27 Funny Commercials That Won Our Hearts

27 Funny Commercials That Won Our Hearts

Companies are always trying to outrun each other with smart, memorable, and funny commercials, which results in a super entertaining ad race for the viewers. Over time, TV commercials got replaced by online video ads. But whether a commercial is meant to run on television or the internet, companies put in a great deal of effort and resources to create high-quality, engaging, and often extremely funny commercials.  

If done correctly, humor in advertising can be highly effective. It tends to grab the viewer’s attention and win their interest almost instantaneously. This explains the abundance of funny ad campaigns we have today.

With that said, let’s explore the top funniest commercials that deserve a shout-out or, in some instances, a standing ovation. We hope these are as funny to you as they were to us.

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  1. Bud Light — #PostyStore Inside Post’s Brain (2020)

Featuring Post Malone (if you hadn’t guessed it from the title), this hilarious ad aired during the Super Bowl 2020. It got the public’s attention pretty quickly and became one of the most-watched and discussed Super Bowl commercials. The ad reminds us of the famous animated movie “Inside out” which makes it even better.


  1. Bud Light — #PostyBar Inside Post’s Brain (2020)

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Bud Light gave us a sequel. #PostyBar might not be as popular as its counterpart, but it’s still funny and, hey, Post Malone is in it! “Shut up, spleen” will surely go down as one of the most iconic lines in TV ads.



  1. Snickers — Hungry Betty White (2010)

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Literally. It’s been ten years since its release, but Snickers’ Hungry Betty White commercial is still among everyone’s favorites. The legendary Betty White adds extra magic to the ad.



  1. Snickers — #SnickersFixtheWorld (2020)

“Snickers Fix the World” is a more recent Snickers commercial that saw its release during the Super Bowl 2020. The casual, witty remarks about the strangeness of our modern world make this ad that much funnier. Fixing the world is a big promise Snickers might not be able to keep, but let’s hope they keep creating funny ads for us to watch.


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  1. Chevrolet — Happy Grad (2012)

The “Happy Grad” commercial by Chevrolet is one of the most memorable ads from Super Bowl 2012. What makes this ad even more noteworthy is that it was made by a 26-year-old independent filmmaker who filmed the commercial right outside his house.



  1. Mountain Dew — As Good As The Original (2020)

Mountain Dew surpassed all expectations with this phenomenal commercial that features Bryan Cranston, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Zero Sugar, as they put it. It’s a remake of the legendary horror movie “The Shining.” From the creepy smile to the creepy twins, every detail is in its perfect place.



  1. Cheetos — Can’t Touch This (2020)

Cheetos and MC Hammer — a match made in heaven! This hilarious commercial aired during Super Bowl 2020 and won many hearts with its throwback to one of the most iconic songs in the history of iconic songs — U Can’t Touch This. The picnic cloth transforming into MC Hammer’s pants is definitely one of the highlights of the ad.



  1. Amazon — Before Alexa (2020)

Featuring Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi, Amazon’s “Before Alexa” commercial broke many records, reaching 61 million views. With each different version of the name “Alexa,” the ad gets funnier and funnier.



  1. Apple Music — Drake vs. Bench Press (2016)

“Drake vs. Bench Press” by Apple Music is a few years old, but it’s still fresh in our memories along with its twin sister “Taylor Swift vs. Treadmill.” The commercials were a big hit in 2016 and went viral in just a couple of days. Apple found a smart way to convey the ad’s message — “It’s distractingly good.”


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  1. Virgin Media — Unlimiting (2019)

While this ad is not as popular as the other ones on our list, it still deserves a place on it. With Virgin Media’s unlimited mobile data, people can meme, they can stream, they can fly! Or can they?



  1. Pringles — Rick and Morty (2020)

In a proper “Rick and Morty” manner, the characters find themselves trapped in a crazy, bizarre world, only this time, it’s a Pringles commercial. The famous American chip brand managed to win over millions of “Rick and Morty” fans with this commercial.



  1. Heineken — Walk-In Closet (2008)

Having aged like fine wine, this commercial never fails to make us laugh. Keep in mind that gender stereotypes were a lot more acceptable in the 2000s than they are today.



