Are You Ready for Automated Video Creation?

Are You Ready for Automated Video Creation?

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15 Nov 2018

Renderforest is making the video creation process easier day by day. And now, we have yet another great news for our users.

We’ve been working hard for about a year to simplify the video creation even more and developed our new, innovative feature - automated video creation.

It’s a unique, and first-of-a-kind feature on the market which is based on AI and machine learning algorithms.

What does it mean?

It means that we’ve transformed our video editor into an AI-based automated video maker which will generate a video by analyzing the user’s script in just 3 seconds. By using the information from the previously created animated videos, the automated system creates a new animation with the script provided by the user.

This will not only save time on the video production process but will also give an opportunity to cut down the required human and financial resources. This feature is available to both subscribed and free users.

The new feature is now available in the following templates:

3D Explainer Video Toolkit

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Explainer Video Toolkit

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Explainer World Toolkit

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Whiteboard Animation Toolkit

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Educational Video Toolkit

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Healthcare Explainer Toolkit

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Ultimate Icon Animation Pack

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Character Adventures Toolkit

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Business Character Promotion

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“We're happy to introduce Machine Learning implementation in our video editor to simplify the video creation process and save a huge amount of time for our users. Now Machine Learning and AI principles allow us to use sophisticated algorithms to convert written into visual.“ - said Narek Safaryan, the founding CEO of Renderforest. “This is a revolutionary accomplishment in online video production. We are stepping into the future of Video Marketing”

Have you already tried our new feature? Try it now for free.

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