225 YouTube Video Ideas You Can Try Right Now

225 YouTube Video Ideas You Can Try Right Now

Welcome to the world of cute animals, challenge videos, pranks, music, and, in other words, YouTube. Are you ready to create your first YouTube video and be part of this big world? We’ll help you find the best YouTube video ideas.

Most of us spend hours on YouTube. Some of us just watch videos, create playlists of our favorite ones, and subscribe to any YouTube channel we like. The others not only watch but also create videos that we enjoy watching and become popular on YouTube. Check out the list of most subscribed YouTubers to see who they are.

If your YouTube channel is not on the list, you obviously need an effective strategy, especially if you’re new in this field. But, don’t kill the optimist within you on the way. You never know when your YouTube videos may go viral and change your life. 

Speaking of viral YouTube videos, do you know what types of YouTube video ideas are more popular? The top three types are related to comedy, beauty, and gaming.

To fire up your creativity and move you one step closer to your video creation process, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet of 225 YouTube video ideas for beginners.

  • Music/Dance YouTube Video Ideas
  • YouTube Video Ideas for Gaming
  • YouTube Video Ideas for Tech
  • Cooking/Food YouTube Video Ideas
  • Fitness/Health YouTube Video Ideas


Music/Dance YouTube Video Ideas

If you have perfect pitch, a unique voice, or unusual flexibility, then you definitely need to share your talents with the world. Besides, YouTube videos are a perfect match for your music marketing strategy. Here are some music and dance YouTube video ideas for you to consider.

