Social Media Kit 101: Unlock Your Brand Potential with the Best Premade Templates

Social Media Kit 101: Unlock Your Brand Potential with the Best Premade Templates

Proper social media presence and consistent brandingif you have these two, you’re on the right track, successfully engaging with your audience and building credibility.

That’s true for companies, influencers, or individuals chasing any specific goal with social media.

However, that’s easier said than done, with many challenges arising when managing more channels and content. Usually, scaling up your social media presence means involving more people. And where there are more people, it takes more work to keep the unified rules and branding.


So, what’s the solution? 

Having all your social media strategy cornerstones fixed in one place and shared with all project stakeholders can be the key.

If you like that idea, let’s hint that having everything fixed in one place has a name social media kit! It’s a set of usually premade templates, images, and assets that are used to maintain branding consistency on all social media channels.

Simply put, it’s a lifesaver for those who want to keep their social media presence consistent.

Don’t have a social media kit yet? Don’t worry. You’ll have one in no time with amazing social media kit templates presented in this blog article.

Just scroll down to pick yours!

But let’s get into important details first.


What Is a Social Media Kit?

A social media kit is a set of assets – visual templates or documents, specifically crafted for your company’s brand and messaging across all your social media channels. It’s an organized collection of resources that contains all the relevant information to help your brand look professional and cohesive in every social media channel you manage.

The social media kit aims to have a single source for all the important aspects of your brand. That includes colors, fonts, logo variations, and more – all the elements that will ensure your social media channels’ identity remains consistent.

When you have all those details in one place and shared with the whole team, it’s much easier to keep everything consistent. No matter who creates the content, everyone uses the materials of the social media kit. 

As a result, you get the consistent look and feel on all social media channels. 


What Does a Social Media Kit Include?

Airbnb social media kit design

Airbnb Social Media Kit Example


Here are the key items you should have in your social media kit, which don’t limit you to use just those if you have more assets that convey the message of your brand

  • Brand guidelines:  This includes the colors, fonts, logo variations, tone of voice, and other elements that compose your brand identity. Brand guidelines are the condensed source of all the cornerstone elements of your brand that can help anyone understand what your brand stands for and, therefore, communicate it effectively. Here are some great examples of brand guidelines to inspire you.
  • Samples: Samples demonstrate examples in practice, clarifying how to use brand guidelines when creating social media content for a company. They can include anything from images to video footage and even ready-made posts or stories for social media – everything you can use to market your brand. You can have your previous best-performing content in the samples section as a reference and inspiration.
  • Data-driven insights: If you have data and analytics showing the effectiveness of your branding efforts, such as which visuals perform better than others or which content types engage more users, include it in your social media kit. This information can help others make more informed decisions when creating content for your business.


5 Reasons You Need a Social Media Marketing Kit

  1. Establish a consistent brand image. A consistent brand presentation increases revenues by up to 33%, and your social media channels make up a large portion of your online presence. With the social media kit, your brand is unified, recognizable, and trustworthy on all platforms. This helps to create customer loyalty and establishes a reliable reputation.
  2. Streamline social media marketing efforts. Compare the time and energy required to create social media content from scratch with having all the assets for it ready-made. A social media branding kit saves time by having the base of your content already prepared for creators.
  3. Save financial resources. When you have all the elements of your brand’s identity, such as logo, icons, and other graphic assets, in one place – everything from design to content production becomes faster and cheaper. With most of the work done, less time is spent on developing creative assets from scratch, and consequently, less workforce and money are used.
  4. Maximize engagement and reach. A reliable basis for the brand’s image allows you to tailor-make content that resonates with your followers. Your posts will be more attractive and engaging, resulting in higher reach and increased audience loyalty. Besides, social media kits allow for more consistent publishing and timely content delivery as the time spent on rookie mistakes is minimized. Consistent delivery of brand-specific content increases its reach and helps to keep your channels alive.
  5. Stand out in a crowded market. Last but not least, a social media kit helps to keep your brand ahead of the game. With a well-thought and consistent representation of the company’s identity, you can make your business more visible and attract customers.