  1. DirectTV — Don’t Have Your House Explode (2012)

Our next commercial is a little creepy, yes, but it’s super funny. If by any chance, you’re looking for tips on how not to have your house explode, DirectTV has got you covered.



  1. Doritos — The Cool Ranch Long Form (2020)

A Lil Nas X vs. Sam Elliott dance-off is something we never knew we needed. Doritos joined the Super Bowl ad race with a one-of-a-kind commercial. Who knew Sam Elliott had some impressive moves up his sleeve! (It’s CGI, but we’re going to ignore that.)



  1. Budweiser Canada — Whassup Again (2020)

Budweiser has no intention of stopping its well-known “Whassup” ad campaign. This time, Budweiser and Uber joined forces to create this Super Bowl commercial. If you ever wondered how your devices communicate in your absence, here’s a sneak peek.



  1. T-Mobile — Mama Tests 5G (2020)

This T-Mobile ad ticks all the boxes for a great commercial: It’s funny, lighthearted, sweet, and stars Anthony Anderson’s real-life mama. With 32 million views, “Mama Tests 5G” is one of the most popular Super Bowl ads of 2020.



  1. Reese’s — Take Five (2020)

Reese’s made its appearance at the Super Bowl 2020 with a funny commercial for the best bar you’ve never heard of. The ad received an overwhelmingly positive response from Super Bowl fans, thus earning its place on our list.


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  1. Pepsi — Okurrr (2019)

A slang lesson from the queen herself is something we couldn’t miss. Featuring Cardi B, Pepsi’s 2019 commercial received both criticism and praise. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the “Okurrr” commercial still enjoys quite a lot of popularity.



  1. Hyundai — Smaht Pahk (2020)

Super Bowl 2020 granted us another great commercial, starring Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski, and David Ortiz. This time, the company behind the funny ad is Hyundai. The stars’ exaggerated Boston accents are priceless. Dare we say it, this commercial is “wicked smaht” (and wicked funny too).



  1. Hyundai — Dialect Coach (2020)

Wondering how the actors achieved their Boston accents? Well, they had a dialect coach, of course! Starring Rachel Dratch and David Ortiz, “Dialect Coach” is an extension of the previous ad, and it’s just as funny.



  1. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad (2018)\

This ad is creative, subtle, clean, and hilarious. Do you know what that means? It’s a Tide ad! Tide never disappoints with its unique and first-class Super Bowl commercials.


  1. Old Spice — The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010)

Sassy, original, funny, and featuring Isaiah Mustafa (shirtless!). What else could we possibly want from a commercial? Having been released a decade earlier, this genius ad by Old Spice still hasn’t lost its charm.



  1. Skittles — Settle It the Usual Way (2014)

“Settle It the Usual Way” is one of Skittles’ most memorable commercials. You might want to consider taking up arm wrestling if lemon skittles are your favorite, too.



  1. Avocados From Mexico — AFM Shopping Network (2020)

Featuring Molly Ringwald, the “Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network” commercial aired during the big game and quickly became one of the most popular ads of 2020. The quirky and, at times, awkward jokes are what give this ad its distinct charm.



  1. Coke Zero — Say It Again, Ken Jeong! (2012)

From Ken Jeong’s great acting to his little dance, every detail in this commercial is on point. The ad is funny and effective. Why choose when you can have both?


  1. Rocket Mortgage — Comfortable (2020)

We have all been tricked; Jason Momoa is not who we think he is. The “Comfortable” Super Bowl ad by Rocket Mortgage has performed quite well, surpassing 11 million views on YouTube.



  1. Google — Home Alone (2018)

We’ll finish off our list of funny commercials with this classic. Macaulay Culkin makes a return with a Google Assistant commercial, recreating “Home Alone” scenes to a T. Perhaps, that’s exactly what gives this ad such a strong nostalgic feel.

This concludes our list of the funniest commercials. Luckily, there are so many hilarious ads that we couldn’t possibly include them all. If you’re looking for a tool to create professional animated commercials, give our online ad maker a try.

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