  1. Original music/track video – Combine your new track with unique and creative visuals to give it a competitive advantage and an opportunity to become the next hit. Check out the coolest music visualizer templates to sync with your song and help your channel become popular on YouTube.
  2. Acoustic song/cover – What can sound better than the pure, acoustic version of a song?
  3. Studio recording sessions – Give your audience the opportunity to witness the process of making music in a studio.
  4. Songwriting process/diary – Share your songwriting process with the help of a short video diary. Your followers would love to see it.
  5. Music covers – Can you make an exclusive and impressive cover that will be better than the original? If you make high-quality covers, your chances to get noticed are higher. Below is a reaction video called “Watching covers with Pink” by Glamour Magazine, where Pink is evaluating her fan covers.
  1. Music video with a slideshow – Create awesome slideshows with your favorite song. You can use slideshow maker tools to make the process easier and more enjoyable.
  2. Animated music videos – You can find a wide range of animated music videos on YouTube, including motion graphics, 3D art, hand-drawn, etc. Most of us have seen the “Rick and Morty” series, and now our favorite characters are featured in Run The Jewels’ animated music video. Lovely, right?
  1. Lyric video – Lyric videos are among the most popular YouTube video ideas you need to consider. But, make sure not to have any typos or mistakes in the text.
  2. Karaoke version – Karaoke is the favorite activity of those who can and cannot, sing. So, do them a favor and create a high-quality karaoke video of their most-liked songs.
  3. Live concert footage – Live videos are becoming more and more popular nowadays, so take the chance and go live.
  4. How-to videos – Use screen record and show the track recording and mixing process. This can be interesting not only for your fans but also for other musicians.
  5. Q&A with fans – This can be a great YouTube video idea if you want to engage with your fans and followers. Answer their questions and connect with them.
  6. Bloopers – Share the bloopers from the recording process or video shoot. Make your audience laugh.
  7. “Behind the scenes” – Many of us are interested in the things that happen behind the scenes of a video shoot or a concert. Let’s sneak in the shooting of Eminem’s “River” ft. Ed Sheeran.
  1. A personal greeting video – Congratulate your audience or say thanks to your fans.
  2. Singing lessons – If you think you are talented enough, then you can record singing lessons for future stars.
  3. Music recommendation and album reviews – Album reviews just like any other product review video, are widely loved and searched on YouTube. Review new albums and recommend the best music from new releases.
  4. Music quizzes – Music quizzes are a great way to check your memory and knowledge of the music at different times. Your followers and viewers will surely appreciate the time and effort spent on creating the quiz.
  5. Top music charts/greatest hits – A playlist with the greatest hits or the top music tracks is a treasure. Create the list and let the music lovers enjoy it.
  6. Mashup videos – Mashup is an amazing way to combine different songs by using your creativity. You can experiment with different genres and get a really original mashup from them. The example below is very impressive. The way the author combined the compositions is incredible.
  1. Popular music video remake on budget/parody video – What if you could recreate the popular music videos? Again, you need to be very creative and do it with the right proportion of humor to retain interest.
  2. Soundtracks from favorite TV shows and movies – Once we hear a song on a TV show or a movie we try to find it. Get the viewers’ attention by creating such playlists or a video.
  3. A playlist of your favorite songs/best songs of specific genres – Create a list of the best of jazz, rock, pop, and other music genres.
  4. The history of different music genres – Tell about the origins and the development of different music genres in your YouTube mini-series.
  5. Bands and their stories/top albums – You can make videos about different music bands or musicians. How was the band formed? Who are the key performers? Which is their best album? What are some of the most interesting facts about them? These kinds of YouTube video ideas are both informative and fun.  
  6. Playing a musical instrument – Show off your skills in playing different musical instruments by recording and uploading the video to your YouTube channel. There are many options from piano and guitar to trumpet and bongo drums.
  7. Musical instrument tutorial videos – You can also use your skills to create tutorials for those who want to learn to play musical instruments.
  8. Teach your pet to play a musical instrument – This may be among the weirdest YouTube video ideas. But, why not? Our pets can be very talented, like the ones in the video below:
  1. Instrument tuning and repair – If you’re truly familiar with the musical instrument you can show how to tune or repair it. Record it and show your audience how to do it.
  2. Music equipment review videos – As a musician, you use various equipment while recording and editing your music. Some of them are good, the others are not. Review your equipment and tell your audience which will be the best for them.
  3. Online music/musical instrument shops reviews – In this digital age, there are many online shops where you can buy many things, including music albums, sound effects, musical instruments, and equipment. Check which shops have the best offers and which ones are more trustworthy.
  4. Music app reviews – So, you’ve found a new music app? Try it out and share your opinion.
  5. Interviews with musicians/stars – Having guest stars as interviewees can be a great boost for your channel. Don’t miss the opportunities to connect with local stars/musicians, or even famous ones. You can record the interviews and edit them with various tools. Let’s check out an interview with Bob Marley!
  1. Stories from the famous musician’s lives – If you can’t arrange an interview, you can at least make a video with the stories of the famous musician’s lives or some interesting facts about them.
  2. Dance battle – Invite your talented friends and organize a dance battle. Who’s the winner?
  3. Dancing tutorial videos – If you are really good at dancing, you can create dancing tutorials. Teach some interesting moves or a whole dance.
  4. A dance concept video – Tell your story through dancing. 
  5. National dances of different countries – If you are passionate about national dances, you can create a video series about them. Tell about the origins and the evolution of certain moves.
  6. Dancing children compilation – Who doesn’t love cute dancing children? 
  7. A video compilation of viral videos – You can never guess which videos will go viral. But, you can create a compilation of videos that were viral. 
  8. A tutorial on how to make a video compilation – If you don’t know how to create a video compilation, you can find a tutorial. Or, if you’re an experienced compilation maker, you can create one for those who need it.
  9. Reaction video – This idea is quite popular among other YouTube video ideas. And it’s quite easy to create too. All you need to do is record yourself and your reaction while watching music videos, or challenges.
  10. AMVs (anime music videos) – These types of YouTube video ideas are most popular with anime lovers. Pick some popular tracks and add different scenes from your favorite animes. 
  1. Breaking news from the music industry – And, of course, don’t forget to create videos about the recent news from the music industry. Don’t miss the latest album releases or the music awards.


You can always come up with more music-related YouTube video ideas that are connected to the above-mentioned ones. So, choose one of these creative video ideas and start creating!


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YouTube Video Ideas for Gaming

YouTube Gaming is a gaming hub created for gamers and launched in 2015. With YouTube Gaming, you can find a wide variety of gaming videos and live streams, chat with other gamers, get the latest news, share your videos and build your own audience.  

If gaming is in your blood and you think it’s time to start a gaming channel, then use one of these YouTube video ideas for gamers to create your first viral video.

