How to Animate Your Logo։ Best Practices

How to Animate Your Logo։ Best Practices

Your logo is the face of your brand and the base of its identity. But how do you present it in a way that stays imprinted in your customers’ minds long after they’ve interacted with your brand?

Well, this question has multiple answers, one of which is logo animation. Animations with your logo can take many forms — from GIFs to 3D logo animation and even animated videos a few minutes in length. 

It goes without saying that the way you present your logo is critical to your success or the absence of it. This article will discuss how to animate your logo, best practices for logo animation, the importance of an animated logo, and where you can use it. 

So, if you’re excited to get these burning questions answered, stick with us.

  • How to Animate Your Logo
  • Best Practices for Logo Animation
  • Why Animate Your Logo
  • Where to Use Animated Logos
  • Best Logo Animation Templates


How to Animate Your Logo

There is a common misconception that making logo animations is time and money-consuming. Sure, hiring experts can be costly, but luckily, there are low-cost and equally efficient ways to get the job done. If you’re wondering “How to animate my logo?”, we’ve got you covered!

Logo animation makers offer hundreds, if not thousands of ready-to-go templates that allow you to animate a logo within a few minutes. Using templates doesn’t require much effort from you, and the best part is, you don’t need any graphic design or tech skills.

Renderforest logo animation templates

You can find over 800 templates with the Renderforest logo animation maker. You can choose any template and customize it for your brand. The process is fairly simple and is done in a couple of easy steps:

  1. Pick a template – Browse our broad catalog of logo animation templates. Pick the one that matches the unique style of your brand.
  2. Personalize the template – You’re allowed full customization of the template to make it as personal as you need. Change the color palette, style, font, upload your logo image, edit the text, and add your music or voice-over to the video.
  3. Export your animation – Once all the necessary changes are made, export your animation in your desired quality, and start sharing it with the world!


As you can see, making a logo animation has never been easier!


Best Practices for Logo Animation

Now that you have a tool to make your animations, let’s explore some of the best practices for logo animation.


Choose the Right Length

The optimal length of your animation is entirely up to your personal goals. For animations in GIF format, the preferred length is under 5 seconds. If you intend to use your animation for social media ads, keep it between 10 – 60 seconds. Channel intros or outros are typically shorter — around 3 to 10 seconds long. And lastly, if you want to post the animation as a feed video, you’re allowed more flexibility in terms of duration.

Follow the length guidelines for your video animation and try to keep it short and simple. You should only include essential information; otherwise, you’ll be running the risk of boring your viewers. Keep in mind that the average person’s attention span is quite short, and we are extremely quick to click away if something starts to bore us.

You might be able to catch an audience’s attention, but can you hold it?

average human attention span

Source: Griffon Web Studios

Personalize It for Your Brand

Any media content that has your logo should be fully congruent with your business values and mission. It’s important that you tailor your logo animation to your company, adding colors and design elements that are authentic to your brand. This is a subtle but powerful technique to give your animation a distinct personality. 

Not to mention, customized videos will make it much easier for you to stand out from competitors. So, choose particular details that separate your brand from others and include those in your animation.


Spark up Emotions in Your Audience

We often forget the appearance or name of a specific thing, but we never forget how it made us feel. If you want to win over an audience, make them feel something. Choose a distinct emotion or value that characterizes your brand and convey that spirit through your animation.

Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy demonstrates this point perfectly. For decades, the soft-drink company has been building its brand around the Christmas spirit. Through commercials, they’ve been strategically trying to evoke feelings of warmth and anticipation associated with the holiday. This caused their audience to extend those same feelings towards the brand itself. And now, Coca-Cola is one of the most prominent symbols of Christmas.

A Coke for Christmas



Why Animate Your Logo

Let’s address the ultimate question — why? Why do so many businesses nowadays invest in logo animation, and why should you too? In our day and age, most people prefer learning information through a video rather than a text. This is hardly surprising, as we can all agree that watching a video is a much more comfortable experience than reading long texts. And our society is one that values comfort above anything else. 

Logo animations provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your brand image, giving it a more professional feel. You can use your animations for online advertisements, social media, websites, professional projects, and the list goes on. We’ll discuss the usage of logo animation in a bit. 

