23 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

23 Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

Can you already feel the familiar buzz of the holiday season in your chest? It’s all fun and games until you realize that Christmas is coming, and you have no idea what gifts to get for your family and friends. Again! 

Not to worry, as we’re going to ease your hunt for Christmas gifts with this gift guide. Keep on reading to find unique gift ideas and surprise your loved ones with something new and different this year. 

There’s no limit to how creative Christmas gifts can be, so fasten your seatbelt and let’s get our sleigh flying.


  1. Books

A book is always a good idea! Among all the other Christmas gifts, you can’t go wrong with books. The wide choice of book genres and formats can seem overwhelming, but the joy of your friend when you give them a book they’ve been dying to read will be worth the effort. 

And if your friend has a reading list, your job will be that much easier. Pick the number one book on their list and surprise them with your thoughtful Christmas present.

Christmas gift ideas -- books

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  1. Digital Video Card

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your online friends or someone far-far away from you, video cards are the best option. They’re also perfect if you want to congratulate your colleagues and friends but can’t buy Christmas presents for all of them.

Buy a personalized Christmas postcard or make a Christmas video greeting and send it to all your colleagues to wish them a Merry Christmas. Check out this awesome video card template below:

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  1. Course Voucher

People are busy, and it’s hard to find some spare time for a hobby or out-of-work activity. But a voucher for a class will be the very gift that inspires and maybe pushes them to make time for something they’ve been meaning to learn for a while. 

What course or skill has your friend or colleague been talking about for what seems like forever? It could be a language, business, programming, or cooking course. What matters is that you give them the opportunity to brush up on their skills and improve their quality of life. There’s no better gift than that.


  1. Candy Basket

Chocolate is always a good idea. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s day to give your loved one a delicious chocolate basket or bouquet. It can serve as a good Christmas gift too. 

So we think — no, we are sure — that everyone will be on cloud nine to get a basket of fine chocolate bars. Plus, chocolate makes people happy: even science agrees! So, brighten up your friend’s or family member’s holiday with their favorite chocolate collection.

Christmas candy mockup Renderforest

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  1. Box of Drinks

If you like the idea of a box but are not sure chocolate is the right content, you can go for a pack of drinks. The drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on the recipient’s preference and…age, of course.

For a wine lover, you can find a couple bottles of fine wine. Or, if your friend is more into beer and snacks, prepare a box of their favorite beer with some salty snacks.

Drinks Box as a Christmas gift


  1. Candles

Candles are one of the most magical and unique gifts, especially for Christmas. They are also one of the most versatile gifts on our list. You can personalize any candle by having a small, sweet message ingrained on it or by picking a scent that means something special to the recipient.

Christmas candle as a gift

Source: Goodhousekeeping.com


  1. Fitness Subscription

Office work can be very draining, as we have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of computer screens. Plus, we all seem to be more determined to start working out during the holiday season. So encourage your friends or family to lead a more active lifestyle by giving them a fitness subscription.  

Find the perfect physical activity based on the person’s preferences. Here’s a small list:

  • Dance classes
  • Gym membership
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Tennis lessons
  • Yoga
  • Online training program


  1. Smart Lamp

Whether your friend likes to read a lot during the nighttime or just wants to set up a nice ambiance in their room, a smart lamp will be the best gift for them. You can find a lot of options that integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, and others. 

If you have a family member, friend, or partner separated from you by a long distance, consider long-distance friendship lamps. Those are twin lamps that light up whenever one of them is touched — a beautiful way to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them.

Friendship twin lamps

Source: Friendlamps.com


  1. Tech Gifts

For tech lovers, you can prepare some high-end tech gifts. Or, products that are on their wishlist.

For example, a wireless speaker can be one of the best holiday gifts: հolidays are full of parties, and parties should be full of music! There’s a wide selection of portable speakers for every taste — from tiny ones that fit in your pocket to larger and louder models. Select water, dust, and drop-proof options. You can also go for colorful speakers with LED lights if you want to be fancier.


  1. Starry Night Sky Projector

You’ve probably come across those stunning LED night sky projectors that can turn any room into a soothing planetarium. A star projector is one of the most fascinating and unique gifts for everyone, especially for stargazers and those who need extra help winding down after a long day at work.