  1. Review games – One of the most popular YouTube video ideas is creating a review video. Share your opinion about the different games that you’ve played.
  2. Suggest a game idea – As an experienced gamer, you will have really interesting game ideas or updates for existing games. Make a video of your suggestions, and maybe you’ll get lucky to see them come to life.
  3. Go Live – Live videos are one of the most popular types of YouTube gaming videos. You can go live and comment on gameplay, show a walkthrough, or just discuss a game. If you wonder how you can do it, go to YouTube Gaming and watch some live videos.
  4. In-Depth Discussions of eSports – For those who don’t know it, eSports is the professional competition of video gamers. So, a video discussing these games more in-depth can be very interesting for eSports fans.
  5. Share Frag videos/Highlights – Create game movies with the highlights of popular games and attract the attention of their fans.
  6. Tutorial videos – It’s really hard to pass some parts of the games, and many gamers need help with it. So, you can choose your favorite game, that you are a pro at, record tutorials and teach them how to do it. 
Make YouTube Intro
  1. Video game trivia quizzes – There’s only one way to know if you’re a true gamer – a quiz. Do you have the answers to all the questions? If you do, then it’s time to challenge other gamers. Create trivia quizzes and see how many gamers can answer all the questions. Quizzes are actually among the most famous YouTube video ideas among gamers. So, why shouldn’t you try it either?
  2. Unknown/new game review – If you’ve found an unknown favorite game but you find it pretty interesting and challenging, then you can share it with other gamers and tell them what you think about it. Or, if there’s a new game release, be the first to review it.
  3. How to get banned – Have you ever been banned? It’s never too late to be. Moreover, you can show other gamers what they can do to be banned, or what they shouldn’t do if they don’t want to be banned. If you want to get banned in Fortnite: Battle Royale, then do the things mentioned in the video below:
  1. Gameplay reaction videos – Record your reactions while playing your favorite game and show how you deal with different events happening in the game.
  2. First impression video – So, you’ve got a new game and you start playing it for the first time. Share the first impressions you get from it.
  1. Latest gaming news – Is there interesting, or even shocking news from the gaming industry? Shoot a video talking about them and your opinion.
  2. The future of gaming – What can the gamers expect in the future? Do you have any theories? Share some interesting forecasts with your audience.
  3. Game secrets – Reveal some game secrets and surprise your audience. Here are some tricks and tips from God of War PS4:
  1. Impressive game tricks – If you’re a skilled gamer, then you’ll have some badass tricks to show.
  2. Interview with game developers – Get the answers to the most asked questions about game development.
  3. Compare two games – You can compare games of the same genre, and tell the pros and cons of each of them. How many times have you watched a video with similar YouTube video ideas? It’s time for you to compare the games now!
  4. Raw gameplay/walkthrough video – Record yourself while playing a game. Show the walkthroughs of different scenarios and chapters, or just share the raw gameplay videos. Watch the full game walkthrough video of Half-Life 2:
  1. Recreate a video game in real life – This requires a lot of creativity and vivid imagination. Try it, if you dare.
  2. Make a song – Pick highlights from different games, add an epic song and create a music video. Create an amazing intro to catch your viewers’ attention right from the start.
  3. Show off your inventory – Do you have a rich inventory? Make a video and share your treasures with other gamers.
  4. Name the top things you like in a game – What are the top things that you like? What makes you a true fan of that game?
  5. Talk about the things you don’t like in a game – Share the things you don’t like in a game. Do they stop you from playing it?
  6. Game storyline details – Create a video about the storyline of a popular game. There can be many interesting facts about the heroes, the places, or the episodes.
  7. Cheat code collection – Reveal the hidden features in games and show how to activate them.
  8. Q&A – Run a Q&A session to answer the most asked questions related to video games. These kinds of YouTube video ideas are not only effective for YouTube but can also be used for other social media platforms. 
  9. Video games with the best graphics – Which games have the best graphics? You can make a list or show them one by one.
  10. Game challenges – Create game challenge videos that can go viral and bring more viewers to your YouTube channel.
  11. Funny compilations – Who doesn’t love funny videos? Gamers would love to see a compilation of funny videos from their favorite games.
  1. Recommend a game – Record a short mini-series of video game recommendations. Tell your audience why exactly they need to choose the recommended game.
  2. Friends/relatives reaction videos – Let them play different games and record their reactions. Then, ask what they think about them.
  3. A social experiment in a game – Are you ready for a social experiment? There are many social experiment examples, which you can try during gameplay.
  4. Play with weird setup – Try out different setups in a game and play with them.
  5. Test gaming gear – Try new headsets, mice, keyboards, laptops, computers, controllers, and other gaming gear.
  6. Gaming meme video – Make memes from video games. Check out an example below:
  1. Gaming room tour/behind the scenes video – Is there something to show off in your gaming room? Record a behind-the-scenes video and make a tour in your room.
  2. Announcement/giveaway – You can make an announcement or offer giveaways through a short video.
  3. Add your voiceover to a game – Use our creative potential to come up with new YouTube video ideas and create original videos with your voiceover.
  4. Slow/fast motion video – One of the examples is when you create an explosion video and show it in slow-motion. This is what a slow-motion video can look like:
  1. Your training routine – If you have a special training routine or tactics which you can share with others, then simply record them and upload them to your channel.
  2. “Best of” compilation – Share a list of best games, players, episodes, and anything that can be interesting to your audience.
  3. Speedrun – Can you make a world record speedrun? At least you can try. Here’s a speedrun of a very funny game, which is very hard to pass:
  1. Unreleased games – Talk about the games which have not been released yet after watching some demos and screens from them. Tell your audience about your expectations and their potential.


