing grammar, share vocabulary through flashcards, or help language learners meet native speakers.

duolingo website

Source: Duolingo


  1. Mastering New Skills 

If you’re someone who never shies away from a challenge, take up new skills on a regular basis, and share your experiences on your website. Closely document the process of learning each skill and the obstacles that arise. 


  1. Motivation and Productivity 

We could all use some motivation from time to time to keep moving forward in life. Make a website sharing inspirational content, quotes, productivity tips, and anything else that might lift people’s spirits and help them deal with day-to-day challenges.


  1. Personal Development 

A personal development website is an excellent choice for life coaches and self-help gurus. Provide guidance on how to set and reach personal milestones and improve self-image. If you provide one-on-one coaching, make sure your website allows your guests to book an appointment online.

Tony Robbins website

Source: Tony Robbins


  1. Psychology

If your area of expertise is psychology, build a website to extend your knowledge to those who might benefit from it. Create rich and diverse content with interesting studies, useful facts, psychology tests, and more. 


  1. Sustainability 

The critical importance of sustainable living is at its all-time high. A sustainability website will allow you to promote a low-waste and eco-friendly lifestyle. Inspiring individuals to make slight lifestyle adjustments can eventually change the course of our planet at large. 


  1. Natural Medicine 

If you’re an experienced practitioner of naturopathy and herbal medicine, share your tried-and-true practices of treating common ailments. Speak about the healing properties of certain herbs and how to use them safely.

World Naturopathic Federation website

Source: World Naturopathic Federation


To Conclude 

Creating and running a successful website is a demanding pursuit. As in most businesses, you’re required to put in consistent work before you see any significant return. But even if the results are slow, they might very well be worth it. 

Already picked your website idea? Bring it to life using our ready-to-go website templates. Select your category, choose a template, and start customizing it.

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