10+ Branding Mockup Templates to Shape Your Audience’s Perception

10+ Branding Mockup Templates to Shape Your Audience’s Perception

As Paul Rand once said, “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Far more than a purely aesthetic element, visual branding is a company’s weapon to catch the attention of potential customers.

Quite often, design is the factor that determines which competitor gets the sale or who wins more recognition in the crowded market. Long story short, visual branding is the thing you should treat seriously, and branding mockups are here to help you with that.


Brush Up Your Skills! 10+ Free Branding Mockup Examples to Edit Now!

Branding mockups enable designers and marketers to test different options for the branding project by creating a realistic version of their branding ideas. This helps ensure that the final design meets brand standards and looks professional when presented in various contexts, including digital, print, or physical forms. 

Additionally, mockups allow stakeholders to view the branding ideas from different perspectives, including customers and internal users. This helps make educated decisions about how to move forward with the branding project. 

So, how to use branding mockups? They already come with the necessary elements, backgrounds, and lighting that help to create realistic-looking visuals. You can further add any custom design to editable sections of branding mockups, like logo variations on business cards or printed materials, package designs and more.

This easy scheme is how Renderforest branding mockup templates work. You can find various mockup styles in Renderforest’s branding mockup library – logo templates,  stationary & product mockups, and more. 

All that’s left for you to do is pick the template you need, customize it with your design, and that’s it. Renderforest handles the rest and transforms your design into an impressive mockup presentation. 

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Here are some branding mockup templates to get you started.


1. Eco Office Branding Pack

The minimalist design of the eco office is what you need to show your brand in a modern and stylish way. The background is mostly white, taking all the focus on your logos or other branding elements you will highlight in the mockup.

This pack has many office elements and backgrounds that create a complete branding scene. Laptops, notebooks, glasses, and other small items placed casually in the background make a realistic office look of your brand. 

You can choose between desktop, mobile, or tablet views to show your work. Added some plants, and you also have an eco-friendly office vibe, which resembles most modern companies.

Eco Office Branding Pack is suitable for displaying works such as websites, graphic design projects, or even branding projects.

Computer mockup examples Man working on computer mockup iphone mockup example

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2. Branding Mockup Pack

Want a more professional branding look with more organized elements? This branding mockup pack is the right choice. Some mockups of this pack resemble the previous one with office stuff; others feature more professional elements such as a business card, envelope, and other printed materials.

This pack is a good way to show how your design materials look on physical objects. You can use it to promote a corporate identity project, display the website design or show any marketing materials.

Branding Mockup Pack is also great if you plan to sell branded products. It will allow you to demonstrate the design on a physical object and better visualize what the final product will look like. 

Notebook card pen mockup online MacBook iphone mockup online Ipad credit card business mockup online

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3. Branding Stationery Mockups

Continuing with more printed materials, this branding stationery mockup set is very helpful for corporate identity designers. With a range of different elements, from letterheads to envelopes, you can show how each branding element looks in real life.

You can also use these mockups to create a portfolio or show your brand in a sophisticated way on any of the corporate sites.

Backgrounds are again grey, with some neutral colors on the objects, which helps to make all the focus of your branding design. Almost no devices are in the pack, so it’s more suitable for printed design works such as logos or business cards.

Branding mockup stationery Branded stationery mockup Branded envelop mockup online

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4. Clothing Brand Mockups

Well, let’s move to a different style of branding mockup. You can find everything related to clothing here – labels, tags, hangtags, packages, and more.

This pack is the best way to display how your branding looks on clothes or apparel products. All the fabrics presented in this branding mockup pack look 100% realistic. Sewed tops, denim jeans, and jeans buttons are rendered with great detail, so it gives the feeling of real-life clothing. There is also the wooden background that can be used to show the store interior.

In short, if you’re in fashion, apparel, or even a store brand, this mockup will help you display your work. It suits designers who need to present their branding works on clothing.

Branded cloth tag mockup example Tshirt logo mockup example Branded jeans mockup

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5. Repair Services Branding Mockups

Imagine your repair tools in one scene, with a tidy background and devices with all your contact data presented on them. That’s what you can find in the Repair Services Branding Mockups Pack.

It contains a range of white and gray mockups, but you can edit colors to fit your repair service company branding better. 

The realistic screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other tools help catch attention and easily distinguish the service. It’s also suitable for technology-based services, electrical works, or plumbing.

Repair service mockup example Repair service mockup with macbook Iphone mockup for repair services

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6. Bakery Shop Promo Pack

Tasty baguettes, crispy cross, and the wooden background… we can already smell the bakery that invites us in. If you want to present your bakery with visuals that evoke appetite, this mockup pack is what you need. 