You’ll face fierce competition in this niche as there are many YouTube channels covering various topics, including the great YouTube video ideas we’ve included here. But with the right video ideas and video editing tools, you’ll find a way to stand out! Remember to boost engagement by having a YouTube outro with a CTA or links to your other videos.


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YouTube Video Ideas for Tech

As Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” This is also related to all the brave and unreal ideas that once were on paper. Now, they are called technological advancements. If you are a tech-savvy person and know about technology more than an average person, then you can create your YouTube channel to share your knowledge with your audience. Below you can find  YouTube video ideas for your first tech video.

  1. Product review – Pick different models of mobile phones, computers, or other devices to review them. These types of videos can get a lot of views, as people tend to check out the reviews before making a purchase. Tell them what you like about them the most, or what you don’t like. Is it worth buying them?
  2. Present the specs – This type of video can be helpful for those who go deeper into the specifics of devices. Make a video about a mobile phone, computer, or other device’s specs.
  3. The features and performance overview – Talk about the features and performance of specific devices.
  1. Compare different devices/software – You can compare two different device models or computer software. Or, you can pick different releases of the same device, tell the differences and what’s been updated.
  2. Old but gold gadgets – Speak about the technology of the past 50 years, which were the breakthroughs of their time.
  3. New products and releases – Be the first to introduce the new gadget or device.
  1. Favorite gadgets – Can you imagine your life without gadgets? Of course, you can’t. That’s why favorite gadget reviews are among the most popular video ideas for YouTube.
  2. Wishlist – Show the gadgets of your dreams which have found their place on your wishlist.
  3. Show off your gadgets – Why not? Show them what you have.
  4. Tech news and updates – This is a very broad topic and there are a lot of things you can cover. Simply follow the news and once you find something worth speaking of, take your camera and record your own videos with a unique approach.
  1. Computer hardware – If you’re mostly into computers, then you can make videos about computer hardware and the latest updates.
  2. Smart products and gadgets – Smart technology is becoming an inseparable part of our lives. Make a video about different products or gadgets and their use in our everyday life.
  1. Shopping hot tech pieces – Let’s go shopping! You can’t record this kind of video on a budget, you would say. Have you heard about window shopping? Both options are available.
  2. Software beta version – Are you one of the lucky ones who have access to the beta version of the software? Record the testing and review that version, then, compare it with the general release.
  3. The technology of the future – Impress your audience with amazing and unreal future technology examples. Can a human head be transplanted? Are robots with personalities real? Superfast flying cars? Similar YouTube video ideas will help your video go viral!
  4. Explain tech concepts – It’s no surprise that most people don’t know much about tech and the meanings of some tech concepts. Educate your audience with clear definitions and examples.
  5. Q&A session – Answer questions about tech. If you are confident about your knowledge about tech, you can go live and answer the questions of viewers from the comments.
  6. Tech tips, tricks, and hacks – Can you surprise your followers by creating a video showing some tricks and hacks? Create a step-by-step guide for them, in case they want to try.
  1. Present programs and web apps – Discover new and useful programs and web apps for your viewers. Pick specific industries and show what programs can be used to increase productivity, or help to manage the processes.
  2. Create how-to videos – If you’re good at something, record yourself and show your audience how to do it the right way.
  3. The history of technology – YouTube mini-series about the history of technology can be very entertaining and informative.
  4. Unboxing video – Unpack your new gadget or device in front of your followers.
  5. DIY video projects – Technology DIY video projects can be rather challenging. Record the process of making your DIY project.
  1. Interviews with experts – Collaborate with different experts to create informative and engaging videos for your audience.
  2. Speak about inventions and innovations – Are there any inventions or innovations which can save the world or change the future of humanity?
  3. Review mobile apps – It’s become very hard to choose the right mobile apps nowadays. There are many options and we spend a lot of time choosing from them. Try mobile apps and review them.
  4. AI news and predictions – What is Artificial Intelligence? Create videos about AI and its possible influence on our lives.
  1. IoT news and predictions – How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our lives? Tell about what is IoT, the devices, and how they work.
  2. Technology price trends and recommendations – If you’re good at finding the best prices, then you can share your discoveries with others.
  3. Everything about extreme gadgets – If danger is your second name, and you have extreme hobbies, then you can record videos to share your experiences with extreme gadgets and their effectiveness.
  4. Best online tech and electronics stores – Review the online shops and tell your followers which stores are more trusted and provide the best shipping options. These kinds of YouTube video ideas are great for those who enjoy both technology and shopping.
  5. The renowned tech companies – Create a mini-series about world-renown tech companies, their missions, and their impact on our lives.
  6. Upcoming or current events/workshops – So, you had a chance to participate in a tech event, go live, or create a highlight video of it. Or, present an upcoming event/workshop, maybe someone among your followers would love to attend them. Sharing the useful information you have about the current events with your subscribers will make your YouTube channel one of their favorites. 
  1. AR/VR technologies and gadgets – Make a video about Augmented and Virtual reality technologies and what we need to know about them. You can also tell about your experiences, the devices, and favorite apps.
  2. Explainer videos – Show your audience how the software or gadget works through explainer videos. In case you want some inspiration, check out these examples provided by Hubspot. And, if you are ready to create one, check out our ready-made explainer video templates.
  3. Confirmed or busted technology myths – Do you still believe that Private/Incognito browsing protects your privacy? Let the world know the truth with the help of your videos.
  4. Technology case studies – If you have some examples which showcase the good or bad impact of technology, then it’s time to bring it forward and present. They could be great YouTube video ideas!
  5. Lists of gadgets or devices – You can create a list of technology fast facts, the best of 2021, and any other tech-related list.
  1. The history and evolution of devices/gadgets – This might be one of the most interesting types of videos. You have the latest iPhone, but do you know its evolution? What did the very first iPhone look like?
  2. Technology experiments – Don’t forget to add a “Don’t try this at home” warning.
  3. A step-by-step installation/setup guide – These types of videos are the most helpful ones. Help people by sharing step-by-step instructions for installation or setup.
  4. Technology in movies/TV shows – Speak about the technology introduced in different movies or TV shows, the old or new ones, whether they are real or not.