Across most social media platforms, videos get more engagement than any other type of content. According to the global survey conducted by HubSpot, most brands rely on video content as their primary source of media marketing.  It’s safe to conclude that incorporating vivid and dynamic animations can bring a significant increase in your conversion rate.

hubspot marketing research

Source: HubSpot Research, Nov – Dec 2019

If you’re curious to learn more, we recommend you check out these interesting video marketing statistics.

Another huge advantage that’s worth mentioning is that animations are memorable. A moving animation is much more likely to leave a lasting impression than a stagnant image. Videos are fluid, dynamic, visually appealing; hence they are much more efficient in capturing an audience’s attention. Whether you’re a startup owner, social media influencer, or blogger, you might want to consider including logo animation in your marketing campaign.



Where to Use Animated Logos

We lightly touched upon where you can use animated logos; now let’s dive deeper into the matter. Quite versatile in their use, logo animations can enhance any of your projects and become excellent advocates for your company. Let’s discover their true potential.


Intros and Outros

Using a captivating animation with your logo is an ideal way to begin and end your YouTube videos or other video projects. Your intro shapes the audience’s first impression of your company. An intro shouldn’t tell your whole story. It should immediately seize the attention of your viewers, encouraging them to keep on watching.

As for outros, they should not only provide closure for your video but also call the viewers to action. Whether it’s subscribing to your channel, following you on other platforms, or visiting your website, show your viewers the next move. Having your logo shown in the outro is likely to keep your brand at the forefront of your viewer’s mind. You can use your animated logo along with the YouTube outro maker to tie the whole thing together.

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Promotional Videos

Whether it’s your channel you’re promoting, event, or products and services, make sure your video includes animation with your logo. A plain list of your products and services might not be very exciting to watch. Adding an impressive logo animation will gravitate more attention and interest towards your offerings.

Modern Phone Mockup Toolkit


Branded Videos

Branded videos tell your audience who you are. Those videos are not only about your company but also about its customers. Demonstrate what your customers can expect from you, and complete the video with smooth animation of your logo.


Websites and Blogs

Animated logos are a quick way to make your website look more lively. Most blogs or websites typically have their logo depicted in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Replacing your stagnant logo with a moving logo GIF animation is a smart trick to add dynamism to your site. Pro tip — don’t loop the animation endlessly, as it can be frustrating to some people. 

Another way to incorporate logo animation into your website is to attach it in the form of a video. It can be an introduction to your company, explainer video, product demo, or anything of the sort.


Online Ads

Finally, you can use your video animation as an online advertisement. People spend a lot of time on social networks, so utilizing them is undoubtedly a smart move. Before placing your ad, check the platform’s recommended video dimensions to make sure your video meets the specific requirements.



Best Logo Animation Templates

We have created a small list of our favorite logo animation templates that you can try today. Let’s check them out.

Solid Logo Reveal

Solid Logo Reveal

This shiny template is ideal for displaying the richness of your company logo. Solid Logo Reveal comes in a few versions to please both gold and silver lovers.

Use This Template


Marble Aesthetics Logo

Marble Aesthetics Logo

Want to add a light touch of elegance to your video animation? Go for this stunning Marble Aesthetics Logo.

Use This Template


Clean Line-Style Logo

Clean Line-Style Logo

The Clean Line-Style Logo is a great choice, in case you’re looking for something simple and minimalistic.

Use This Template


Multicolor Blast Logo

Multicolor Blast Logo

This vigorous animation is sure to capture every bit of your audience’s attention. It’s energetic, swift, and colorful. What more could you ask for?

Use This Template


Swift Glitch Logo

Swift Glitch Logo Reveal

This template certainly has a modern and high-tech feel to it. If your company is tech-related, the Swift Glitch Logo animation is just for you.

Use This Template


Summing Up

A successful marketing strategy is driven by creativity and innovation. To keep your brand alive and thriving, you constantly need to be on the lookout for fresh and exciting ways of presenting your company. Logo animations allow you to do just that.

A moving image or video animation with a brand logo has proven to be quite efficient in capturing an audience’s attention. Use logo animations for intros and outros, branded or promo videos, websites, online ads, and much more. In our world, nothing stands still, and neither should your logo! You can then use the text animation video maker to animate your slogan, too. As for a static logo, our online name logo maker can come in handy.

Ready to make an animation with your brand logo? Click the button below to get started with our intuitive logo animation maker.

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