How to Make Video Ads with Renderforest

How to Make Video Ads with Renderforest

Video ads are a great way to increase sales and boost brand awareness. Statistics show that they can make a significant impact on your business. So, maybe it’s time to consider adopting videos in your advertising strategy.

If you create a video ad, you are sure to want many people to watch and like it, don’t you? When it comes to success in advertising, the main secret is having a high-quality video-based on good content.

Depending on the platform where you’re going to use your video, you may need to have it in different dimensions and sizes. If you lack any technical skills in video creation, don’t worry. Nowadays, there are many online tools you can use to create great ads on your own. 

With Renderforest, you create mind-blowing video ads for social media, animated commercials, business explainers, and other promotional videos on any topic. 

To get a clearer idea, have a look at the video ads below, which were created with our ready-made templates.

Online Boutique Video Ad, created with our Clean Typography Pack template.

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 Travel Packages Sale Video Ad, created with our Instagram Stories Pack template.

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Would you like to create similar videos and help your business stand up strong against your competitors? All you need to do is to follow the steps below and try to create a similar video on your own. Let’s go!

To start, sign up or sign in to our platform before going to the “Create video” from the navigation menu and looking through the variety of our customizable templates.

We have a large collection of templates on our platform that can be used for any purpose: promotional videos, animated explainers, logo animations, intros and outros, slideshows, music visualizations, and more.

Look through our “Product or service promotion” category and choose the template you like most or find exactly what you’re looking for using our advanced filters.

Make Video Ads - templates

If you want to create a video ad like the one above, use the “Clean Typography Pack” template and click on “Create now” to start. And if you want to create an ad for your Instagram, then you can check out our tutorial on how to create Instagram Stories

Make Video Ads - pack

Now, you are in our video editor. Here you have two options to create your video: start a completely new project or use one of our ready-made presets.

Make Video Ads - create now

Presets are the ideal solution for those who want to save time and effort without sacrificing quality. To use them, click on “Load a preset”.

We’ve used the “Online Fashion Shop Promo” preset to create our video ad. Check them all out and pick the most suitable one by clicking on “Use ready story”.

Make Video Ads - preset

To create an entirely new project, click on “Add scene” and select all the necessary scenes for your video manually. This template offers six scene categories: text holders, video placeholders, photo holders, logo animations, contact forms, checkmarks, and x-marks. Select all the necessary scenes and click “Insert”.

Make Video Ads - scenes

On your timeline, you can edit the sequence of your scenes, delete or replace them, as well as add some new ones if necessary.

Make Video Ads - edit scenes

As for the image and video holders, there are several ways to upload your files: via image or video URL, upload the media files from your device, or pick an already uploaded file from your “Media library”.

Make Video Ads - add media

If you don’t have a suitable media file for a certain scene, check out our “Stock footage” or “Stock image” library, and choose an image or video from there. Search the topic you need, select a file, and click “Insert” to confirm.

Make Video Ads - stock

Once you add image files, crop or rotate them to match the frame size of the image holder.

Make Video Ads - crop image

Trim or mute the videos in the editor to select the parts you need to add to your video.

Make Video Ads - trim video

Add your text to the text holders and click “Save and close” to save the changes. Make sure to pay attention to the number of characters of each text holder, not to exceed them.

Make Video Ads - add text

Next, let’s go to the “Color” section and pick the desired colors for your video. Use one of the suggested color palettes or create your own combination. Click on the “Generate” button to see the changes in your scenes, before moving on to the next step.

Make Video Ads - color

In the “Music” section complete your video with one of our music tracks or by uploading your own.

Make Video Ads - music

Upload or record your own voiceover to make your video ad more attractive and informative. Click on the “Add voiceover” button and make the necessary changes.
Make Video Ads - voiceover
Now, it’s time to go to the “Preview” section and click on “Free preview” to see the video you’ve created before downloading it.

If you want to change something in your ad, you can always go back and edit it.

Make Video Ads - download

Once you think the ad is perfect to go, download it with one of the following options: the free option, which offers SD360 quality videos with the Renderforest watermark, or the “HD export” option, with which you can choose one of our paid subscription plans and download your video with high-quality and no watermark. All the details about our pricing are available here.

Increase sales and build trust within your customers by introducing your products or services. Create an effective video ad and bring success to your business!

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