These are the most popular YouTube video ideas for tech. Have a look at these types of videos on YouTube and get inspiration before finding the right topic for your YouTube channel.


Cooking/Food YouTube Video Ideas

Are you the next Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver? If you want to create a cooking channel, publish food-related videos, or simply have a passion for food, then we’ll help you find the right  YouTube video ideas for your first videos.

  1. Share recipes – ‘What else can I do for a cooking channel?’- you would think. Among the first YouTube video ideas that many channels have are recipe videos. Start with simple ones and show that cooking mouthwatering and tasty food can be easy.
  2. How-tos – How to cut onions? How to keep fruits and vegetables fresh? Think about the everyday challenges that people have in their kitchens and give helpful tips.
  3. Cooking with children – If you want to shoot videos, but you have children and they need your attention, then the best solution is to let your children join you. Create funny and interactive cooking videos with your children.
  1. Cooking with famous people/YouTubers – Are you lucky enough to know famous people or YouTubers? Neither am I. But, you can always reach out to them and suggest a collaboration.
  2. Cooking with pets – Is your cat a professional chef? Do you want it to become one? Then, it’s time to make some videos with your cat and upload them to YouTube.
  3. Cooking competitions – They are very popular nowadays. But, you can think about very unusual competitions, like cooking with one hand, or even with your eyes shut.
  4. Street food – If you know where to find tasty street food, then taste it and share your impressions. Sometimes, trying street food can be very dangerous for your health. But, it would be quite interesting to those who don’t have the opportunity to taste it.
  1. Restaurant/cafe review – Create video reviews for restaurants and cafes. Do it in an original way, add your personal approach, and make it unique. 
  2. Grocery review – If you like shopping, go to the nearest grocery and shoot a video review about it. Where would you go next?
  3. Funny food videos – Think about videos where you can use food in a funny way. Have you seen the Annoying Orange videos? If you haven’t, then check one of them below.
  1. Supermarket prank videos – Pranks never get old. Think about the funniest prank videos you can shoot in a supermarket. Watch some videos on YouTube for inspiration.
  2. Food art/decoration – This idea is for talented people who can create food art and decorations. If you have some ready-made food art, show them to the world. If you don’t, then show how you create them.
  3. Cuisine types – Do you like Caribbean cuisine or Chinese? Create videos about different cuisine types. Spice them up with mouthwatering photos. Nobody can resist them.
  4. The cuisine of different nations – What is the most popular food from around the world? What is the most delicious dessert in the world? Make videos about the dishes of different nations.
  1. History of various products – Have you ever thought about how the milk was discovered? There are many interesting stories about various products and their discovery. Go ahead and create videos about them.
  2. History of beverages – The same goes for the beverages. How was alcohol discovered/invented? There are many amazing stories which you can use.
  3. Barman tricks – Are you a skilled barman? Or, maybe you know one. Shoot a video of different tricks. And even fails. Why not?
  4. Original beverage recipes – Do you have some secret recipes for tasty drinks? Share them with the world. You can use this type of video to promote your bar.
  5. Kitchen equipment and utensils – These videos can help those who have never used kitchen utensils and don’t even know the right way of using them. Your audience will appreciate it.
  6. Food animations – Are you good at making animations? Create amusing food animations. Here is an example of a 3D food animation. You can use animation software or online tools.
  1. Cooking apps – Do you use cooking apps? Maybe you have one. Create app video reviews. Show how to use those apps. Tell your YouTube audience about the best and the worst ones.
