Renderforest Ranks 4th Among the Best Online Movie Makers of 2017

Renderforest Ranks 4th Among the Best Online Movie Makers of 2017


We are happy to receive another honorable award! Today Renderforest ranked fourth among the best online movie maker of 2017 by

There are several aspects for scoring our video creation platform based on our user friendly editor, wide range of template categories and templates, pricing system, shareable account and licenced video production possibilities.

They recognize our cloud-based platform as very convenient to save computer’s resources and prevent technical problems during rendering. The diversity of our animation templates is another aspect for ranking us high. As users have multiple choice on our templates they are more likely to create unique piece of video project that will remain within a framework of innovation. Yet the best feature mentioned in the article concerns our licence on music and video production. In case your video gets flagged with a copyright claim, you simply have to visit the Adrev website, add your URL and transaction ID, and the claim will be removed promptly. values our pricing model and opportunity of exporting a video by choosing Pay per Export model or joining one of our monthly/yearly plans for unlimited web quality exports.

We are earnestly grateful to have our work recognized and praised and will do our best for receiving more of such awards by improving our services!

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