Skylite projector

Source: Amazon.com


  1. Tea or Coffee Selection

A fine tea assortment is every tea lover’s dream and one of the best holiday gifts. The same goes for coffee lovers.

Whether it’s for a family member, close friend, or colleague, a tea or coffee selection box will make for a classy and unique present. You can collect a custom set with their favorite samples or surprise them with new flavors they might not have tried before.

Tea packaging mockup Renderforest

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  1. Skincare Set

We all seem to need a little more self-care, and for this reason, skincare sets are the perfect gifts for everyone. A nice skincare kit can be your best option if you don’t have much time to shop around for gifts, or if your friend is a skincare and beauty lover. It’s a thoughtful present that will certainly be appreciated by both your male and female friends.

Skincare set mockup Renderforest

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  1. Spa Gift Card

Nothing can make your loved one feel more pampered and cared for than a spa and beauty gift card. Find out what their favorite salon is and surprise them with a gift from heaven. They’re only one massage session away from a perfect mood.


  1. Comfy Pajama Set

Speaking of comfort, we have more ideas for you. How about a soft and comfortable pajama set? Not the best gift for your boss, but you can always save it for your family and close friends. It’s your best choice if you’re looking for a present for the whole family.

Pajama Set as a Christmas Gift

Source: Amazon.com


  1. Zipline Tickets

Ready for some extreme? Give your adrenaline enthusiast friend a gift that he/she can never forget. Can you imagine the stunning view from above? Besides, it’s a gift that you can enjoy together, so it’s twice as awesome.


  1. Bowling Night

Japan is home to the world’s largest bowling alley, with over 100 bowling lanes. But there’s no need to get to Japan to play this amusing game. You can find a nearby bowling club and spend some time there to enjoy the game with your friends.

You can even have a surprise night out and not tell your friends where you are going until the last moment. Remember, we told you Christmas gifts could be endlessly creative?

Bowling night as a Christmas Gift

Source: Barron’s


  1. Handmade Gifts

There’s nothing quite like handmade gifts. They show that you took the time to prepare something for the person you care about. Handcrafted gifts take more time to make, but if you’re not in a hurry, give them a shot. 

It’s also a great way to practice your talents and test your creativity. If you’re out of ideas of what to make, go to Etsy, sites like BigCartel, or Google for some craft inspiration.


  1. Bedside Pocket

A bedside pocket will help to keep bedtime essentials well-organized in one place. It’s a much more compact alternative to a bedside table, which makes it the perfect gift for your minimalist friends or those who have relatively small bedrooms.

Bedside pocket as a Christmas Gift

Source: Amazon.com


  1. Laptop Stand

Laptops and desks are not the best combinations; we agree. But the problem can be easily solved with a laptop stand. Know someone who does a lot of work on their laptop? Give them a laptop stand this Christmas and watch their face light up with gratitude.


  1. Portrait

Not too long ago, people used to have portraits decorating their walls. Although portraits became less popular over time, there’s no better time to bring them back than now. Pick your friend’s favorite era or art style, and turn their picture into a painting that reflects their favorite aesthetics.

Portrait in a frame mockup Renderforest

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  1. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best ways to relax and engage our minds at the same time. A personalized jigsaw with a photo of your friend or even their favorite artist or pet will be an unforgettable Christmas gift.


  1. Personalized Mug

Can’t find the perfect mug? Then create it by customizing any generic mug with your desired photo or message. Personalized mugs are a classic and will always be one of the best Christmas gift ideas. Plus, they’re super useful in day-to-day life. This gift will remind the recipient of you every time they have a drink (before they break the mug, of course).

Personalized mug for a Christmas gift

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  1. Plants

If you plan to send flowers, consider plants instead. Plants are alive and can grow if they are properly taken care of. Choose from the most popular kinds, or pick a special and specific one.  Plants are definitely unique Christmas gifts, and they make for gorgeous room decorations. Don’t forget to give it a name, or let your friends name their plant themselves.

Plants as a Christmas Gift


There you have some unique Christmas gift ideas for your family and friends. There are no rules for Christmas gifts; they are all about you and the people dearest to you. Hopefully, these gift ideas ease your Christmas shopping this year.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas with all your loved ones. Happy Holidays!

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