  2. Your favorite food – Create a video about your favorite food. It can be pizza, fried potatoes, or Carne al Piatto.
  3. Your pet’s favorite food – So, you’ve created a video about your favorite food. Now, you need to make a video about the favorite food of your pet.
  4. Best cooking TV shows – What are the top 10 cooking TV shows? Create a listing and share it. You can also add some historical facts about the oldest cooking TV shows.
  5. Kitchen tour – Make a tour of your top-notch kitchen. What do you have there? Shoot a before/after video of your new kitchen and tell what you’ve changed there.
  1. Fridge tour – After finishing your kitchen tour, concentrate on your fridge. What food and products do you have there?
  2. Friend’s fridge tour – Do your friends have huge fridges? Make tours of their fridges and show what they have there.
  3. Product comparison – Pick the same products of different companies and compare them. Tell your audience which one is better and which one you like the most.
  4. Go grocery shopping – Go live while shopping. Show the viewers your daily grocery shopping list, how you choose the products, and show some life hacks.
  5. Growing fruits and vegetables – Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables? Share your experience with the beginners. Show them how to find good seeds, how to grow vegetables, and other useful tips.
  6. Food festivals, competitions, and events – Take part in different food festivals and events and share the highlights with your audience.
  1. Food challenge videos – Can you eat 25 burgers in 5 minutes? Make a video and challenge others to see if anyone can beat you. People love watching a challenge video, so sharing it on your channel can be a great way to connect with your subscribers.  
  2. Experiments – Do you like doing experiments? If you know what happens when you add mentos into coke then you do like them. Think about crazy experiments and create a video. Don’t forget to warn your viewers not to repeat them at home.
  3. Collaborations with famous chiefs/ barmen – Think about different kinds of collaborations with famous chiefs or barmen. You can shoot some kind of “Holiday Specials” or other thematic videos.
  4. Famous chefs’ interviews – Maybe you could invite them to an interview? Prepare intriguing questions to keep your audience engaged.
  5. Food/cooking trivia – We all love quizzes and trivia. Write questions about cooking terms, famous recipes, dressings, and sauces.
  1. Cooking the meals from famous films/cartoons/books – Prepare ramen from Naruto, Remy’s Ratatouille, Tony’s Spaghetti With Meatballs From Lady and the Tramp, and many other famous dishes.
  2. Show off your wine collection – Wine lovers and connoisseurs can boast about their wine collections and tell the stories of all the wines they have collected within years.
  3. Holiday/special occasion recipes – You can dedicate one of your playlists to recipes for special occasions or holidays. Find special dishes from different parts of the world and share them.
  4. What to prepare for a picnic – Help your audience prepare food for a picnic. Create a list of all the things which will make a perfect picnic.
  5. Food waste – If you know some ways to reduce food waste, then start making videos about them and help to solve one of the world’s problems.
  6. Food containers and wraps – Make a video about plastic food wraps and their natural replacement options. Raise awareness and help to save the planet from plastic.
  1. Kitchen appliances review – Create video reviews for kitchen appliances. Compare the prices and the quality of different brands.
  2. Video parody of famous cooking TV shows – If you like watching cooking TV shows, you can try to make their parodies.
  3. Cooking lessons – Teach the specifics of cooking different food. How long shall we cook meat? Or, what is the best temperature for cooking it?
  4. Cooking games reviews – This idea may sound weird, but in fact, there are people who create videos about cooking games. Moreover, there are people who watch those videos.
  5. Food truck videos – You’re lucky if you have a food truck because it gives you an opportunity to shoot food truck videos and share with your audience. If you don’t have it, scroll up and think about other video ideas.