This set comes with various mockups for promotional materials. You can show how your logo looks on bakery product packaging or what your menu card looks like.

This pack also contains many photo mockups, including bread baskets, croissants and other bakery products. You can also find a realistic wooden background, as well as several other textures used in the bakery industry.

This branding mockup pack looks really delicious! 

Cooking bakery mockup example Bakery promo pack mockup online Bakery croissant promo pack examples

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7. Modern Branding Mockup Set

This pack is about many items and objects placed randomly in one scene. There is no specific focus on any product, so different branding works would fit here.

Modern Branding Mockup Set includes many modern gadgets, such as laptops, smartphones, and smartwatches, to attract the attention of digital-savvy customers. The overall environment resembles office space with some office stuff on the desk.

The first mockup of the set can be used to promote a book with the cover design. Widgets can help show website designs and apps on different screens.

Iwatch macbook stationery mockup Modern stationery branding mockup Branding mockup with macbook

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8. Poster Design Mockups

Let’s knock on the door and enter a beautiful interior design studio. The walls are full of posters and artwork, so if you want to present your poster designs most creatively, this is the perfect mockup pack for you.

These Poster Design Mockups contain all types of interior-related posters, both vertical and horizontal. You can also find some frames and blank wall scenes to put your poster designs in and make them look realistic. There are several types of frames available as well.

This pack can help painters to showcase their artworks more realistically. Why not? Poster Design Mockups can also be used by photographers, illustrators, and other creatives.

Anything related to aesthetics can be easily presented with this mockup set.

Modern interior design mockup Modern interior design mockup online Interior design mockup package online

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 9. Fast Food Packaging Mockups

And the guilty pleasure… who doesn’t like the smell of tasty fast food? Show the packaging your offered food will be wrapped in or how your menu card will look with this Fast Food Packaging Mockup.

This set is a must-have for designers working on the branding of fast-food stores. There are several packaging options you can use, such as French fries boxes and burger wrappers. You will also find some paper cups, wooden trays, and other items used in food stores.

All mockups have a realistic look that will help you ensure the final product looks great. Present your fast food branding in the most appetizing way with this mockup set!

Fast food branding mockup Pizza package mockup Fast food coffee mockup

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10. Minimalistic Corporate Branding Pack

Working on the corporate identity of a business? You will find a suitable brand identity mockup in this pack to promote your design elegantly.

This mockup set contains all modern office items, such as notepads and folders. That’s a perfect opportunity to test which logo looks better on the surface and how your design can be used in a modern office setting.

The mockups are minimalistic, including only simple items such as postcards, business cards and notebooks. Also, displayed items are very organized, placed in the center with plenty of space around them.

This creates a more pleasant and professional impression. Minimalistic Corporate Branding Pack looks very classy and can be used to promote all kinds of corporate identity designs.

Minimalistic branding mockup with envelop Branding mockup template Notebook envelop branding mockup

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11. Restaurant Logo Mockup Set

The aesthetics of restaurant branding is a very important factor. Who would resist the temptation of delicious food served in a beautiful environment? So, start creating with restaurant branding mockup templates!

This Restaurant Logo Mockup Set can help you easily create a tasty atmosphere. It includes many logo-related items, such as menus and plates, which help you present your designs in the most attractive way.

Everything looks like it’s taken from a real restaurant – like someone just took a picture of their lunch table before having the meal. With those details, you will create an attractive image that your customers won’t resist.

Restaurant Logo Mockup Restaurant logo mockup Branded mockup for restaurant

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12. Wedding Salon Branding Pack

Closing the list with the most romantic atmosphere where there is an endless place to create and inspire.

Wedding Salon Branding Pack will help you create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate weddings and other romantic events. It includes many beautiful items such as invitations, flowers, and ribbons – all common wedding day elements. You can also use it as an event branding mockup for any occasion. 

All of the mockups have shadows and depth, which will help your design look more interesting. Add a couple of initials, monograms, or a special date to make your design look more personal.

Present the beauty of wedding designs with this set, and let the romance bloom!

Wedding salon mockup Wedding salon branded logo mockup Wedding invitation branded mockup

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Final Thoughts

Testing and refining designs through branding mockups is a great way to get an impressive output. After all, what’s in our imagination is not always what it looks like when it comes to reality.

Branding mockup templates allow you to ensure that the end result is exactly how it should be. Mockups enable you to see and adjust the design’s imperfections before it gets printed, produced, or distributed.

Renderforest’s branding mockups help you test any design idea with the extensive library of templates. You can try your logo variations on different surfaces, check how it looks on mugs and other objects, and walk through the entire creative process in a few clicks.

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