Do all these benefits sound perfect for your social media goals? Then it’s time to make a social media branding kit part of your marketing strategy.


Let’s Find Your Perfect Social Media Kit Template

Your social media kit can include anything you believe is important for your brand’s image. This refers to core brand messages, content tonality and visual language. Regarding the latter, you can have basic templates, or you can go for something more creative with illustrations, videos, and other elements that shape your brand’s image in the best way.

To assist your brand in creating the right social media kit, we have put together a list of some of the best Renderforest templates – a visually attractive collection for any purpose.

Renderforest is an all-in-one design platform created to help any business or individual create beautiful content in minutes. Here, you can create your dream logo using the name logo maker,  prepare professional-looking videos and presentations, design intuitive and attractive websites, and more – everything required to present your brand in the best possible light.

Below, we focus on the cherry-picked Renderforest social media kit templates to help you start with your social media kit.


Multipurpose Social Media Template

Want to have a basic visual template where you can add brand elements for different purposes? Opt for this one, which you can use to announce company news, personal achievements, run campaigns and more.

The Multipurpose Social Media Template is a minimalistic and modern design that can be easily adjusted to fit any brand’s aesthetic. It has a section for hashtags and a dedicated area for your website address or other contact information.

You can use it with the initial layout or customize it with your elements from the left-side panel.

Here are the potential use cases for this template.

  • New campaign announcements, with the promotion of relevant hashtags to drive engagement. You can add images of the products featured in the campaigns as well as outlines and statements.
  • Company’s success stories, with visual support. Whether it is a happy customer story or the team’s success, you can showcase it with visuals and quotes.
  • Product launches, with images, videos, and outlines of the main benefits. There is plenty of space for creative content, including GIFs and animations.
  • Social messages, with supportive visuals and quotes. Whether it is an inspirational quote or a letter from the company – this template is suitable for any communication.
social media kit example instagram social post example

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LookBook Social Media Kit 

Here is a more creative option. The LookBook Social Media Kit will be a great fit for fashion or any other visually engaging industry. You can create mood boards with images, videos, product descriptions, and more, and include any relevant information in the sections dedicated to hashtags and contact details.

This template can also be useful as an influencer’s kit. Here, influencers can showcase their content for different brands, collaboration requirements and contact details. 

Though you can customize the design and elements to your own liking, the main concept of this template is to create a lookbook-like presentation with visuals that stand out.

Here are the potential use cases for this template.

  • LookBook for any brand, with pictures and videos of the products featured. You can also add quotes from customers or influencers to complete the picture.
  • Influencer’s lookbook, with their statistics and performance metrics. This can be a perfect opportunity to showcase their work and attract brands for collaborations.
  • Mood board for designers with an example of the required style. Here, you can add visuals and quotes that inspire the design team.
Lookbook social media kit social media kit for lookbook

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Cooking Channel SMM Template

Juicy and appetizing visuals? It is time to reach out to the Cooking Channel SMM Template.

This template is perfect for any food-related businesses or bloggers. It allows for adding detailed recipes, helpful tips, and ingredient descriptions, with areas to add contact information and hashtags.

Here, the emphasis is put on the visual, as with most food-related content. However, you can replace the imagery with visuals of the recipes, step-by-step instructions, or any other informative element.

Here are the potential use cases for this template.

  • Food blog posts, customizing the template for each new dish while maintaining the same look and feel.
  • Restaurant or cafe posts, with visuals of the interior, food images and contact information. It can be great to show the new menu or a newly introduced dish.
Cooking video channel cover Cooking channel cover

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Insurance Company Social Media Template

Let’s move to a more serious approach – the Insurance Company Social Media Kit is perfect for any insurance-related companies and agencies. Its initial design focuses on visuals that evoke trust and safety, allowing you to add photos or illustrations of customers feeling secure.