Fitness/Health YouTube Video Ideas

Nowadays, people are so obsessed with fitness and sports. Most of us go to the gym or yoga classes. Besides, we love watching workout videos and learning new exercises. Shooting videos is a great opportunity to show off your 6-pack abs and teach your audience how to get them. Below are some of the popular YouTube video ideas you can try for your YouTube channel.

  1. Workout supplements – Have you tried any supplements to gain muscle? Share your experience and results with your viewers.
  2. A trustworthy recommendation of vitamins – If you’re a professional, then you can help your audience with choosing the right vitamins.
  3. Effective stretching routine – Shoot a video about the most effective full-body stretching exercises. Show how to become more flexible.
  4. Yoga videos – Here you have a lot of options. YouTube video ideas for yoga include videos for beginners, different yoga sequences, yoga for stress management, yoga-inspired fitness, the history and the philosophy of yoga, and many more. You can even create a time-lapse video, and show the whole process of it in a more interesting way. 
  1. An exercise plan – Develop an effective exercise plan or fitness program. You can create different playlists for weight loss plans, for daily programs or monthly programs, add categories for the beginners and experienced ones.
  2. Inspiration/motivation story – To create this kind of video you must have a true talent. Motivate people to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply live a healthy life.
  3. Share a meal plan – Choosing the right diet meal plan is a real nightmare. There are so many options out there, that it’s hard to find a trusted and good one. Share 7-day, 14-day, or monthly diet plans which you have already tried.
  4. Explain an exercise – While exercising, it’s important to do everything the right way. Create a video series to teach how to do the exercises.
  5. A full workout video – Present the best exercises for a full-body workout. Make 15-minute, 30-minute, or 1-month full workout plans for amateurs or skilled ones.
  1. Good sleep tips – Do you know the feeling when you wake up very tired in the morning? Give your audience some tips on how to have a good and healthy sleep.
  2. Share a preparation story – If you’re preparing to run a marathon or take part in a competition, you can shoot the training process, your daily routine, or your diet plan and share on YouTube.
  3. Health & Wellness Q&A session – Invite professionals on an interview and a Q&A session. You can organize live webinars with them, or just record a video.
  4. Weight loss ideas and guidance – Weight loss is a hot topic nowadays. Many people try different diets and workout plans. Some of them are effective, the others are not. Help your audience to find the best ways to lose weight.
  5. Exercises with no equipment – Sports equipment can be very expensive, and some people can’t afford to buy them or go to the gym. But, everybody wants to be healthy and fit. Make videos about doing exercises with no special equipment.
  1. Workout habits – Sometimes, people develop some habits which are not only ineffective but also harmful. Speak about the bad workout habits that people must quit and which can harm their training process.
  2. Post-workout meals – After effective training, it’s important to have the right meals. Share your tips on the best post-workout meals.
  3. Healthy tea ideas – Do you know healthy tea recipes which are also very tasty? Go ahead and share them with your audience.
  4. Show how to stretch – Show how to properly stretch, when to stretch and what kind of stretches can be effective before a full workout.  
  5. A home workout – What exercises can we do at home? These videos can be helpful to those who don’t have time to go to the gym.
  6. Morning routine – We read many articles about what morning routines successful people have. Can you suggest a new and better one?
  1. Outdoors workout – An outdoor workout can be very stimulating and enjoyable. Create a mini-series of outdoor training.
  2. Children workout – It’s important to teach the children how to properly work out and make the training a habit. Make useful and entertaining workout videos for children.
  3. Pets workout – How to keep you and your pet healthy? Simply work out together. Shoot workout videos with your pet.
  4. Celebrity workout routine – Find out how famous athletes or celebrities work out and present it to your audience.
  5. Fitness apps review – If you use any fitness/health apps, share what you think about them. Would you recommend others to use them?
  1. Client success story – There are many personal trainers nowadays, but it’s hard to find out which one is good. If you’re a personal trainer, create videos with success stories of your clients to show the results of your training.
