20 Types of Funny YouTube Comments You Can’t Miss

20 Types of Funny YouTube Comments You Can’t Miss

What is the second most famous reason people visit YouTube? Right, the funny comments.

Users leave millions of comments under the videos and, sometimes, it can be challenging to find relevant and sane ones.

Most of them are really creative and hilarious. And, once you start reading them, it’s really hard to stop. If you love reading YouTube comments as much as we do, then you have probably noticed that there are some common comment types or trends, if you will. 

We’ve read a great deal of YouTube comments while watching hundreds of videos to specify the 20 types of amusing comments that you’ve probably seen everywhere.

Let’s get to it now!

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  1. Love and Hearts, so Sweet <3

This is probably one of the most popular types of comments. It’s typical of people to express their love and affection, but sometimes they just overreact. Especially, when it comes to the newly-released music video of their favorite singer or band. But, who are we to judge?

Funny YouTube Comments Expressing Love

Funny YouTube Comments About Love


  1. I’m Here to Check the Views, Who Else?

The most viewed YouTube videos usually have a lot of comments, but most of them are related to the number of views. Very curious YouTubers frequently come to check it and find it necessary to leave a comment about their discovery.

Funny YouTube Comments - Checking the Views

Funny YouTube Comments About Views


  1. Is Time-traveling Legal?

YouTube shows that time-traveling is widely spread nowadays. And, leaving comments from the future, or the ancient times is a natural thing. Ok, we’ll wait until someone shares a tutorial.

Funny YouTube Comments - Time-Traveling

Funny YouTube Comments About Time-traveling

Funny YouTube Comments - The Time-traveler


  1. 1:21 – 1:35 was the Best Part

Another most popular type of YouTube comment is the “time” comment, when someone indicates a certain time in the video and leaves feedback, usually an amusing one.

Funny YouTube Comments About Time

Funny YouTube Comments - Feedback on Certain Part

Funny YouTube Comments - The Best Part


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  1. Any Belgians Here?

No matter what video you’re watching, you’ll always find patriotism-awakening comments. It’s an international platform. Of course, there are people from your country, city, or even from the building across the street. The question is, what will you do if you find them?

Funny YouTube Comments About Certain Country

Funny YouTube Comments About Countries


  1. “Riverdale” Brought me Here

Nowadays, this type of comments is everywhere. And, sometimes they become very annoying, instead of being funny. Though, only true fans will understand.

Funny YouTube Comments- This Show Brought me Here

Funny YouTube Comments About TV Shows


  1. Haters Gonna Hate

These are some funniest ones posted by people who don’t like what they saw or heard. And, almost every video has at least 1-2 of these kinds of comments (or even worse than these ones). You can always skip them, or read the comment chains, which can be very amusing (or not).

Funny YouTube Comments About Haters

Funny YouTube Comments - Haters Gonna Hate


  1. No one Likes “The Hater”

You can always find people who are trying to fight with the “haters” or to protect the video creators. It may grow into a long comment chain if they try hard.

Funny YouTube Comments - No Haters

Funny YouTube Comments - Protectors


  1. A Nice Person with the Lyrics of the Song, Thank You!

Everybody likes the lyrics comments, especially when you’re too lazy to Google them yourself.

Funny YouTube Comments - Song Lyrics

Funny YouTube Comments - Lyrics in Comments


  1. The Accurate Timings of the Playlist. You’re Welcome!

So, you’ve discovered a really great playlist, but you can’t find the tracklist. There’s a hero who adds the list with accurate timing in the comments and saves the day.

Funny YouTube Comments - Playlist with Timing


  1. I’ve Been Here Before it was Mainstream

How can you show that you’ve discovered the song before it became popular? You should add a comment, of course.

Funny YouTube Comments - Before it was Mainstream


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  1. I Have Nothing to do With This Video

It’s probably the funniest and the most annoying type of comment. You can find really original ones alongside the average. It’s their way to promote themselves. And, it seems to be effective, considering the fact that this type of comment still exists.

Funny YouTube Comments - Self-promotion

Funny YouTube Comments - Ads in Comments


  1. Please, Like my Comment, or This Cat will Die

It seems that the lives of the commenters depend on the number of likes they will get. At least, the comment below got 33 likes instead of 3, so he’s safe now.

Funny YouTube Comments About Likes

Funny YouTube Comments - Requesting Likes


  1. Weird Stuff no one Understands

The funniest comments are those which are totally out of the context. And, you read: “Love, hearts, cats, 2059, Illuminati… Illuminati?”

Weird and Funny YouTube Comments

Funny YouTube Comments - Weird Comments


  1. Wait, is it a Tank?

If you wonder how people are doing text art, you can always find a YouTube tutorial for it. There are very amusing ones, which we’re not going to show here.

Funny YouTube Comments - Text Art

Funny YouTube Comments with Text Art


  1. Questions?

Questions are an inseparable part of the YouTube comments section. You can find relevant, irrelevant, rhetoric, philosophical, and many random questions. Sometimes, it’s very hard to find the answers to them, at least logical ones.

Rhetoric Funny YouTube Comments

Random Funny YouTube Comments

Funny YouTube Comments - Questions


  1. First Comment

People always wish to be the first. Be it a race, a competition, or the comments. They could come up with more original comments you might say, but they don’t have time to think. There’s always someone who types faster.

YouTube Video First Comment

YouTube Video - First


  1. The Worst 5 Minutes of My Life

It’s not what you think. It’s about people who don’t know what they do with their lives and feel like they’re wasting their time on useless things. And, they are probably right. But, why not share it with the world?

Funny YouTube Comments - Wasting Time

Funny YouTube Comments - Useless Video


  1. Sarcasm is the Key

Who doesn’t love witty, sarcastic comments? People who fail to understand sarcasm. This is why some people call these comments dumb, but we call them amusing.

Funny YouTube Comments - Sarcasm

Sarcastic Funny YouTube Comments


  1. He Said, She Said, I Said 

Imagining and coming up with funny conversations is another fun favorite activity of the YouTube “commentators”. We have to admit though, sometimes those made-up dialogues and monologues turn out to be the funniest YouTube comments. Don’t know what we mean? Here you go!  

Funny YouTube Comments - Dialogue

Funny YouTube Comments - Made-up Dialogues


These were the 20 types of funniest YouTube comments that we’ve managed to define during our research. You sure have left at least one of these types of comments. So now, the only thing left to do is to thank YouTube for having its comment section and the users for their unforgettable comments.

Do you have a YouTube channel? In case you need engaging and fun ideas, check out our ultimate list of YouTube video ideas. Create and have fun!

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