This template also includes spaces outlining your company’s services, customer stories, and contact information. You can customize it to have your company’s logo and colors or add more visual elements such as icons or illustrations.

The template’s dark blue color suggests professionalism and trust – the associations that are must-haves for any insurance-related business.

Besides insurance companies, this template can be used for banks and other finance-related businesses that need to underline trust.

Here are the potential use cases for this template.

  • Insurance company’s announcements or introduction of new services. It can also be used to report some results that are worth highlighting.
  • Medical services, providing detailed information about the offered treatments or procedures. Uploading the images of cured patients can help to gain trust.
  • Financial service posts, such as banks or investment firms, with enough space to add educational and informative content for non-specialists.
Insurance company instagram post Insurance company media kit Insurance company post

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Social Media Toolkit

Closing the list, Social Media Toolkit includes social media video templates for any occasion. From birthday video cards to job opening announcements, your entire year’s content can be wrapped up in this simple template pack.

The Social Media Toolkit includes customizable videos with real footage and music. The design elements are modern and minimalistic, allowing you to customize them according to your liking.

The templates include clips and images with a playful, vibrant theme. You can add logos and colors while maintaining the same look and feel.

With 66% of consumers reporting short video content as the most attractive social media content, this toolkit must find its place in your social media toolbox.

Here are the potential use cases for this template.

  • Video posts, stories, or Reel videos for different occasions. Messages are better conveyed with videos, as they add more context and emotion to the text. This toolkit allows you to convey any message while spending little time on creation and editing.
  • Educational or informative videos, as people tend to prefer watching a short video rather than reading long texts. Companies can use this toolkit to summarize their services and products. 

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Putting Your Kit into Action

Social media marketing kit simplifies social media content creation. However, just the kit’s existence is not enough; you should ensure that it’s designed and used correctly. Otherwise, it will not be as effective and helpful as it could be.

Here are some crucial tips to consider.


1. Understand Your Business Needs and Expectation

When designing your social media kit, ensure it’s tailored to your company and its goals. An effective kit should help create content that aligns with your brand message and core values.

Before you create your social media marketing kit, define what kind of content you’d like to produce and how it will best resonate with your audience. Translate it into a detailed guide, and make sure it’s clearly expressed in the kit.


2. Align the Design with Brand Guidelines

The consistency of visual materials is one of the crucial success factors. Remember that your kit should follow the same design principles as your website or other branding materials. Anyone creating content for you should follow the same design guidelines.

So, ensure your social media kit has all the design elements that reflect your brand identity – logos, fonts, colors and other assets.


3. Add a Touch of Uniqueness

A unique and creative approach is the best competitive advantage in today’s digital landscape. By investing the time and effort into developing a unique social media marketing kit, your chances are high to occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

For example, you can develop a unique tone and style for your content. Depending on your brand identity and target audience, this can be anything from a quirky voice to more sensitive and thoughtful messages. You should also consider incorporating unique visual elements, such as custom graphics and photos representing your brand’s values.


4. Test and Iterate with Target Audience

Finally, only your target audience can give you the exact answer about whether the content you produce is successful. Therefore, testing and improving your social media kit based on their feedback is essential.

Including the target audience’s insights in your strategic decisions is the best thing you can do for success.


Here’s Your Final Sign to Create a Social Media Kit

Summing up, a social media kit is your-must have social media management tool. With it, have a consistent and polished social media presence with minimal effort. And you struggle to maintain a professional and clear look at your content without it.

Creating a social media kit – for business or personal use – isn’t time-consuming with all the modern templates and design tools available. As one of the solutions, try Renderforest’s graphic design maker to cover all the visual aspects of social media projects quickly. Got a birthday coming up? Our birthday video maker has got you covered. 

Good luck!


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