  2. Health issues you’ve overcome – You can overcome anything if you find the strength. Does your story have a happy ending? Share it with the world to show that it’s possible to overcome certain health issues.
  3. How to become a trainer – Share your tips on how to become a good trainer. What skills are necessary for that?
  4. Favorite fitness person/trainer – We’re all following some fitness trainers or people who actively work out. Share your favorite ones.
  5. Favorite fitness website overview – The same goes for fitness websites. Are there any websites that provide some helpful information or training tips? Recommend the ones you like.
  6. Training response video – Find videos from different YouTube trainers and shoot a response video reviewing their training course, or responding to their challenge. 
  7. Holiday-specific training plans – Prepare holiday-specific training plans for your followers. A healthy diet will be a bonus.
  1. Holiday eating tips – It’s not a secret that people like tasty food and they eat a lot during the holidays. Who can resist pasta or barbecued meat? Prepare some tips on how to get away with all the fat and unhealthy diet during the holidays.
  2. Fitness TV show reviews – Give your feedback on different fitness TV shows. Tell what you like the most about them, or what you don’t like.
  3. Training course review – How would you rate the last training course? Tell the details of the training, what you liked and disliked.
  4. Sports/activities to do on the weekends – Share your favorite sports and fitness activities for the weekends.
  5. Client/member interview – Interview your clients and the members of your training courses. Let them give their feedback on your training.
  6. Health myths – True or false? Show the most common health myths debunked.
  1. Weight loss myths – Do you know any weight loss myths? Prove them wrong and share the truth with your audience.
  2. Muscle gain myths – The same goes for muscle gain myths. Create a mini-series of myth-busting YouTube videos.
  3. A list of health facts – Create different lists of health facts. You can make different categories and subcategories.
  4. Homemade cures, natural alternatives – Do you know of any natural remedies or cures? If they are safe and tested, share them with your audience.
  5. Fitness warnings, cautions, concerns – While doing exercises, it’s important to do them safely. Tell your audience how to avoid getting themselves hurt when they exercise.
  6. Health/fitness blogs’ review – Are you following any fitness or health blogs? Share the best ones with your audience.
  7. Review a healthy nutrition book – Those who take care of their body and mind are usually looking for healthy nutrition and diet books. Your job is to read different books, leave your feedback and help people choose the best ones.
  1. Training bloopers – Nothing is perfect, especially shooting your training. Keep the bloopers while editing your videos and post them separately. People would love to watch them.
  2. Tricks and tips people don’t know about – It’s one of the most popular YouTube video ideas. Share the most interesting and useful tricks and tips you know.
  3. Challenges – How many pushups can you do? Do 120 pushups during a month, make a video and challenge others to repeat it or surpass you.
  4. Transformation video – Getting in shape can be a big challenge. Create a series of short YouTube videos or a longer video showing how you started to work out and your achievements. 


To Sum Up

Having an active YouTube channel requires dedication and creativity. If you think you’re ready to do it, create your channel by choosing one of the most interesting YouTube channel ideas. 

Then, use the ideas above and create your first YouTube video. Always remember to be true to yourself and your YouTube channel brand on other social media platforms as well.

And, to make a great impression and catch the attention of your audience, you can create an awesome YouTube channel trailer. Share your channel trailer on other famous social media platforms next, to direct more people to your page. 

Ready to get started? Pick one of our customizable video templates and create engaging YouTube videos using the above-mentioned great YouTube video ideas! The best part is that you don’t need video editing skills.

Make a logo for your YouTube channel and use the intro maker for YouTube to make a great first impression. You can also create and upload animated greeting cards for seasonal occasions like Easter. 

If you’re interested in YouTube channel creation, check out our YouTube optimization tips from launching a channel to creating your first YouTube video.


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